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Ripped Muscle X and Elite Test 360 Review

If you are a body building fanatic who is looking for health supplements that aid in the process, ‘Ripped Muscle X and Elite Test 360’ is a combination you could give a try.

In combination, this is a formula developed to give you a healthy body, ripped physique, boost your metabolic rate and keep pushing the boundaries of your exercising prowess.

The key formula for Elite Test 360 consists of Tribulus extract from puncture vine and synthesised L- Arginine. A noted positive side effect of Tribulus extract is enhanced sexual performance.

According to the official website:

The purely synthesised L- Arginine brings about the following changes.

  1. Enhance cardiovascular, liver and kidney functions.
  2. Aid in rapid expulsion of ammonia thereby reducing toxic derivatives of nitrogen.
  3. Growth hormone stimulation for increased repair and regeneration activity.
  4. Dilation of blood vessels and improved elasticity by nitric oxide formation.
  5. Improved circulation to extremities, keeps blood pressure in check.
  6. Oxidises bad cholesterol.
  7. Increased creatine production boosting muscle power and enhancement.

The Tribulus Extract on the other hand increases the production of the hormone testosterone by 30%. This results in increased muscle mass and strength.

The main feature of Ripped Muscle X is a unique formula for ingestible pure creatine, which is a naturally occurring acid in the human body that helps supply energy to the muscle cells.

It’s simple math to understand that 30% extra creatine is equal to 30% improvement in muscle performance. However, the body is designed to produce every hormone, acid, and enzyme in moderation and perfect proportions.

Tinkering with that balance results in side effects. While this combination might sound like a great idea on paper to shed that extra fat, build lean muscles, have a ripped physique and inexhaustible stamina, it comes with its own drawbacks.

Also imperative is to note that these aren’t steroids. You will need to diet and exercise while taking these supplements for them to have any beneficial effects on you.

Now that you have a good grasp on both products, their contents and working mechanisms, let’s see how they map up to actual usage. For a well rounded review, let’s start with the pros.

  1. The supplements combination works wonders if you’ve already been pushing considerable weights and aren’t a beginner.
  2. If you have a naturally higher metabolic rate, this is a good addition to your diet, as it has demonstrated results with people who are already on good diet and exercise regimes.
  3. Less cravings and hunger pangs.
  4. Provides some naturally occurring proteins to your diet.
  5. Increased fat burning while building on muscle power.
  6. Boost in stamina, resulting in better workouts, running, swimming and other physical activities.
  7. Increased metabolism indicated by inch loss, also helps in shedding useless weight.
  8. As close to instant results for improved stamina and weight loss on natural supplements as possible.

Disclaimer – None of the above were noticed by us. These are an amalgamation of positive reviews and responses we received when we contacted verified buyers. Note that most had received it as a free product for review.

Bear in mind that there are no miracle products. Whatever is claimed above isn’t proven with clinical trials. Any results that are visible are aided by exercise and diet, which would give you the same results anyway if you kept at them long enough.

This is simply a way of speeding up the process. Since this is something that tinkers with the hormonal system, it is bound to have negative effects. Here are a few drawbacks to using Ripped Muscle X and Elite Test 360.

  1. The results claimed in advertisements and on site can only be seen when both products are taken in tandem. Skipping one may not give you any results, even if you do not require it.
  2. L-Arginine is an amino acid that helps create testosterone, which is regulated by other hormones. L-Arginine by itself is available for a tenth of the cost listed here.
  3. Absorption of L-Arginine is safe only upto a limit. Trying to increase the uptake may result in imbalanced sugar levels, and carries the risk of bleeding.
  4. Same goes for consuming creatine at levels above the body’s capacity to process it. It could be more damaging than any positive results.

Since we are committed to providing unsponsored and ethical reviews for the products we talk about here, we are going to list all the cons we have run into with the packaging, marketing, claims, listings and reviews of this product.

Firstly, there were no positive effects to using this product. No increase in stamina, energy, muscle buildup, fat loss or weight loss. It did lead to mild headaches and nausea.

The claims of the company aren’t backed up by any statistical data, clinical trials or even anecdotal evidence. Once in a while, the body supplement market is flooded by such hoax products that are shady from the get go.

Ripped Musc X

Ripped Muscle X and Elite Test 360 fall into this category. Steer clear of this sham. Vasodilators like tribulus extracts can be bought separately for much cheaper prices.

No professional body builder or doctor worth his/her salt would recommend excessive intake of creatine and vasodilator pills to improve muscles and shed fat.

A basic Google search will tell you how idiotic these miracle claims are. Those who do take tribulus extracts, regulate its dosage with an on off cycle for best results.

Moving on from the product to the company, the customer service was terrible. The window to cancel your subscription is extremely small and it’s difficult to get a hold of a CS rep when you want one. A look at the official website reveals more shady claims. 10, 000 athletes use it everyday?

Where is this data coming from? L-Arginine special formula? It’s an amino acid…the structure is the same. And if they’ve tinkered with it then it won’t work as intended anyway.

Sources for claims listed are Wikipedia and Webmd. That is a bad give away that not a single study was conducted to prove any of the claims.

To cut a long story short, save your dollars, and more importantly your hormones from massive fluctuations that could completely throw your body building mission in disarray. Do NOT buy this combination of useless supplements, go have a big Mac instead!

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