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ProForm Performance 600C Review

This is a discontinued model but was only updated in 2014 so it's still widely available and new in comparison to others. It's fairly low priced but still priced to work for runners. Check bellow our ProForm Performance 600C Review for everything you need to know about this product.

The most notable feature is that it has a long 60” standard track which is often more than 5” than the competition at this price.

Don't confuse it with the 600i, the difference is that you can connect your own tablet to replace the monitor on the 600i which was upgraded in 2016.


ProForm Performance 600C Review: Is it worth it?

>ProForm Performance 600C

The upgraded version has a bigger track and works with the iFit program. It's designed to make your running experience interactive and gives you the technology you need to get your workout done safely.

Technical Info

This has a 2.75CHP motor that can go at a maximum of 12MPH. It's got a nice long track (60”x20”) that is easy to use with running.

It has an automatically adjustable incline of 0-12% with a belt that features ProShox cushioning to make running easier on your joints. The console is compatible with the iFit app and is backlit.

The display also has a shelf to hold your tablet while running. There are two fans, speakers, an accessory tray and quick controls within easy reach so you can enjoy your workout.

The most impressive thing about this model is that the motor has a lifetime warranty.

There are 22 built in workouts but you'll need a subscription to download the iFit workouts and customization. The 6” display is quite small but it is backlit, it can show miles, speed, calories, pulse and time. The heart rate sensors are located on the handlebars.

There's an ipod dock, and speakers built into the console as well as a bracket for your tablet. The deck folds up and has EasyLift technology to make the process effortless. It has a maximum weight allowance of 325lb.


  • Folding
  • 22 Programs
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • 2.75 CHP
  • iFit App
  • Ipod Dock
  • 12MPH
  • 60”x20” deck
  • 0-12% incline
  • Backlit LCD
  • Speakers
  • 2 speed Fan
  • Tablet Bracket


A compact folding design that is easy to tilt and store. It uses very little floor space when not in use but does not have wheels to move it elsewhere and it is quite heavy.

The 22 programs are ideal for getting a variety of workouts but the real benefit is the connection to the iFit app which allows you to run with different programs that you can download and track.

The deck adjusts automatically for incline and speed so you can just push a button and go. It's also compatible with Google Maps trails.

The deck is cushioned with ProShox which reduces joint stress by up to 28%compared to road running. This allows you to train longer and with less pain.

The console has a lot of useful features within reach like a 2 speed fan, racetrack display (shows your progress around a quarter mile), speakers for your music, and HRT monitors within easy reach.

The 60” belt is sized to work for running or walking no matter how tall you are so it's ideal for a variety of users and speeds.

Maintenance is very easy as the screws to adjust the belt are easy to reach and there's no chance of getting the cord trapped when lifting the deck up.


There's not a lot of bad things to say about this model. The biggest downside is that for a couple of hundred more you can have the iFit integrated rather than having to use your own device and plug in. The 1450 for example, costs only $300 more and has a 10” touchscreen display with the app integrated.

The speakers aren't great for quality sound. At only 2” each they're small and if you're running hard with the machine on high the noise can be enough to make the sound seem distorted. These aren't for true music enthusiasts and you may prefer headphones.


As this is designed for running you probably want to get a wireless heart rate monitor. The handlebars are ideal for walking and if you need support but it can be difficult to continue your pace safely while trying to put both hands on the sensors.

Since there's already a position and bracket for your tablet a tablet is also a great accessory so you can use the iFit capabilities and entertain yourself while running.


Check for this item online. While it's available in stores it's often way cheaper online and with free shipping so you'll be saving yourself a ton of money.

Amazon for example has free shipping right to your door for a used model and a mere $5 charge for a brand new one.

3 Frequently Asked Questions about the product

1. Can you assemble it for me?

Most companies do not offer assembly and if you can find one that does it usually comes at an extra charge. The box is pretty heavy so you will at least want help getting it inside. A company like Assemblers Inc will also do it for a fee.

2. Is the Incline percentage Digital?

The LCD screen shows the incline percentage in numbered form from 0-12%. The screen itself is digital and uses quick adjust buttons to increase or decrease the numbers

What is the maximum Weight this machine holds?

The treadmill is rated for users up to 325lb.


The ProForm Performance 600c is not a bad treadmill on it's own but when compared to others in the ProForm line it seems like the poor cousin. Sure it's cheap, but for a little more you're getting better features. It's a sturdy design however and it has plenty of programs for the average user.

The large deck and convenient console makes this a good midrange choice if you're own a budget. It's well made and functional plus the warranty is better than most at this price. I hope you enjoyed ProForm Performance 600C Review and we hope to see you again.

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