V-Tight Gel: My Experience & Honest Review for 2018

If you’ve been busy doing your Kegel exercises, or just trying to find out what on earth they are, no doubt you’re keen to return to vaginal tightness.

Though exercises most definitely work to naturally tighten your privates, it’s possible to speed up the process, with V-Tight Gel.

We know you can’t wait to get back to enjoying the sex life you deserve, so we’ve thoroughly researched the product, which is gaining in popularity on the market. It’s time to get excited, because here’s what we discovered in our V-Tight Gel Review.

What does V-Tight Gel actually do?

V-Tight Gel is a topical, natural ointment that claims to renew the elasticity of the vaginal canal, without the need for expensive surgery or drugs. Combined with an exercise program, also provided by the company, the gel aims to restore overall tightness and pleasure to your favourite naughty parts.

Heightened libido is a delightful side-effect, as the gel is known to increase the blood flow around the vulva, so the nerves are more easily stimulated. It also serves as a lubricant, therefore performing two roles in one.

Did someone say ‘multiple orgasms’?

Who is V-Tight Gel designed for?

V-Tight Gel is specifically made for women struggling with vaginal looseness, due to a variety of causes. If your sex life is suffering from the common issue and you can’t wait to reclaim it, you’re exactly who the manufacturers have designed this for.

There are many reasons you might feel you need vaginal tightening, including multiple births. Though your vagina is made to return to its natural state after childbirth, injuries to the pelvic floor or mere fatigue might result in incomplete recovery, which results in reduced sensation during sex.

Loss of elasticity is a major contributing factor, as you age and produce less estrogen. Lifestyle choices also make a difference, with lack of exercise and insufficient nutrient intake playing a role in slackness of the vaginal wall.

What are the ingredients in V-Tight Gel?

Without a doubt, the most important thing you need to know is what (exactly) you’re putting on, and in, your body. Harmful ingredients and additives are not friends to your pleasure bits, especially when you’re aiming for improvement.

Manjakani Extract

V-Tight Gel harnesses the magic of ancient medicine, with mainly plant-derived ingredients. The top one is manjakani extract, with medicinal, antioxidant and astringent properties that have long been used in Asia and Eastern Europe for a variety of ailments.

Research into manjakani proves the presence of tannins, vitamins A and C, gallic acid and protein. Tannins are largely responsible for manjakani’s use in traditional medicine, to restore vaginal tissue growth and strengthen elasticity, after childbirth. The antioxidants in manjakani may also reduce the aging process, prevent bacterial and yeast infections and limit excessive vaginal discharge.

Witch Hazel Extract

Witch hazel extract is another ingredient, whereby studies prove that the astringent herb contains medicinal properties. It’s a well-known ingredient in beauty products and is often used for inflammation, cuts and sores. Due to contents such as phytoestrogen, witch hazel has the ability to constrict the skin and tissue, rejuvenate the vaginal walls and maintain the composition of skin structure.

Does V-Tight Gel have any known side effects?

With a natural ingredient list, it’s no surprise that V-Tight Gel doesn’t appear to have known side-effects – apart from lifting your sex drive! A tingling sensation is the most commonly reported physical feeling, however this is generally attributed to the increased blood flow to the area.

As with any topical cream, it pays to perform a patch test on another area of your body, before applying it to your vagina. Though it’s highly unlikely to irritate your skin, some people can have reactions to any ingredients, including natural ones.

Pregnant women are advised to avoid topical creams of any nature, without medical advice. Other than that, when you read and follow the instructions carefully, V-Tight Gel shouldn’t irritate your skin.

How do you use V-Tight Gel?

Your V-Tight Gel will come with instructions, however it’s really easy to apply. You simply wash and dry your hands, put some gel on your fingertips, insert into your vagina and massage it gently into the walls. Within a few minutes you should feel a difference and you can have sex, using it as a lubricant. Due to the natural ingredients, it’s also perfectly safe to use with condoms.

The short term effect is immediate upon use, however the long-term benefits kick in when you use the exercise program included, combined with the gel. Doing both really does guarantee improvement, along with a healthy diet to nourish your reproductive organs.

How do you buy V-Tight Gel?

The good news is, you don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of asking for a vaginal tightening cream, over the counter. Head over to the official website and you’ll find express worldwide delivery and discount deals when buying more than one bottle.

If you’re still not sure, there’s no need to worry about wasting your hard-earned cash, either. There’s a 100% money-back guarantee, which is also good confirmation of the effectiveness of any product you buy online.

Should you go ahead and try it?

Your sex life is important and if you’ve struggled with vaginal looseness, chances are it’s suffering. The research certainly indicates that V-Tight Gel, combined with the included exercise program, will:

  • Restore fullness to vaginal walls
  • Increase your libido
  • Work as a lubricant and eliminate dryness
  • Help keep bacteria at bay
  • Enhance blood flow and sensitivity to the vagina
  • Help restore suppleness
  • Reshape the vaginal walls
  • Result in long-term tightening over time

As an alternative to surgery, V-Tight Gel is a no-brainer. It’s cost-effective, with scientifically-proven ingredients and totally void of any harsh chemicals often used in topical creams.

Plus, you’ve really got nothing to lose, except your ‘looseness’, as you’ll get your money back if it’s not the product for you.

If you’re ready to welcome spine-tingling orgasms and partner satisfaction back into your sex life, this is definitely one sexy solution worth trying.

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