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The Body Beast Workout Review

Body Beast is a workout program from the BeachBody group which are famous for its high-intensity training programs that get results. Programs such as P90x and Insanity are their most popular, along with the topic of today's article, the Body Beast Workout Review.

What is the Body Beast Workout?

So first of all, the people who seek out body beast are looking for reviews on how it works, does it work and where to buy it.

Let's start off with what the program is designed to do.

Firstly, the program is designed for both men and women, there is no sex bias to Beachbody workouts, everyone is allowed to join in the fun and get awesome results. If you can't tell already I am a fan.

My first introduction to getting in shape was Insanity, gosh it seems so long ago now when I talk about it. I was overweight, unhealthy and in need of a jolt to the system and boy did I get it.

This is what Body Beast does. It is designed to:

Burn fat, carve lean, defined muscle, and transform your body

The program is full of real life case studies, showing people who started the program with soft a squishy torsos and displaying the results of their hard work during this ‘beast' of a workout program.

The Beast Program Details


The body beast workout is designed to last for 90 days. Over that time, you need to do just 2 things

  1. Follow Your Body Beast Workout Calendar

There is no boring set routines in Body Beast. Each day you will perform a different workout which takes less than an hour a day.

You do this 6 days a week with each workout is created to take you one step at a time towards that 90-day point where you look back at how you used to look and say WOW.

  1. Follow Your Body Beast Eating Plan

The plan removes the stress and guesswork out of your nutrition and all you have to do…is eat what's on the plan. You get the right amount of protein, carbs, and fats, along with the vitamins and minerals your body needs to burn fat and sculpt those muscles.

There's no skipping meals or starving yourself with this workout program.

The DVD's

There is nobody beast download, what you get is 12 ‘Dynamic Set Training' workouts on 4 DVDs, you can get the body beast equipment on Amazon which is the cheapest place we've found it.

The program is broken into 3 ‘blocks':

Body Beast Schedule

Block 1

Workouts: 4

Body PartsChest & Triceps, Back & Biceps, Legs & Shoulders


Designed to create strength, conditioning, and definition, the first 30 days will see you lifting and training hard as you complete a range of single sets, Super sets and Giant sets.

Block 2

Workouts: 4

Body Parts: Back, Chest, Shoulders, Arms and Legs


Block 2 is where you start to develop power and muscle. By mixing up the sets you force your body to work hard and to produce hard lean muscle.

Block 3

Workouts: 2

Body Parts: Beast Abs and Beast Cardio


Now this is where the fun starts, by the time you hit this stage you will have mastered the first 10 workouts as you begin to incorporate 2 news ones, Abs & Cardio. Combined these 12 workouts will out you through your paces as you rotate sets and put the finishing touches on the new you.


Body Beast a Women's Review

There are plenty of reviews on body beast on the internet, most of them by people who haven't walked-the-walk. Having taken the program last year, I wanted to give you a women's review of the program.

First up, I thought to be into health and fitness I would breeze through it without breaking a sweat. Oh, how wrong I was! For 90-days, I found myself being tested and pushed harder to hit my goals.

One of the reasons I found it so easy to stick to was the vast array of exercises. Each day was something different, so there was no boring repetition or days where I thought “gee this again…”. Each day brought something new and I literally looked forward to each day.

When people ask how much weight I lost doing the best body program I smile. The reason is I was already fit and health being a personal training and diet coach. With hat being said, I did drop 5lbs and that was the excess weight I didn't think I had to lose. Then I put weight ON, in pure lean muscle.

So I found that even though I was already lean, I still dropped excess fat and really toned up my torso and legs. For those who want to lose weight and gain muscle, I think you will see even better results than I did, men or women, it doesn't matter.

You set your goals, get your 90-day plan and go for it.

Body Beast Before and After

Any good reviews on body beast will show you some before and after shots, proving that real people have achieved real results.



Body Beast Sample Workouts

The video below is a sample of the type of workout exercises you will encounter in the program. If you've never done anything like this before, fear not. The instructors show you how to perform each rep perfectly so you avoid injury and get the most from each workout.

Mobile/Smartphone Access To BodyBeast

The team at Beachbody have been really smart in producing this program. Not only is it designed to take you through step-by-step, day-by-day, you also get instant access to your training program, the meal plans and all of the downloads via your smartphone.

So there's no delay, you've joined the club and you're ready to get rocking.

Where Do You Buy Body Beast?

I must say, it's not for everyone, but if you are ready to get the body of your dreams in just 90-days, it's time for you to get shredded.

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