The Ultimate Guide To Rebounders

The world is full of different fitness equipment and new workout programs appear on the scene all the time. One of the most talked about things in fitness world right now are rebounders.

Plenty of professional athletes use these little trampolines and vouch for its health benefits. Rebounder workouts are even included in many rehabilitation programs for a variety of injuries.

But what are rebounders all about and what should you know about the benefits of using one? Here is a quick look at this exercise equipment and what the real pros and cons of using one really are all about. At the end you can find a few suggestions for some of the best rebounders out there.

What Is a Rebounder?

The first modern trampoline was first invented in 1934 by two Americans. Nissen and Grisworld were both gymnasts who wanted to improve their training regime. So they had the clever idea of spreading a canvas over a metal frame with springs.

It didn’t take long for the trampoline to become a fun activity for people of all ages and so it quickly started spreading across the world.

One of the leading pioneers of modern rebounders is Albert Earl Carter. He developed one of the world’s first rebounding exercise regimes at the end of the ‘70s and he is still renowned for his work in the field.

During the ‘80s the benefits of trampoline were discovered with the help of the outer space. NASA started looking into different exercises that could help astronauts combat with physical health issues that arise when they spend time in space.

From then on, trampolines have been developed further and used as a part of different fitness programs. The health benefits of rebounder exercise have also been studied further.

So what is a rebounder all about? Quite simply put, it is a mini exercise trampoline that can help you add a bounce to your workout routine. When you are using a rebounder you are using three natural forces of acceleration, deceleration and gravity. This makes the exercise a little bit different to what you can achieve on stable ground. And all this can have its additional benefits to regular exercise, such as jogging.

The most common things you can do with a rebounder include jogging and jumping. You can then include a variety of different arm movements to the exercise in order to create a full body workout. There are plenty of good online resources available to find out different exercise routines.

The Pros and Cons of Rebounders

When it comes to the actual benefits of rebounding there is a lot to be excited about. It might not seem like it’s really that different to running or walking. But rebounding can be quite an efficient way of doing a workout, especially for people with joint problems. Here are some of the good things about exercising with a rebounder:

Boosts Balance and Coordination

Rebounders are very good for improving your balance and coordination. Naturally, when you are standing and moving on top of a surface that isn’t stable, you’ll end up using more of your muscles. When you are walking on top of the rebounder you can’t prepare yourself for which way your body will lean on when it lands. This will ensure your body and mind need to work a lot harder to stay balanced. The more it needs to do this the better your coordination will become.

Improves Your Immune System

Your immune system works hard every single day to keep you healthy. The unfortunate truth is that we are surrounded with toxins every single day. And one of the hardest working parts of your immune system is the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system helps accumulate these everyday toxins in order to get rid of them. Therefore, ensuring it works properly is really important for your wellbeing.

There aren’t that many exercises that can boost your lymphatic system. In order to keep it flowing properly, you need to include three things in your activity. According to the Wellbeing Journal you need muscle contraction from exercise, gravitational pressure and internal massage. When you are exercising on a rebounder all these three activities will be involved, therefore your lymphatic system gets drained. Overall, this will help improve your immune system.

Increases Bone Density

Healthy bones are crucial for your wellbeing. Unfortunately, conditions such as osteoporosis are much more commonplace these days. It is really important to try to take care of your bones, both by eating healthy and doing exercise.

Rebounding is very effective when it comes to increasing bone density. In fact, NASA uses rebounding as an effective way of improving bone density in astronauts. A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that jumping and running on a rebounder is very effective in helping reverse bone loss in astronauts.

Safe and Fun Way to Exercise

There have been studied that have found rebounding much safer way to exercise compared to jogging. Much of this is down to the fact that the impact with the surface is much softer. Therefore the impact on your knees and joints won’t be as draining as it is when you are running on a hard surface.

You could also count it as a benefit that rebounding can actually be quite fun. It gives you that nice floating feeling afterwards and this can be a nice way to relax while still strengthening your body.

But it is also important to keep in mind that rebounding might not be for everybody. Just like with many other fitness equipment, there are a few disadvantages to using a rebounder. Here are some of the cons of using a rebounder:

Limitations Due to the Small Size

The rebounders for home use tend to be very small. The area where you can jump around isn’t very large and therefore you don’t have that many things you can do with the rebounder. Of course the benefit is that you won’t have a hard time storing the rebounder. But in terms of the movements you are able to do, you’ll end up being a bit limited.

Safety Issues

Even though, in terms of the stress on your joints and muscles, the rebounder is a much safer option to running on a hard surface there are some safety issues you do need to take into account. It will require a bit of balance to be able to run on the rebounder and you need to carefully read all the safety instructions before use. It isn’t uncommon to lose balance and you must have enough space around you to guarantee you don’t fall off and hurt yourself. For people with balance issues there are stabilizing bars you can buy to make it easier to keep your balance.

Can End Up Being Monotonous

Because the exercises you are able to do on the rebounder are limited, it can be easy to start feeling bored. Depending on the way you exercise it is relatively easy to feel like you are just doing the same thing over and over again.

Furthermore, it is important to find ways to alter your exercise routine and include other types of workout sessions to your fitness regime. The best results come from changing your routine at times and trying out new things.

Tips for Purchasing a Rebounder

All in all, considering the pros and cons of using a rebounder it is worth keeping in mind. If you are looking for new fitness equipment a rebounder might be a good idea. It can be a very good addition to your workout routine and there are some good rebounders out there. It is really important to spend some time looking for different options. Furthermore, it is crucial to remember to keep your own needs in mind when purchasing any fitness equipment.

There are many good rebounders on sale at Amazon. Here are some of the most purchased rebounders that you should consider purchasing.


Reebok Rebounder

If you are looking for your first rebounder and you don’t want to spend a fortune on it, you could consider the Reebok Rebounder. You can find the Reebok Rebounder at Amazon for a low, very competitive price and it is one of the best basic rebounders available at the moment.

It comes with six legs that you can simply screw off when you want to store it. It is a relatively simple thing to do and the structure doesn’t feel unstable, just remember to screw back the legs very tightly!

The Reebok Rebounder is relatively bouncy when it comes to jumping on it, perhaps more so than you might expect. This means that you need to be careful when you are using it for the first time. If you feel like you don’t have a very strong balance or you have some physical limitations, this might not be the rebounder for you.

Overall, it is still good value for money. It is simple to use and it has all the basic requirements of a good rebounder.

  • Dimensions: 94 x 6 x 94
  • Max. Weight 114 kg
  • Stable 6 Leg Design – You can unscrew legs for storing
  • Washable

Juice Master’s Pro Bounce

Another good rebounder to keep in mind is Juice Master’s Pro Bounce. It is currently available at Amazon for around £90, so it won’t end up costing you a fortune. It is another great basic rebounder with a few added bonuses.

Juice Master’s Pro Bounce is a very sturdy piece of equipment. It is, again, very easy to set up and the foldable legs make it very easy to store. If you have to store the rebounder separately then foldable legs will have an advantage over unscrewing the legs each time after use.

Moreover, it is very bouncy so you need to test its ability a bit before you start working out. This can help you find the right rhythm when you are running on it. The Juice Master’s Pro Bounce can seem a little bit noisy and it is a good idea to oil the parts before first use.

On top of that, the good thing about this rebounder is that you can get it with stabilization bars. This is great for new users or anyone who has problems with balance. The stabilization bars will make you feel safer for the first times you are using the rebounder.

  • Dimensions: 40-inch diameter
  • Max. Weight 100 kg
  • Six legs
  • Legs foldable for storing
  • Optional: Stabilization bars

The Urban Rebounder

One of the most sold rebounders on Amazon is the Urban Rebounder. It currently sells for £130, so it comes with a bit heftier price compared to the other two rebounders. But it is still very affordable and there are some great benefits for choosing this rebounder.

The Urban Rebounder also comes with foldable legs, which again make storing a lot easier. Additionally, It is perhaps the sturdiest of the rebounders and you really feel very safe using it. This might be because it has eight legs in total.

Again, you can purchase the Urban Rebounder together with stabilization bars. These are really simple to add and you can just get rid of them once you have more confidence using the rebounder.

Furthermore, some sellers at Amazon sell this product together with a workout DVD. The DVD is full of some simple exercise ideas. So if you are looking for something a bit more professional then the Urban Rebounder might be the best pick.

  • Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 9
  • Max. Weight 130 kg
  • Eight legs – Legs foldable for storing
  • Optional: stabilization bar


The above are some of the most popular rebounders on Amazon. They all have their pros and cons and they can all work well for you, depending on your needs. It is really important to remember to read the safety instructions when you purchase any rebounder equipment. In addition, make sure you regularly check the product for function and contact the manufacturer if you feel like something is not working properly.

All in all, a rebounder can be a nice addition to your fitness regime. Just look for workout instructions online and slowly move towards more difficult movements. It can be a lot of fun to use as an addition to your regular routine and it can help you get in better shape.

As long as you pay attention to safety issues, the rebounder does have a lot of good health benefits on its side. It isn’t for everyone, but it is definitely worth a try!

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