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The Best Whole Body Vibration Machine Reviews

Top 5 Whole Body Vibration Machines 2017

Our article whole body vibration machine reviews contains five of the best equipment for these type of exercises.

Confidence Fitness Slim 4.5 /5Read Our Review
Butterfly Shape Whole Body 4.1 / 5Read Our Review
Merax Whole Body 2000w 4.5 /5Read Our Review
Axis-Plate E6600 4.1 /5Read Our Review
Hypervibe G-10 Whole Body 4.0 /5Read Our Review

Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform

This is a real steal compared to other machines which are well over $1000. It handles well with a max capacity of 300lb and requires only 10 minutes a day to get results. The motor is especially powerful, and you're unlikely to need to turn it up beyond level 3 (despite the fact that it goes up to 50!

What We Like

The resistance straps are nice and let you get more growth and toning from your sessions. It's also fairly light and can be moved easily if needed.

What We Don't Like

While the unit seems nice it doesn't seem to hold up for the long-term, and there's a history of defective units. Despite having a lot of power and push it seems that the quality of construction is poor and units don't last long.

Whole Body Vibration Machine Butterfly Shape

Whole Body Vibration Machine Butterfly Shape

There's very little to this machine which means it's easy to use and then put away. It's extremely convenient because of this. While the capacity is only 250lb it's meant to be a simple, no-frills choice of machine so you can't expect a lot. There are variable speeds but there's no rails so you can sit or stand as you feel comfortable.


What We Like

It's quite quiet but it can vibrate the floor and things around you. The design is based on a pivoting ball under the platform which is much more effective than the piston based styles. There's also a remote so you don't have to bend down to switch it on or change settings and then regain your balance.

What We Don't Like

There are no instructions, so you'll be on your own trying to put it together and there's very little support from the company which is based in China. The units also have a tendency to smell of chemicals and plastic which is unpleasant.

Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform Machine 2000W

With three different programs, the unit only offers basic control but really you don't need more than this as you can tell from the Confidence Fitness machine.


There's also yoga straps to help with arm and upper body fitness and a retractable foot that helps adjust the machines height so you can tailor it to fit if you have low ceilings or are tall.

The 300-pound capacity is plenty and it also has a convenient LED screen. Construction is sturdy and it seems like it stays in place well without shaking the house down.

What We Don't Like

This is also an oscillation machine so it's quieter and more efficient than a linear or ball machine but it only goes side to side rather than up and down.  It seems that most people are generally happy with their units.

Axis-Plate E6600 Body Vibration Platform Machine

With two motors this is a powerful unit. It has 60 different settings and a BMI analyzer. The capacity is 400 pounds so it's truly suitable for a range of individuals, especially with the wider platform.

What We Like

It comes in black or silver and has straps as well as a convenient user-friendly guide. The unit is sturdy and the rails definitely seem like they could support the maximum capacity if needed.  The unit also uses a range of motion and can go up and down, side to side, or a combination of both. After doing many whole body vibration machine reviews we're confident this model is most likely to meet everyone's needs.

What We Don't Like

This is another “smelly” unit, and the rubber mat definitely needs to be left outside as much as possible to help the smell. There are small wheels which are supposed to be used for moving the device, only they don't really work for that, so it's not very easy to assemble because not everything goes where you expect. The cost might be a little prohibitive for some.

Hypervibe G-10 Whole Body Vibration Machine

For the most “techy” option the hypervibe is controlled with an app. This seems much more 21st century rather than the 90's throwback of the butterfly vibe. It's a very sturdy and well-built machine despite being so slimline, in fact, it looks like a set of bathroom scales! It also comes with Bluetooth and is more portable than comparable units.

What We Don't Like

The price is rather high, but you are getting what you pay for. The plastic vibration plate also seems rather flimsy when many other cheaper units are metal. For many it's an expensive machine that doesn't live up to the price tag just for having an app.

Whole Body Vibration Machines Buyers Guide

Whole Body Vibration Machine Reviews: What are they?

Most of us hate to exercise, so being able to exercise without the workout sounds like heaven. This is what this machine is for. Vibration training is where vibration is applied to the body which causes an eccentric muscle reaction.

This means that your body reacts with anaerobic activity in the muscles. This is the opposite of cardio activities but still causes muscle improvement. It's been used as a therapeutic training for osteoporosis and sarcopenia as well as for injury rehabilitation.

On a short term basis, the muscles are worked more efficiently than with traditional working out meaning that the “workout” with a vibration machine can be shorter with the same results, but the effect is short and this isn't effective with a longer workout.

There are no weights needed, and results are often greater than those that could be achieved through traditional exercises such as strength training. This also means it's not as stressful on joints and ligaments so you're less likely to get injured. It has also been shown to improve bone density.

Do They Actually Work?

While research has agreed about vibration machines being therapeutically helpful and good for improving bone density whether they are actually helpful for weight-loss is debatable.

There are no clear results that a vibration machine is more effective than traditional exercise in clinical trials. They may help with balance and reduce back pain which improves your ability to work out and may improve your fitness in an indirect way. So be wary of any whole body vibration machine reviews that claim weight loss as #1 benefit.

It's also suggested that you still do aerobic exercise and strength training alongside the vibration work so it's really tough to tell if results are from the machine or other exercises. This really brings to mind the vibration belt machines of the 1950s without the belt!

Wrapping It Up

After doing numerous whole body vibration machine reviews, this is what we've learned: For a heavy duty machine, go with the Axis plate. It's built to withstand a lot and you get plenty of options. For a regular machine at a cheaper cost go with the Merax.

All in one, our whole body vibration machine reviews will help you purchase the best machine for your needs.

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