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Schwinn 830 Review – Worth the Money?

While you probably think Schwinn is connected more with bikes the brand is actually part of Nautilus, a name highly recognized in fitness equipment.

The company has been producing treadmills since the 1980s but the Schwinn line has always been minor and is now limited to this and the 860 in favor of more popular brands like Bowflex.

The 830 is designed to be reasonably priced as an entry level machine and experienced runners may be disappointed with the performance. It's fairly compact but offers better performance than most true budget models.

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Schwinn 830 Review – Is It Worth the Money?

Technical Info

It has a 2.75HP motor with a maximum speed of 12MPH. This goes fast, despite having a smaller motor. It's ideal for someone who isn't going to be rough on their equipment. It has SoftDrop technology built into the deck so that it has cushioning for your joints.

There are wheels on the bottom and it folds so it can be stored away when not in use. There's lots of useful features and it has 22 different workout programs preinstalled.

There's a 10 year warranty on the motor and while the track is short at 55” it's still enough for jogging and light running unless you're tall.

There's an iPad shelf so that you can keep yourself entertained as well as bottle holders, heart rate monitor, quick adjust buttons and its compatible with their MyFitnessPal app. The workouts include 5 cardio, 3 interval, and 2 custom programmable workouts. I

t's also compatible with their chest strap if you do not want to have to hold the sensors while running. It has acoustic speakers for plugging up your ipod or phone,a USB charging port, and a maximum weight limit of 300lb.

The belt is on 2.5” rollers to improve it's wear and for smoother running. The back lit LCD displays calories, distance , time, speed, and incline.


  • Folding with wheels
  • 22 Programs
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • 2.75HP
  • 12MPH
  • 55”x20” deck
  • 0-12% incline
  • Backlit LCD
  • Speakers and Fan
  • USB and Aux inputs
  • MyFitnessPal App


As this folds and has wheels it's much more portable than the folding ones alone. It's heavier than most but the wheels mean that you won't have to actually pick it up to move it, just be careful that they're locked in before running.

The console has plenty of features including the built in speakers, water bottle holders, fans, and iPad rest. The option to add a chest strap rather than having to hold the heart rate monitors is also nice.

Having 22 workout programs adds convenience without having to fuss with buttons. Since the speed and incline are both automatically adjusted you can enjoy your workout without having to pause and adjust. The option for 2 custom workouts that you can design yourself is also nice.

While it's foldable it's still fairly sturdy, compared to others this has a weightiness to it even when running at top speed so you don't feel like it's going to tip any second.


It feels like there's something missing. The price is a little less, the belt is a little less, the motor is a little less. It's everything you want in a treadmill but it's just not quite there enough to be satisfying.

The line is limited and servicing can be hard. Since there's only two models that the company is still producing it's practically impossible to get parts for and this could be a problem in the long run.

The track is a little short. The standard track length for a running treadmill is 60”and this is a full 5” shorter than that. This means it's not suited for taller users or all out running despite having a top speed of 12MPH.

The design isn't very easy to set up. It's a cumbersome box and the power cord has a habit of getting trapped when folding which can cause a short. Attaching the arms and console are both separate and can be difficult to lift into place without damaging both.


There's not a lot of accessories you need to buy with this. It already has a fan, tablet holder, water bottle space, sensors etc built in. In theory if you wanted to have the heart rate monitor as hands free you could get one of those and connect it, perhaps a bigger fan?

Since it's a little weightier and you don't want to get dirt into the belt moving it around it would be a good idea to get some proper fitness mats to sit it on as this will protect the wheels and belt while it's running and stop your floors getting scuffed up.


There's some odd shipping charges for this model if you can find it. For example Amazon has a rather strange $2 shipping charge and what that actually covers is anyone's guess.

3 Frequently Asked Questions about the product

1. Does it have any Accessory port?

This has both a USB and aux jack for plugging in media that will play through the onboard speakers.

2. How long is the belt?

This is a 55” belt which means it's shorter than the standard 60” but still long enough to walk and job comfortably on.

3. Is this appropriate for a Garage?

This works well anywhere since it is portable and will fold. The caveat is that below 40F the belt will become dry and brittle which can shorten its lifespan and potentially cause it to malfunction.


This is a great midrange model. It's got an impressive array of features at a fairly low price. Despite the fact that the Schwinn line isn't very big they're still going and from a company that produces much more high end models you know they have the technology to stand behind.

The wheels and folding option make this easy to store and the programmed workouts and accessories all come together for convenience at a manageable price. With it's own app the company is still rolling into the 21st century.

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