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Withings WS-50 Review – The Best Smart Body Analyzer?

In today's article, we're going to take a look at the Withings WS-50 Review, the Smart Body Analyzer. This is the new model and we got to test it out for a few days and put it through its paces.

Withings WS-50

With this being a total body analyzer and a ‘smart' device to boot, there are a number of features that make the WS-50 so much more than your average weighing scales.

So, if you are considering buying the WS 50 have a quick read of our review below.


The unit has built-in Bluetooth connectivity which will sync with any android or iPhone, together with a free app you can download. This allows you to record and store your weight and various other body measurements.

This is really handy since you can then track your progress as the week go on. I found this really motivating since I could at any time look at how much weight or body fat I have lost and it would spur me on to continue my regime.

Weight Modes

First off you have the option to measure your body weight with three different settings:

  • Kilograms
  • Stones
  • Pounds

Body Fat & BMI

The Withings WS-50 will also measure your body fat your BMI which stands for Body Mass Index. Just provide a few pieces of information (age and height) and it will calculate where you are on the body mass index.

Heart Rate

A Heart Rate monitor is something you don't normally see on a body analyzer but it's a great way to see your resting pulse rate and how that differs after exercise.

This, I have found, is a great way to see how your fitness is improving and to make sure you are pushing yourself hard enough to shed those pounds.

CO2 Levels

It's also got this added feature of air quality where it'll check the co2 and provides you with a temperature reading as well.

Our Withings WS-50 Review

What stands out most about this piece of equipment is the nice and shiny glass surface which makes this piece feel like a real luxury item. The glass is thick and feels very sturdy which is obviously a big deal with scales since it needs to support up to 400 lbs.

The bottom portion of the analyzer is made of high composite plastic with 4 feels which also come with pads to use on a carpet surface to stop the unit from sliding around.

Also along the bottom are a couple of control buttons which we will cover shortly, along with the battery compartment. The device takes AAA batteries and these should last about eight months, depending on how often you use the device of course.

So, along with having a pretty decent battery life, there are two different settings on the back. One for the Bluetooth and the other for the weight indicator, which you use to change the unit of measurement.

The 3 units available are:

  • Kilograms
  • Stones
  • Pounds

You can simple toggle through the settings and use the measurement of your choosing, of course, most of us will use the pounds setting being in the US.

The other button as mentioned covered the Bluetooth setting and you use that to sync it with your smartphone, which supports both Android and iOS devices.

The Smartphone App

Now this nice app on the smartphone which is designed to provide you will all of your vital body information at a glance.

It shows your weight reading and it's got a chart that you can focus in on different areas. So if you want to set a weight goal or target a specific resting pulse rate or even track your sleeping activity.

What's really nice about the Withing WS-50 is it works with multiple devices, so if you have a Fitbit you can sync your Fitbit to the scales and the device will automatically send the information over to your Fitbit to let you set the weight progress.

If you love to track the progress you will love the nice graphs and charts the app provides, and you can actually zoom into these to see a more detailed view of your progress.

When you use the scales and do your ‘weigh in' it'll automatically upload the details and readings to your Withing app so you don't have to wait around or write stuff down. It will send a report once a day to the app so it gets those readings at least once a day.


All in all, I think I hope you enjoyed this Withings WS-50 Review, it really is a good device to use to keep track of your weight, your heart rate and also the air quality measurement and core temperature is a nice little added feature too.

Above all, if you're looking for a set of smart scales that provide the key feature you'd expect, along with a very well designed app for those of you on the go, this is a great option.

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