Exerpeutic TF1000 Review

A good, basic home treadmill can be hard to come by. If you are looking to up your everyday fitness with low to medium intensity exercises without breaking the bank, then you can take a look at the Exerpeutic TF1000 treadmill.

This entry-level treadmill is great for those who want to get mild walking or jogging exercises implemented into their everyday lives for the sake of improving basic health and achieving recommended amounts of physical activity. It does not have a ton of features, but it comes at a decently affordable price and is high capacity, so it is worth a look!

Exerpeutic TF1000 Review




Technical Information And Features

  • Motor: 1.5 HP
  • Belt size: 20” x 40”
  • Dimensions: 51.2” x 32” x 63”
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs
  • Speed range: 0-4 MPH
  • Incline: Two manual positions
  • Programs and applications: None
  • Foldable
  • Warranty: When purchased from main website – 10 years for frame; 10 years for motor; 5 years for parts; 5 years for labor. When purchased elsewhere – 5 years for motor; 1 year for frame, 90 days for parts.
  • Extra Features
  • LCD Display Console
  • Heart Pulse Pads
  • Speed Control Buttons
  • Extra Long Safety Handles
  • An Effective Home Treadmill For A Simple Fitness Routine

This simple treadmill is fitted with a 1.5 HP high torque motor that is designed with a “quiet drive” feature in order to maintain the least amount of noise possible when in use. This motor supports the treadmill up to speeds of 4 MPH only, meaning the treadmill is suitable for walking, brisk walking, and jogging at its fastest rate. There are also two manual incline positions that can be opted for.

The Exerpeutic TF1000 treadmill supports up to a whopping 400 lbs of weight, far higher than a majority of even more expensive treadmills, thanks to a reinforced frame. It is designed with a belt size of 20” x 40”, slightly smaller than the industry standard due to its limited speed range, and it is foldable for easy storage. This product also features extra-long safety handles at 18” long each, providing you with somewhere to balance yourself and adding to the safety of the treadmill.


Like most treadmills, this product has an LCD display console window that shows you your time, distance, speed, and calories burned as you walk. Via this console, you can control the speed settings for the treadmill.

These controls are also easily available on the handlebars of the treadmill, which also hold Heart Pulse Pads that calculate and record your heart rate as you walk. The treadmill does not have any other additional accessories, such as a tablet or water bottle holder, as it is a budget option that focuses on implementing fitness-related features instead of those for convenience.


  • The 400 lbs weight capacity limit is extremely impressive, allowing it to be inclusive to virtually all users that it encounters. This also leads us to believe that the frame is much more durable than other treadmills frames.  
  • This treadmill is relatively reasonable priced, and is in the lower price range compared to others on the market.
  • Thanks to a “Quiet Driver” function, the treadmill runs quietly despite not having a very powerful motor.
  • The motor on this treadmill is high torque, meaning resistance that is applied to the belt increases the power of the motor.
  • Out of the box, this machine is basically almost fully assembled on arrival, making it convenient and easy to set up.


  • The Exerpeutic TF1000 only goes up to 4MPH, meaning it can only be used for walking, or jogging at the very most among certain users. So if you are looking for a workout that will really make you sweat and get the blood pumping, this may lack the needed speed.
  • There are no workout applications or programs built into the console.
  • Although it may be considered a budget treadmill, this machine lacks features that are available on even cheaper options on the market.
  • The track size is shorter than the industry standard, so if you are very tall, using it may be uncomfortable.

Shipping And Handling

Not much information is disclosed regarding the shipping and handling of this product. However, a majority of Exerpeutic TF1000 treadmills are sold via third party sellers on Amazon, which offer free shipping. They are also available at a number of general retail stores, such as Walmart, many of which offer free regular, ground shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this treadmill be converted into a standing desk?

The short answer is, yes! Many customers and buyers have decided to do the same with theirs, and it is relatively simple to set up. You can easily look up and follow tutorials on how to do so online.

2. Is there anything else I should know about the extended handlebars?

The extra-long handles on the side of the treadmill cannot be folded, so they may get in the way when you are storing the treadmill with its folding function. It is also worth noting that these handles are not adjustable height-wise, but that they can support a person’s weight should you choose to incorporate them into your exercise routine.

3. How long will assembly take?

It will only take half an hour at the very most, as it comes almost fully assembled as is. With a friend to help you, that time may even be cut down to 10 minutes!


The Exerpeutic TF1000 has done pretty well in customer circles, earning a reputation for being reliable and durable. The warranty that it comes with cements the fact that this is a treadmill worth purchasing. Its simplicity and easy-to-use interface makes it a convenient way to get some exercise into a daily routine.

If you want to train for a high-powered marathon or want to take your fitness game to the next level with running or high intensity workouts, then this treadmill won’t be of much use to you. But if you would like to get a daily dose of simple physical activity without extra bells and whistles for simple, straightforward exercise, the Exerpeutic TF1000 is a great, affordable option. I hope you liked my Exerpeutic TF1000 review and feel free to send me a message if you want to see another review.

Kelly is a personal fitness trainer and nutrition expert who has worked with clients all over the world. With over 15 years in the health and fitness industry she will be sharing her knowledge with the Fitness Fixation community.