Mariah Carey Weight Loss & Diet Plan Revealed

Mariah Carey is still making headlines on different magazines around the world and not just for her powerful vocals.

Anyone who knows Mariah understands that she always has an interesting story for the tabloids. From her Marriage to Nick Cannon, to the birth of her twins, to her divorce, to rumors about her engagement to an Australian billionaire soon followed by another breakup!

However, for this article, we will cover news about her drastic body transformation by revealing what she did and how she got to where she is currently with her jaw-dropping new physique.


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Now in the early 90’s at the beginning of her career, Mariah had a slim figure but with time she developed a near full figure which she says was exacerbated after giving birth to Moroccan and Munroe (the twins that she had with her ex-husband Nick Canon) it would appear that Mariah’s gained a lot more weight than she expected.  

In an interview on the Rosie Show the multiple Grammy award winner said that she was over the moon about having been able to have successfully delivered her babies.

However she often mentioned that she felt trapped and uncomfortable in her post-pregnancy body which she said made it difficult for her to do basic things like even walking around or going to the bathroom.

On checking the scale during a medical check-up, Mariah realized that she had gained over 70 pounds! A good amount of this weight was caused by post-partum oedema that often affects pregnant women whereby they retain a lot of water in the face and extremities.

All the same, Maria said that she hated feeling helpless and vulnerable because of her weight.

It was at this point that she knew she had to make a change for the better. To the rest of the world, it would seem that Mariah quickly ‘snapped back' into shape! But she explains that this was a gradual process that she had to go through in order to get bring her sexy back!

Her photo on the cover of the US Weekly magazine confirmed that the songstress had gone from size 8 to size 6.

Vital Stats

  • Height: 5’9” | 1.75 m
  • Weight: 71kg | 157 lbs.
  • DOB: March 20, 1970
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Net Worth: $520 million

Diet Routine

Owing to the fact that Mariah delivered her twins before term through Caesarean section she was obviously not able to dive into the deep end of the gym.

Her doctor advised her to allow her body an ample amount of time to heal while working more on her diet. So after having her babies in April she enlisted the help of Jenny (formerly known as Jenny Craig) in late July to create a diet plan that would have her lose 30 pounds!

She would also become brand ambassador for Jenny’s diet program, following in the footsteps of Sarah Rue, Carrie Fisher and Valerie Bertinelli. On assessment of Mariah’s body in relation to her goal, Jenny made a meal plan for her that consisted of 1000-1500 calories a day.

This may vary slightly while she is on tour due to the amount of energy she needs for performances.

The world’s top earning female artist confesses that she hardly ever gets up before 11a.m so she virtually skips breakfast every day.

In place of breakfast, she takes a mid-morning shake or smoothie to give her a burst of energy to be able to go through her activities before lunch.

The rest of her diet is broken down into about five portions that mainly consist of fruits, whole grains, grilled chicken, sea food veggies, lean lamb and lots of water.

Mariah confessed that she does love cheese so her nutritionist allowed her to occasionally snack on low fat crackers.

She also has a glass of red wine after dinner a few times a week but no more. Lots of people speculated that the 47 year old singer had resorted to plastic surgery owing to the fact that she lost so much weight in such a short time.

Exercise Routine

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Virtually everyone who has searched for Mariah’s workout plan has seen that raunchy photo of MiMi at the gym wearing a Fenty Puma body suit, fishnet tights and heels while on the Stairmaster!

While we don’t recommend working out in this type of attire, we understand that these photos may have been shared towards promoting her new single “I Don’t”.

After giving herself adequate time to recover from the Caesarean section Mariah began by going back her favourite physical activities which included walking her dogs and swimming.

Mariah then stepped-up her exercise routine by incorporating three gym sessions a week.

Patricia Gay helped Mariah stay in shape over the past 8-years. Their relationship has been solid over this period as Gay also checked on what Mariah ate to make sure that their workout yielded proper results.

Initially, Mariah loved pasta and sandwiches but Gay convinced her to trade this in for a fruits, lean chicken and a sea food diet.

  • Water aerobics – Mariah would do about 45-90 minutes of aquatic exercises. She admits that she loves a fun work out and this is one of her favourite.

Her personal trainer Bernardo Coppola has had to find ways to introduce interesting exercises into her fitness program. The best thing about aquatic exercise is that it is a form of resistance training which helps sculpt the body very effectively.

This is relatively easy to do as it just requires you to do a number of laps of breaststroke in the deep end of the pool. Start with a few laps at moderate speed, gradually increasing intensity as you proceed.

After this, she’d head to the shallower region of the pool where she’s stand upright with her arms straight down her sides. She’d lift the arms to shoulder level and bring them back down to her sides.

This resistance would strengthen her shoulders and tone her arms at the same time.

  • Core and lower body routine – Mariah did a lot to work on her legs and butt area. For starters she did a lot of body squats and walking lunges.

She would also use the medicine ball for her back, butt and thighs. For her core, Mariah would lie flat on her back then bring up her knees to her chest and then back down. Three sets of 10 reps each would help her get rid of the belly fat.



Mariah says that she does not own a weighing scale. The reason for this is that her aim is not to achieve a specific weight but to feel good inside; and also to fit into her favourite outfits!

In addition to this, Mariah makes a point not to take life too seriously. Her social media accounts show how much she loves to enjoy life no matter what she is doing. We should all borrow a leaf from this.

Check Out The Routine Mariah Carey Used To Get In Shape, Click Here!

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