Mo’nique 82-lb Weight Loss Secrets Revealed!

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American actress and popular talk show host Mo’Nique Angela Hicks has been sparking conversations of late due to her amazing transformation.

She has been a source of inspiration to her fans all around the world through her show The Mo’Nique Show on BET and now even more by sharing her weight loss journey.

The versatile actress who recently played the role of an abusive mother in Precious has traded in the extra pounds for a sexier, trimmer more glamorous look admittedly for her husband and her children.

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Current host of the plus-sized beauty pageant Mo’Nique’s Fat Chance has always advocated for rights of different issues such as rising above race, rights for the incarcerated and seeing the beauty of every person beyond each other’s physical traits.

Many of us remember the chubby Mo’Nique who played Nicole ‘Nikki’ Parker – a plus-sized, fun-loving lady obsessed with the Professor.

At one point in her life, the mother of four says that she weighed about 300 pounds which meant she was morbidly obese and highly susceptible to a lot of lifestyle diseases. Mo’Nique has since surprised the media industry when she dropped well over 90 pounds over a period of about 3 years.

In an interview with Hello Beautiful, Mo’Nique shared her experience, revealing how she had to get out of her own way in order to embark on the much rewarding journey of weight loss.

In this article, we take a deeper look at exactly what the three-time BET awards host did towards reaching her body goals.

Vital Stats

  • Height: 5’8” | 1.75 m
  • Weight: 79 kg | 174 lbs.
  • DOB: December 11, 1967
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Net Worth: $13 Million

Diet Routine

Being a middle-aged Black American woman, Mo’Nique was already predisposed to become obese and she indeed struggled with her weight because, in numerous situation, food was her comfort.

While the author of the book Skinny cooks can’t be trusted’ took pride in her large frame, she did receive a lot of concern from her friend Margaret Avery and now husband Sidney Hicks about her weight.

As a matter of fact, Mo’Nique said that many of her conversations became about other people’s concern for her health and this is when she made the firm decision to shed off the excess weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The first thing Mo’Nique did was to cut down her the portion of her meals and spread them over 5-6 meals in a day.

Then she would proceed by dropping a number of carbohydrates and sugar that she was taking on a daily basis. This includes white rice, bread, cookies, crackers, potato chips, pasta, cake, soda, and energy drinks.

In place of this, she added brown rice and pasta, lentils, oats, and quinoa. She switched to fruit and vegetable smoothies to replace the sodas, coffee and energy drinks that she had been taking way too often.

Mo’Nique also battled her sweet tooth which had brought about her love for ice cream. What makes it worse is that she often had ice cream after dinner which made it even harder to digest hence accumulating more and more calories unnecessarily.

She decided to slowly move away from regular ice cream by first switching to low-calorie ice cream which eventually weaned her off her dependency on it.

Exercise Routine

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The first thing that stands out about Mo’Nique – as most of her interviewers will confess – is that is always a positive ball of energy with an infectious laugh! It goes without saying how much she loves to have a good time no matter what she is doing.

It is perhaps for this reason that she Phat Girlz star chose to exercise in the most entertaining way she could think of; a workout dance routine.

The 49-year-old shares her dance routine videos on her Instagram page so that her fans can have a taste of what she is going through. The other good thing about these dance routine is that they not only work as cardio workouts but she also gains flexibility in her movements. Jumping jacks also get her to break a proper sweat while working out.

She also incorporates calisthenics, puts in a bunch of miles walking and hiking at Fryman Canyon when she is in California.

While at home or at the gym, she does lots of crunches and resistance exercises using resistance bands, She highlights moments where she has achieved milestones that she has been working on for a long time so as to encourage her followers to pursue their dreams as well.

Unlike most celebrities, Mo’Nique emphasizes the fact that she did not get to where she is overnight. Instead, she continues to remind everyone that life is not a sprint, but a marathon where we have to endure a lot of challenges.


By any standards, Mo’Niques weight loss journey is nothing short of a success story! Most people cannot even fathom how someone can drop over 80 pounds even within their full lifetime.

But Mo’Nique’s infectious grit and determination saw her succeed in reaching her goal. Although she says that she is not yet at the end of her journey, Mo’Nique continues to inspire others who are also struggling by sharing her workout routine videos alongside positive messages on her Instagram page.

Ultimately, the Mrs. Hicks – as she loves being called- continues to advocate the idea of loving yourself first instead of expecting others to love you and approve of you. She cautions bullies and fat shamers as she has experienced them and she understands how much they can mess with a person’s self-esteem.

From the start, she outrightly states the purpose for her weight loss journey as adopting a healthier lifestyle for her and her family and not to make her look like a supermodel.

Right now she says that she is just grateful that she no longer runs out of breath when she goes up a flight of stairs! She is basically living her goals each day.

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