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Power Rack: Awesome Rack For Weightlifting

The world of fitness and weightlifting has a long list of different pieces of equipment that have become staples of body building. Many of these pieces of equipment have been revamped and upgraded thanks to recent inventions in technology. However one piece of equipment requires very little revamping and is well known to all fitness enthusiasts.

The Power rack is one of the most easily recognizable pieces of training equipment in a gym. This training equipment combines a plethora of different parts and pieces together, to offer you a complete body workout. What is so phenomenal about the power rack is that it can be used at a gym or within the home.

Taking a Deep Dive into the Power Rack

The Power rack has a multitude of different names including: “squat rack” and “squat cage” but none as common as the “cage rack”. A Power rack allows a users to perform a variety of free weight exercises within this small space. This cuts down on both room and time to set up different pieces of equipment. Typically a Power Rack makes use of a barbell as its standard choice of equipment, although some people may choose to use dumbbells. The barbell can easily and conveniently rest within the Power Rack until further use.

One of the major benefits of using a Power Rack is that it allows the user to move unrestricted through a myriad of exercises. When compared to the Smith machine, a Power Rack offers a user a more fluid and nature range of motions while exercising. Most Power Rack are designed the same with four upward facing posts and two flat posts that can be moved.

The two flat posts can be used to store the barbell after a workout. The two flat posts can also be used as a safety precaution during an exercise. A user can set these bars accordingly to catch the barbell during a heavy lift.

Adds on and Additions

The Power Rack is typically designed specifically for compound, free weight movements to be performed. However some Power Racks have been augmented to support additional isolation movements as well. Many Power Racks will have an additional bar hanging above the user which allows them to perform chins up or pull ups.

Many other power racks may have some pulley’s available that allow a user to perform bicep curls and tricep extensions on. These types of Power Racks offer a user the best of both worlds combining both compound movements with isolation exercises. Typically these add ons will be made with rubber non slip gripping for more comfort while performing exercises.

Exercises Performed in Power Rack

With its unique design a Power Rack can help a user perform a variety of different exercises easily and efficiently. One of the most popular exercises to perform while in a Power Rack is the bench press. Since there are horizontal bars available that act as a bar catcher, a lifter can feel free to use the maximum amount of weight needed to exercise.

With this bar catcher in place a lifter can lift without having to worry about, fatiguing and being crushed by the weight of the bar. The Squat is another popular exercise that is done using a Power Rack. In fact the Power Rack got the nickname “Squat Rack” for its frequent usage of Squats within this piece of equipment.

Other popular exercises includes: Chin Ups, Dips, Bicep Curls, Shoulder Press and Tricep push downs. All of these exercises can be performed with or without the use of the bar catcher for safety.

Connection: Power Racks and Progressive Overload

The concept of Progressive Overload has been the center of debate between both scientist as well as athletes on its ability to help a person become stronger and bigger. The concept of Progressive Overload is simple: In order for a person to become bigger and stronger, they must gradual lift heavier weights over time.

Some people believe this idea to be a fallacy that will lead to injury and possibly even death. Others, believe that this is the only way to train and become stronger in lifting. Power Rack meet in the middle and offer a solution for the problems found in Progressive Overload.

During the early sixties a test was conducted using Power Rack to test the theory of Maximum Fatigue. The two gentlemen were Dr. Craig Whitehead and Terry Todd.

These two men are well respected in the fields of Body building as well as academia. The idea that the Power Rack would lead to bigger, stronger competitors was revolutionary within the bodybuilding community. The major benefit to using the Power Rack would be the bar catchers.

These would allow a lifter to continue to lift heavier without risking major injury to themselves. Also the rack was so compact that it allowed people to have one within their homes or in their garages. This meant that they would not have to go to the gym to workout.

Companies: Power Racks For Sale

Due to the enormous need for these Power Racks for both gym as well as personal usage, many companies have begun selling these racks. One of the most well known Rogue Fitness, this company is known for providing top quality barbells, weights and accessories for users. Yukon Fitness also offers a great selection of Power Racks that are reasonably priced and can be purchased online. Most of these Power Racks are incredibly easy to assemble.

Look Back at Squat Racks

Squat Racks offer the user a complete workout system within a compact space. These Power Racks can be customized to include different parts and pieces. Many newer version of the Power Rack come with additional levers, lifts and bars to help a person exercise different parts of their body.

A Power Rack offers users an opportunity to train to complete muscle failure without injuring or damaging themselves. What is best is that the Power Rack can be placed inside a garage for home workouts, saving you both time as well as money.

Lets take a look at the Top 3 Power Racks for 2017

XMark Power Cage with Dip Station

The XMark Power Cage with Dip Station is an awesome home power rack for anyone serious about taking their training to the next level. The XMark Power Cage offers you an incredibly durable 14 gauge steel rack. This Cage Rack carries a lifetime warranty on all parts and pieces and must be bolted down or weighted down.

Compared to other Power Racks available, the XMark Power Cage is incredibly affordable. This rack comes with 24 unique adjustments on the vertical bar. This allows you to place bar catchers underneath your weights for maximum protection against injury. There are also 24 safety spotters on the Power Rack that can be used in conjunction with the bar catcher.

The unit comes with a pull up bar as well as a dip station with premium knurled grip station. The total weight capacity of this Power Rack is 700 pounds with a 325 pound weight capacity on the pull up bars.

What We Like

  • 14 gauge steel rack that is incredibly durable and rust resistant.
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts and pieces.
  • Comes with dip station as well as a pull up bar.
  • Offers 24 different safety spotters for maximum protection from injury.
  • Rubber, knurled grip dip handles at the dip station
  • Fairly affordable, when compared to other Power Racks

What We Don't Like

  • Arrival weight of 110 pounds and must be set up by you.
  • Comes with no weights or other equipment.
  • Total capacity of the Power Cage is 700 pounds.
  • Total capacity of pull bar is 325 pounds.
  • Total capacity of dilp station 275 pounds.

Deltech Fitness Power Rack

The Deltech Fitness Power Rack is a great option for those that are looking to begin their fitness and exercise journey. The Deltech Fitness Power Rack is made from a highly durable heavy gauge tubing. This heavy gauge tubing will maintain under the worst condition, meaning that you will not have to buy new parts.

This power rack comes complete with weight catchers that are located on the outside and inside of the rack. These weight catchers will come in handy for those heavy lifting days when you want to go to failure. Along with the great options that come with this power rack, there is also a overhead pull bar. This pull up bar is great for building a strong, tone pack and engaging your biceps.

What We Like

  • Great Power Rack for beginners and those new to bodybuilding
  • Very simplistic and easy to set up
  • Affordable pricing when compared to other squat racks.
  • Offers you an overhead pull up bar
  • Comes with weight catchers for extra protection during workout.
  • Awesome for home workouts and can be easily stored in a corner in the garage.
  • Made from a heavy gauge tubing that is incredibly durable.
  • 750 pound weight capacity

What We Don't Like

  • Has no dip station for tricep work.
  • There also no pulleys available.
  • There are no weights, bars or dumbbells available with it.
  • You will also have to buy a bench to perform other exercises.
  • Must be weighted down or bolted down before use
  • This Power Rack can only be found online at Amazon and Ebay

Cap Barbell Ultimate Power Cage with Performance Pack

The Cap Barbell Ultimate Power Cage is one of the best options for a intermediate or advanced trainer looking to take their physique to the next level. This Power Rack is constructed from steel that will not wear down over time. This Power Cage can be used as a power rack or as a functional trainer, depending on your needs. There are over 26 safety spotters that are all made from heavy duty rubber that will not tear or shred. These safety spotters will protect you during your most gruelling workouts. There is also a bar catcher than can be adjusted in 24 different ways that is made from high quality rubber, as well.

What really makes this Power Rack one of kind is its ingenious construction. The Power Rack was designed with uprights that are double gusseted to prevent any mishaps and breaks in the equipment. The interior of the power rack has been designed to offer you more room than the average power rack, so that you can easily move in between exercises.

In addition to the quality of the power rack’s construction there are tons of extra features that come with it. There is an 8 position chin up/ pull up bar that allows you to perform the exercise in a myriad of different ways.

Also there is an adjustable knee raise station that also acts as a dip station for tricep work. This Power rack has two loop anchors for resistance training and a removable bottle water holder.

What We Like

  • 26 different rubber gripped safety spotters available for your protection
  • 24 marked adjustments for your safety(catchers) bar
  • Plethora of adjustable extras(water holders and accessory shelves) that can be removed and reattached on different parts of the cage.
  • The Power Cage is constructed with double gusseted that will reinforce the structural integrity of equipment.
  • The interior of the Power Rack is wider than most others, providing you with more room and more comfort between sets.
  • There is an 8 position chin up/ pull up bar.
  • There is an heavy bag hanger for a punching bag set up.
  • Tricep Dip station that also acts as a knee up station.
  • Adjustable jump platform for box squats and high jumps.
  • Dual loop hangers for body weight resistance band training
  • Olympic weight plate storage
  • Compact rack that is perfect for storage within your garage.
  • Saves you time and money going to a gym and buying a membership.

What We Don't Like

  •  Not designed for beginners or novices in training.
  • There is no instructional workout guide provided with the equipment.
  • Heavy bag must be bought separately.

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