Miranda Lambert Weight Loss & Exercise Secrets

Shocking images of Miranda have recently surfaced on social media! Peoples’ jaws have been dropping after seeing how gorgeous she looks after losing so much weight.   

ATTENTION! Update: September 2018

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The famous country musician Miranda Leigh Lambert affectionately referred to by her close friends as “Ran” was born in Longview Texas to Richard and Beverly Lambert.

She has only one sibling (Luke Lambert). Miranda was introduced to music by her parents at a tender age as her father taught her to play the guitar before she was nine and her parents would also take her to concerts (most notably Garth Brooks) where she took an interest in country music.

At 16 years of age, she was already playing music at the Johnnie Country Music Revue and soon after she would make her professional debut playing for the ‘Texas Pride Band’.  

She also made a notable appearance in 2003 on the reality television show Nashville Star where the song she and her father composed ‘Greyhound Bound For Nowhere’ earned her global recognition.

At the end of this competition, she would finish third but this did not discourage her from pursuing her dream of becoming a musician. As a matter of fact, she made her debut album ‘Kerosene’ in 2004 and it immediately debuted at number one on the Billboard country albums.

It went platinum and this was certified by RIAA. She clearly was a fans’ favorite because three of her albums after this (most notably ‘Crazy ex-girlfriend’ and ‘Revolution’) would go also platinum thereby propelling her further into stardom.

For her exceptional work, Miranda won a Grammy Award in 2011 for best female country vocal performance.

Vital Statistics

  • Height: 5’4”
  • Weight: 137lbs
  • DOB: November 10, 1983
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Net Worth: $45 Million

Diet Routine

After her drastic weight loss, lots of rumors flew around about how she had supposedly had surgery and other sources reported that she’d been on some crash diets. She, however, refuted these claims and mentioned that there was no shortcut to achieve the look that she is currently very happy with.

Miranda would often eat junk food and she did admit that she did enjoy drinking beer from time to time. This is obviously a combination that led her to have that voluptuous body that America loved.

She began her weight loss journey in 2012 and has since made small steps that led her to her gorgeous size 6 frame. She explains that she had to make changes in her diet and ultimately her lifestyle.

As a matter of fact she says that for her, the goal is much bigger than losing weight. For her, she reminds her fans that it’s about how she feels inside and moving away from a hectic lifestyle.  She realized that she’d been doing so much that she forgot to take care of her own health.

The country music songstress lost about 45lbs by cutting down on gluten and carbohydrates in the form of bread (sandwiches) and fries. Burgers and pizzas were also replaced by salads, fruits, chicken breasts, whole foods, and veggies.

The good thing about eating healthy is that her energy levels were now sustainable (especially considering that she is one hell of a performer) unlike if she would have been depending on sugar highs which would need to be replenished way too often and eventually leaving her drained. Carbonated drinks were since replaced by fresh fruit juices and smoothies.

Exercise Routine

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Miranda has for a long time been affiliated to her personal trainer Bill Crutchfield who is known to have worked with several country musicians including Trace Adkins, Chris Young, and the Dixie Chicks.

As a matter of fact, his specialty is working with clients who are often on tour so Miranda’s training program could easily fit into her busy tour schedule.  

In an interview with SELF magazine, the four-time platinum musician said that a lot of her motivation comes from Bill.

During an interview with Women’s Health magazine, Bill mentioned that having an actual gym session while Miranda was on the road was quite tough. So he gave her a program which would largely be based on body weight and resistance bands.

In fact, his ‘exercise kit’ consisted of a jump rope, a medium-size medicine ball, a variety of exercise bands, boxing gloves, and a pad.

  • Warming up– Miranda would begin with a 20-minute brisk walk/light jog out in the open or on the treadmill if available.
  • Jumping jacks-Standing upright with her arms on her sides, she would jump and widen her stance while raising her arms to the top. Bill advised that she should do as many as she could in one minute. After this, she would move to the next station without resting.
  • Bicep curls– This would be done by holding the two ends of the resistance bands with her palms facing forward, stepping on the middle part of the band and pulling the arms up while bending them at the elbow.
  • Push-ups- Getting into the push-up position by aligning your body parallel to the ground and supporting yourself using only your hands and feet. Bend your elbows while supporting your weight till your body is closest to the ground but not touching it. Return to the start position and repeat at least 10 times.
  • Plank jacks– She would get into a push-up position but keeping the elbows locked, she moves her legs apart and back together as though she was doing a regular jumping jack but with the core and upper body stationary.
  • Triceps kickback– This would be done by stepping on one end of the resistance band, taking a step back with the opposite foot and leaning forward slightly from the lower back. The motion in this exercise would be to pull the other end of the band backward while pinning your elbow close to your body and then bringing it back forward to the start position. This would need to be done continuously for one minute before changing hands.
  • Sprinting on the spot- This exercise would be done by jogging on the spot and picking up the pace steadily while pumping her arms as quickly as possible. As the intensity increased, she would try to bring her knees as high as she could, possible near the chest level. This would be done continuously for one minute.
  • Jump rope – Hold both ends of the rope with your hands while standing upright with your feet waist-width apart. Swing the rope in a forward motion such that it passes over your head and jump before it reaches your feet. Repeat continuously for a minute.
  • Forward lunges- Beginning in an upright position, extend the right leg by stepping forward and bend it at the knee, making a right angle with your shin. Repeat with the left leg and continue with this pattern for one minute.


Miranda is a firm believer that feeling good has always been better than looking good. Although she mentioned that she loves her new gorgeous physique, she appreciated the fact that maintaining a healthy lifestyle improved both her personal life and her career.

Although she admits that diets are difficult to stick to, she gave a glimmer of hope to those struggling with their weight by telling them that there is always a healthier option when it comes to food.

It does not necessarily have to be an exclusion diet but it can work much better as a replacement diet! It might not taste as ‘good’ but in the end, it is the healthier option.

Check Out The Routine Miranda Lambert Used To Get In Shape, Click Here!

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