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Nordic Elliptical Trainer Review

Nordic Elliptical Trainer Review

Nordic Elliptical Trainer Review all you need to know about it. In the world of fitness and exercise there are exist certain pieces of machinery that is designed specifically to help increase a person’s stamina, and cardiovascular health. However, there is only one that actually targets your legs and engage you with every step both backwards as well as forwards.

The Elliptical Trainer is one of the best all around cardiovascular machines in existence. The machine has a history of greatness and has been upgraded to provide even more benefits to users.

The History Of The Elliptical

The Elliptical has a nearly 20 year history starting in 1995, by a fitness company named Precor. The first Elliptical on the market was the Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer. This unique piece of equipment was revolutionary in its design.

The benefit of this machine was that it allowed the user to roll their feet from the toe to the heel, like in a full sprint. The machinery had a patented design that combine a forward foot pedal with a rear flywheel.

This allowed the user to use the machinery in both direction(forward and backwards). This offered the user a smooth, elliptical motion that made walking more efficient for cardiovascular workouts.

The Three Types of Elliptical Trainers

The Elliptical Trainer comes in three different variations that all provide the user with a unique benefit. The Elliptical trainer is categorized by its drive location. The first type of Elliptical is called the Rear Drive Type.

The Rear Drive type is the oldest form of Elliptical. The next type of Elliptical is the Front Drive, which came out after the release of the Rear Drive type. The most recent variation of the Elliptical Trainer is the Center Drive type. The Center Drive type makes full advantage of both the Rear as well as the Front Drives motions.

Lets Take a Deeper Look at Ellipticals

The Ellipticals can be altered to offer you different types of inclines and declines that will support you in your cardiovascular exercises. The adjustable ramp will help you target different parts of your leg offering you toning and strengthening benefits.

In newer Ellipticals it is possible to pre program your machine to go through a set of inclines and declines. This features allows you to mimic the effects of walking up and down a mountain. Other features allow a user to adjust the speed and resistance over time. This allows a user to utilize a High Intensity Interval Training style.

Though Ellipticals are mainly powered by the the feet, there are some that have adjustable handles that make walking or running more comfortable. The grip handles are adjustable and should be set at below shoulder level.

The user will push and pull the handles while simultaneously walking on the Elliptical. Typically the best models of Ellipticals will have handles and foot pedals that work unanimously, offering the users a more effective workout.

Benefits of Elliptical

Ellipticals are a great stationary cardiovascular machine that combine the benefits of a stationary bike with a treadmill. The benefits of this machine is that they allow you to burn as many calories as you would walking normally.

Also, this piece of machinery can be preset to automatically adjust. This means that you can increase the difficulty of each workout offering you a more intense workout. Ellipticals also offer users handles that can make walking and running a lot more comfortable than exercising on a treadmill. The biggest advantage of an Elliptical is its ability to pedal both forward as well as backwards.

The Nordic Elliptical Trainer

The Nordic Elliptical Trainer is an incredibly effective piece of cardiovascular equipment. This design allows for easy and fluid movement both in reverse as well as forward. The Nordic Elliptical Trainer allows you to easily and comfortable workout with this state of the art Elliptical. You can preset certain inclines, speeds and resistance during your workouts.

This allows you to go through a range of different cardiovascular programs that will intensify your training. This low impact machine will allow you to burn off tons of calories without having to overexert yourself while working out. Also, the handles are ergonomically designed to be more comfortable and easy to grip.

The Nordic Elliptical Trainer also comes with a powerful AutoBreeze. The AutoBreeze is a fan that you have complete control over while you are using the Elliptical. There is also a convenient water bottle holder.

  • Convenient water bottle holder
  • AutoBreeze offers you a cool fan
  • Auto Adjustable speeds, incline, and intensity
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Forward and reverse peddling
  • Low impact peddling.

I hope you enjoyed our Nordic Elliptical Trainer Review and saw why it is considered the best.

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