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ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review

Our focus today is on the ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review which features, and quite uniquely a 3 percent decline capability for the best workout experience especially if you are considering having several workout options.

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

Burning calories or burning calories faster apparently tops the motivation behind most workouts which is as good a reason as any other. ProForm treadmills, from user reviews to features reviews, have most obviously dominated the space for their quality construction among other features.


  •         ProShox Cushioning
  •         7- Inch backlit LCD display
  •         Interactive iFit technology compatibility
  •         SpaceSaver design with EasyLift Assist
  •         12 MPH quick speed control
  •         3.5 CHP Mach ZTM commercial grade motor
  •         0-15 % incline and a 3% decline
  •         22×60 inch running space
  •         Weighs 230 lbs
  •         Maximum carrying capacity – 350 lbs
  •         Measures 84 x 25 x 38inches
  •         32 built in program options
  •         Lifetime warranty on frame and motor, 5 years warranty on other parts, and 2 years warranty on labor



The ProForm Pro 2000 weighs 230 lbs making it quite a bit bulky to lift yet sturdy enough to bear up to 350lbs of human weight and higher speeds so there is no worrying about rattling or wobbling. Its weight too attributes to its solid steel constructed frame which is a great trade for durability.

Its deck is wide enough at 22 x 60 inches, the tallest person can work out quite comfortably without hitting side supports in the process. What’s more, it comes lined with ProShox Cushioning for the minimal possible impact on joints and a comfortable run.

This unit is powered by a commercial grade 3.5 Continuous Horsepower Mach Z™ Commercial motor that is self cooling for an extended useful life. This motor is rightfully backed by a lifetime warranty.

On purchase, some non-complicated assembly is required which should be easier with the easy-to-understand manual. However, an appreciable feature about the Pro 2000 is its SpaceSaver design that allows it to fold quite easily with the help of the EasyLift assist, to free up space.  


Workout Detail

This treadmill features a max speed of 12 miles/hour making it a good option for the athlete or beginner who needs some quality home workouts. Unlike most other units that only feature inclines, this unit is designed to effortlessly switch from incline to decline without an interruption of your session. Incline it up 0-15% or decline it down to 3% and along with the iFit feature, you are guaranteed to get a real world terrain experience of any location in the world map.

Included in our ProForm Pro 2000 treadmill review is its remarkable console. Talk about time, calories, incline level, distance calculation, speed heart rate, and steps controls and you have it in this unit. To determine your heart rate at any point in your session, simply take hold of the grab bars. All these details are visible through the 7- Inch backlit LCD display that comes with a RaceTrack™ Display.

With 32 preset workout schedules you get to enjoy literally all workouts from weight loss, muscle builds, to cardiovascular oriented exercises. Alternatively, set up a schedule that works best for you. With the simple press of a button, you are good to go.



This treadmill comes bearing gifts for convenience purposes. It comes integrated with:

  • A device shelf with just the right placement for your posture ideal for your iPad or android. It also includes Bluetooth connectivity for your devices.
  • A subscription iFit technology, which we have already mentioned is also integrated.
  • A CoolAire Workout fan,
  • Two speakers with ports
  • Bigger dual bottle holder
  • Accessory tray within your arm’s reach
  • iPod compatible audio jack
  • 4 shock absorbers for utmost safety



  •         Vertical Fold with an EasyLift assist to save space
  •         Impressive 60×20 track area fit for all human heights
  •         8 inch display that is easy to view from various heights
  •         32 in-built programs that can be personalized
  •         Incline and decline options with an outdoor real world terrain experience
  •         Better warranty compared to others (lifetime warranty on frame and motor, 5 years on other parts and 2 years on labor)



  • Comes with only 1-ply tread belt
  • Quite weighty hence limiting mobility


Frequently asked questions


1. Does the treadmill come with placement for my iPod, Kindle, and other accessories?

Absolutely! The machine is designed with a plastic dock measuring 14×12 inches for your tech gadgets and an accessories tray conveniently located below the display screen.


2. Does the ProForm Pro 2000 require any assembling?

Yes it does. However, assembling should be a breeze with the easy-to-understand instructional manual. Just to point out though, you may need an extra hand since some of the parts may be a bit heavy for some people.


3. How steady is this machine on incline and decline mode?

It is a very steady and comfortable. First timers will require some orientation especially with the decline feature.


Our Verdict

Looking at the price tag of this treadmill, I would say it has more to offer compared to others within the same price range. From our ProForm Pro 2000 treadmill review, features such as the 3% decline make it unique not to mention an ample running space. Again, based on user reviews, this unit is designed for the best user experience.  

The only thing we may not have mentioned in our review is that the ProForm Pro 2000 has been rated ‘best buy’ by a prominent magazine.

This treadmill is most suitable for beginners who intend to start off on real quality and for established users looking for that real world experience with a wide range of terrains right from the comfort of their homes.  

Bottom-line is, this unit will certainly offer a worthwhile run for your money so by all means go for it.


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