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MaxGenics Testosterone Booster Review

Maxgenics Testosterone BoosterTestosterone plays a vital part in the body- most especially the male body- and it’s hardly surprising that the huge range of testosterone boosters you’ll find on modern shelves exist. In this article we take a look at the MaxGenics Testosterone Booster, and ask the questions, does it really work and is it actually a scam?

Whether you’re taking it as part of a hard core shredding program, or are simply looking to boost the waning testosterone levels that begin to plague the body after 25, the idea that a pill can help give you the edge and help you achieve your goals is tempting.

Add to that the fact that testosterone levels in the male body are strongly tied to both libido and the ability to maintain a strong erection, and you’ll understand why the testosterone booster market is such a tempting one.

Not all pills are created equal, of course, so while you will of course also have to pay careful attention to your diet and exercise levels, the right pill will help you to peak testosterone levels- so long as you supplement carefully.

Sadly, it’s a mostly unregulated industry and quality control as well as product safety varies wildly- yet another reason it’s vital to do your research and choose your product carefully for the sake of your health. Today we look at MaxGenics’ latest offering in the field- the MaxGenics Testosterone Booster.

What is the MaxGenics Testosterone Booster?

and how does it work?

The MaxGenics Testosterone Booster is one of the newer entries into this market. Similar to Spartagen XT, they talk a good talk, promising natural ingredients, great customer service, and high standards of manufacture with 3rd party testing alongside guaranteed results. Does the supplement live up to these exacting standards?

We’ll be seeing how it stacks up against the competition. They deserve extra points, at least, for presenting a product created transparently with known ingredients and tested in an independent facility, as many of the other competitors in this range do not provide a similar level of openness.

You’ll purchase your MaxGenics product directly through the vendor’s website. While the product retails at a fairly standard $50/$60 for a month’s supply, they also offer discounts on larger purchases. They also offer a money back guarantee, which makes trying the product for yourself a lot simpler and more cost effective.

Interestingly, it claims to have been the result of several years of concentrated research, and the company themselves claim that 93% of men will find positive improvements in the use of the product. They specifically believe that their product also enables them to control the levels of estrogen within your system, as well as boost testosterone, which likely explains the unusual addition of zinc to their vitamin blend.


What goes into the MaxGenics Testosterone Booster?

Ingredients will play a vital part in any testosterone boosting formulation. Additionally, MaxGenics Testosterone Booster promises all natural ingredients, manufactured to high standards with 3rd party testing. Let’s take a closer look at those ingredients to see how the live up to the challenge.

The MaxGenics testosterone booster looks to offer a selection of high quality herbal extracts and minerals to stimulate your body to produce its own testosterone as well as boost overall health. It is standardized and manufactured to GMP standards for consistent quality. Do be aware that it is manufactured in the USA if you are concerned with where and how your products ship. The company are not yet affiliated with the BBB, but do appear to have FDA approval. The standardized formula includes:

  • Key vitamins. From Zinc to B12, MaxGenics Testosterone Booster seeks to balance out the herbal supplements with quality vitamin supplementation.
  • This nutrient aids absorption and enhances the body’s ability to use what it digests. It’s included to boost the effects of the rest the ingredients and promote maximum absorption
  • Nettle Root Extract. Nettle has long been used to relive pain, reduce inflammation and aid in recovery, as well as prevent water retention. It’s also known to have a great effect on the health of your prostate.
  • Muria Puama is a herbal extract said to boost the volume of free testosterone in the blood. It also serves to improve the quality of erection and boost general sexual health.
  • Bulbine Natalensis hails from Southern Africa, and studies seem to suggest it has a role as a potent testosterone booster. At the moment, study sample sizes have been small, but it’s promising.
  • Tribulus Terrestris. This herb is often given the role of testosterone booster, although the evidence has not yet been complied in a true scientific study. It’s a known libido booster, however, and supports protein synthesis.

Overall, it’s an intriguing ingredient list and one that should drive results. Strangely, they have opted against the use of d-aspartic acid, a known testosterone builder, for their formula. This omission is a little strange given the nature of the product, but the presence of the new Bulbine Natalensis is encouraging. The main active ingredients are presented as part of a proprietary blend.

Does MaxGenics give you unpleasant side effects?

Of course, the best supplement in the world becomes worthless if it comes with a host of dangerous or unpleasant side effects. Careful scrutiny of user reviews online seem to suggest that there’s few to be had from this product. In the main, such side effects as were suffered were slight nausea or stomach upsets during the first few days of use. These disappeared with continued use and can be mitigated by being sure to take the supplements with food.

The products lack of chemical fillers, preservatives and more is a strong influence in its favor, and you should see very little side effects form the use of the product. It is also more easily accessible to a host of people with dietary issues such as wheat, gluten and more. Wether or not it is suitable for vegans was difficult to establish.

That said, however, many of the ingredients promote easy blood flow. If you’re currently taking prescription blood thinners, you will want to take care with the use of MaxGenics Testosterone Booster and may best be served staying under a doctor’s watchful eye. The product is not intended for use by under 18’s or women, and also warns against use by those with severe body issues such as thyroid instability, liver, kidney and psychiatric issues and seizure disorders. As no reported side effects for these diseases occur, it’s safe to assume that is a standard warning against tinkering with the medications for these serious conditions and not indicative of likely interaction. Should you have these, or any other serious diseases, it is always best to begin any supplement program under your doctor’s watchful eye anyway. It should be a safe product to take with little to no side effects.

How effective is MaxGenics Booster?

Overall, it’s looking good for this product. With the promised range of natural ingredients and few noticeable side effects, it’s time to look into how effective users have found it. In a world where products often offer murky descriptions and unclear ingredients, it’s refreshing to see a product which clearly discloses its content. Of course, it hasn’t been the subject of any form of clinical trial, so establishing effectiveness comes down more to hearsay and user experience then hard scientific fact. However, several of the ingredients do have studied and documented effects on the body, which should give users greater peace of mind then with other products.

Given the herbal nature of MaxGenics Testosterone Booster, this isn’t a product for serious issues and major lack of testosterone production. Rather, it’s best used as a gentle supplement to boost testosterone levels and users should see and feel an improvement with consistent use. Everybody is different, but the particular blend in the MaxGenics product suggests most men will benefit from the use of the product. Remember that is carries a money back guarantee should you find that the product doesn’t work for you. found that this particular product, of all reviewed Testosterone boosters, received the most positive responses and it earned the title of their best and most recommended testosterone booster. Responders reported better muscle mass as well as feeling on top of their game with better sexual peaks and more energy.

Specific user reviews mention increased lifting power and increased self-confidence as well as improved libido and erection capability. We struggled to find a review which did not at least feel that the product had led to some overall improvement in the sex life, overall feeling and energy levels of those who had tried it. Of the few negative review found, most related only to less of a boost in libido then the author had desired

How do I take this product?

You’ll take MaxGenics as a dose of 2 capsules either once daily or in a divided dose with food. Of course, they caution that a healthy diet and exercise program is essential, but that is standard- and good advice. Best result come with an ‘on’ cycle of 8 weeks with a 4 week rest period in-between. It’s designed for daily use, so be sure to schedule it properly, but should you skip a dose it’s perfectly possible to continue on at the time for the next scheduled dose. Most people report seeing results within 3 weeks, and it’s generally advised that you take the product for 2 to 3 months to fully evaluate its efficacy.

Are there downsides to the use of this Testo Booster?

With an emphasis on all natural ingredients, MaxGenics Testosterone Booster will not be the strongest product on the market, best suited to the average man looking to gently raise the level of testosterone in his system rather than someone with a severe deficiency to address. However, with fully disclosed, proven ingredients, MaxGenics stands out in the field as a safer option to make your go-to choice of testosterone boosting supplement, and there should be few downsides to its use provided you follow recommended dosing and instructions.

Although they cannot truly guarantee that the formula will work on 100% of people, they offer a money back guarantee to help cushion the blow if it does not turn out to suit you. As it is a popular product and new to the market, some reported sell-outs and stocking issues have occurred.

Several users noted decreased anxiety with the use of this product. While for most people that will prove a positive, be aware of it if it may be a concern for you.

So what’s the conclusion?

Overall, receiving Testosterone Booster treatment via your doctor, if you don’t have a serious medical condition that indicates it, can be dangerous and comes with a host of side effects that are highly undesirable. Although it may seem the first line of defense against flagging testosterone levels, it can in fact be seen as something that should be used only if absolutely necessary.

However, the testosterone booster market can be murky, with substandard supplements offering unscheduled and unclear results. There are times you cannot even guarantee that what the label says is actually what you are receiving when you purchase the product. It’s been difficult- until now- to know which products are truly trustworthy whilst still delivering natural and gentle results.

MaxGenics shies away from the world of chemical supplementation completely with this new product, whilst developing a product that allows you to use the properties of natural ingredients used for centuries to help boost and supplement your own body and help it take charge of testosterone production again without chemical interference.

MaxGenics Testosterone Booster stands out as a product that freely discloses its ingredients and testing policies in a world where murky and unclear has become the norm, and this makes it overall a safe choice of supplement. Ingredients standardized to ensure quality also come with a proven track record, and most men who had the opportunity to sample this product placed it high on their list of first choices. Overall, MaxGenics should prove a gentle and effective testosterone booster that puts your safety first.


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