Jill Scott and The Secret Behind Her Amazing Weight Loss & Transformation

Famous songwriter and Grammy-winning singer Jill Scott has reportedly lost over 60 pounds and is looking more glamorous than ever!

In an interview with US Weekly, Jill reported that she was feeling like a million dollars! She admitted that she used to feel really uncomfortable in her own skin. She said that even taking less than ten steps would leave her desperately out of breath!

It was at this point that she did some introspection and ended up taking the bold step towards her weight loss journey. The main reasons she mentions that have caused her huge transformation is that she has been working out, eating right and treating her body right.

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The 45-year-old attributed her drastic weight gain to the period when she was expecting her first son Jett Hamilton. Similarly, it was her son’s birth that inspired her to desire to get back her slimmer body.

Jill is very open about her weight loss journey. As a matter of fact, she is also really precise about her goals as she did mention that she at no point wanted to end up looking like a stick figure.

To date, Jill continues to embrace her curves which she says has been part of her identity from a very young age.

In this article, we take a closer look at exactly what Jill Scott did to lose the 63 pounds and how she is planning to keep them off in the future.

Vital Stats

  • Height: 5’6” | 1.68 m
  • Weight: 91 kg | 200 lbs.
  • DOB: April 04, 1972
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Net Worth: $12 Million

Diet Routine

The talented R&B singer says that she never used to be too keen on her diet. Sausages, eggs, bacon, chips, burgers, and steak would often feature in her meals. Let’s be honest, this is a good depiction of what makes up most people’s diet.

She has since switched to just having oat porridge and smoothies for breakfast along with a fresh fruit of choice. The smoothies would be made of veggies such as kale and parsley in combination with some bananas for that thick consistency along with fat-free yogurt and pumpkin seeds.

Instead of bread, Jill would have some sweet potatoes which would continue giving her energy throughout her busy mornings.

She also reduced the amount of dairy she consumed which would originally always end up in her meals through ice cream, cheese, and regular milk.

At lunch time she would have a vegetable salad sometimes with chicken breasts and olives. Lean steak was also on her menu from time to time along with grilled fish and brown rice.

She somehow fell in love with jalapeno peppers so she now puts them in almost everything! Reduction of unhealthy fats from her diet was of major importance and so she made sure to adhere to this. In place of the unhealthy fats, she embraced nuts and almonds.

For dinner, she would stay away from the carbs and fats among other foods that would be hard to break down at night. Fish and vegetables would mostly end up on her dinner plate. She also ate lots of watermelons.

Exercise Routine

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Jill admitted that she initially loved to just sit at home, watch her favorite shows on TV and bond with her son. This was one of the reasons why she continued to gain unnecessary weight.

So the first change that she made was to increase a number of physical activities in her life. She had never been a gym rat before so she decided to go with activities that she and her son could enjoy together.

So she took up taking long walks outdoors and biking. This way, she knew that she would look forward to keeping active all the time! In an interview with WebMD, Jill said that she loved being on her bike because it helps escape the everyday hustle and immerse herself into the picturesque scenery that she experiences while taking her rides.

She would sometimes do an average of 20 miles on her bike or she would keep going until she couldn’t!

She also enlisted Scott Parker as her personal trainer so that she could have a structured approach towards getting slimmer.

Parker gave her a workout routine each week that incorporated some high energy exercises which would help her burn thousands of calories while building her endurance such that she would become exceptionally fit!

Jill revealed that she wasn’t a fan of high intensity but after some time, she surprisingly got used to it. Boxing and kickboxing seemed like activities that she would never indulge in but she ended up loving them!


The Philadelphia-born singer and actress had been an inspiration to lots of people around the world.

She admitted that her weight loss journey has not been easy but due to the fact that it was fuelled by her desire to improve her lifestyle for her son, this helped her get through the tough times.

From the beginning, she knew that her goal was not to lose weight such that she ended up looking like a stick figure or for purposes of gaining media attention to increase her popularity.

Jill already embraced her voluptuous body but wanted to just tweak it a little bit for herself and her son’s sake.

The fact that Jill shed this weight within a period of two years also indicated how committed she was to get the results that she wanted. It is relatively easy to shed weight over a short period of time.

The true grit and desire to achieve one’s goals is proven when they are able to follow their plans with discipline and stay committed to the results they desire. For this, we applaud Jill and appreciate the amount of effort it took for her to look this sexy!

In recent interviews, Jill mentioned that she is still on her path of healthy living which means that she might lose a few more pounds. Either way, we wish her all the best both in her career and her journey towards healthy living.

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