Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Are you considering a Schwinn 270 recumbent bike for your home training room? When it comes to the exercise world, you don’t get more familiar then the good old fashioned stationary bike. These tried-and-trusted pieces of equipment should come standard in any home gym, and with regular use deliver constant results people love. The Schwinn 270 earns a solid 4 star rating, and consumers seem to love it.

Why a recumbent bike at all?

Stationary bikes, although they’re one of the best known pieces of gym equipment, are contraindicated for quite a few people. Individuals with back issues, severe and postural-related knee pain and issues with sitting at the angle required for a stationary bike can all access a recumbent stationary bike with ease. They’re also great for people looking for an ergonomic spinal posture in their exercise equipment, or simply a little more comfort then the traditional stationary bike delivers.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent bike Side Profile

Recumbent bikes work with the same reliability as their upright precursors, and remain some of the most valuable pieces of cardio equipment out there.

The Schwinn 270 Recumbent bike

Schwinn is a brand giant in the bike market. They’re an American company owned by Nautilus with a long history on the fitness scene, and people trust them. The Schwinn 270 is part of their latest line of cardio equipment and makes use of their trademarked ‘DualTrack’ LCD display system. This allows you to measure and control time, calories burnt and distance cycled. It also integrates with their ‘SchwinnConnect’ online trackers, and it’s compatible with MyFitnessPal too. That said, many users find ‘SchwinnConnect’ an unexciting offering, though it’s useful if you want to compare historical workout data. A few users find the upload process tedious- be aware, it doesn’t integrate with wireless but requires a manual upload.

A baby of the digital age, the Schwinn 270 recumbent bike comes with a charging port for your digital doodads. But most important of all is the workout features it offers. A vented and padded seat allows for spinal comfort during your workout. A large variety- just under thirty- of workout programs and an almost-equal number of resistance settings combined with a weighted flywheel make for workout success. As with most modern equipment, it features integrated speakers and a media rack. Its weight limit is 300 pounds.

What do people think of the Schwinn 270?

Users appreciate its ease of assembly and clear instructions. Resistance adjustments are easy- requiring a single button press. The reviewers also appreciate a speedy and helpful customer service- but not the occasional delivery issues that necessitated contacting customer services in the first place. Nautilus obviously cares very deeply about their customer service however, and responds promptly.

Schwinn 270 LCD ScreenTheir LCD screen does then to detract from the bike a little, as more than one user wished they could alter the brightness for use at night. As is fairly usual with similar equipment, the in-built fan isn’t the best either. Surprisingly, the onboard speakers score a higher rating then is normal. The bike is a quiet ride, but some consumers would like a little less frills on the control panel and a little more of an intuitive layout to the UI.

A selling point customers mention that the company doesn’t is its [relatively] small size. For a recumbent bike, the Schwinn 270 is a compact choice. It’s also easy to adjust to a variety of heights, though it may not be ideal for particularly tall individuals.

There’s reports of a few out-of-the-box problems, though swiftly resolved, that do suggest the odd quality control wobble. Do be on particular lookout for the power cord that ships with your unit as using the wrong one will damage the console and there are occasional muddle-ups with this particular part. It uses the full size 9V DC as specified in the specs for the model, not a smaller 9V one.

Overall, consumers find the Schwinn 270 a comfortable ride with sufficient challenging programs to make it a worthy cardio training tool, and powerful customer service keen to assist with customer issues. Despite occasional problems in the shipping packages, it’s a sound and worthwhile investment that, whilst not quite a gym quality machine, never-the-less delivers a gym-worthy home user experience.

Kelly is a personal fitness trainer and nutrition expert who has worked with clients all over the world. With over 15 years in the health and fitness industry she will be sharing her knowledge with the Fitness Fixation community.