Inversion Tables Explained And 3 of The Best

Back problems are the bane of the existence of millions of people around the world. Many people live with the issues for most of their lives, choosing to be in pain on a regular basis because they feel there is nothing that can be done to help them outside of medications or even worse, surgery. However, the technological and medical advances that have occurred over time have given people with back pain many more options than they have ever had before.

Why Inversion Therapy?

Among one of the more popular options for many people today involves the use of inversion therapy, which is performed on an inversion table. Many people are unaware of just what inversion tables are and how they can benefit them when they are looking for relief from back pain.

Inversion therapy is nothing new and has been around for a number of years. The therapy involves the person experiencing back pain being upside down or at an inverted angle in order to successfully decompress the spine and provide some relief from the pain.

This type of therapy is performed on a device known as an inversion table. Inversion tables fold straight out and allow a person to lie on the table and then at an adjusted angle or completely inverted to help to take pressure off of the back and the spine.

The natural gravitational pull that a person experiences while using an inversion table will help to decompress the joints and lower part of the body and bring better balance to your body overall, taking pressure off the spine and relieving you of the back pain you may be experiencing.

There are both pros and cons to using an inversion table to help you with your back. For many people, it can be a much cheaper alternative than visiting a chiropractor on a weekly basis. Regular office visits to a chiropractor can end up costing you hundreds of dollars a month in your search for relief, while using an inversion table regularly will only cost you the initial layout of the cost of the table.

Which Inversion Table?

Tables range in price from anywhere just above one hundred dollars to as high as four hundred dollars or more, but you can still end up saving quite a bit of money if you choose to get a table of your own.

You also have much better options when you have your own inversion table. Many fold easily so you can transport it and use it at home or in the office or wherever it may be needed for you.

This can be much more convenient for you than trying to set up an appointment with a doctor or physical therapy clinic whenever you find yourself in pain and need some relief. The table also provides you with a more natural option in your quest to be pain-free.

While many others may turn to pain medication as a solution, introducing those chemicals into your body regularly runs its own health risks and your body can come to be dependent on more and more painkillers to provide you with any type of relief, leading to larger problems for you. With the use of an inversion table, you have a more natural alternative to seek some relief.

There are cons and concerns that go along with inversion tables as well. There are some people with certain health conditions where inversion therapy and inversion tables are not a good option. Those who have problems with high blood pressure, glaucoma and acid reflux are not people who should use inversion tables as the use can result in further aggravating these already serious health risks.

Also, if you have recently had any type of back or hernia surgery it is recommended that you not use these tables for fear of aggravating or re-injuring yourself. Inversion tables do feel uncomfortable to some people as well. I

If you do not like the idea of being upside down for any type of extended time or do not like the way it makes your body feel, you may find the process hard to get used to and you may never really feel comfortable doing it. Inversion tables are something you should discuss with your doctor or physician before you start using regularly to make sure it is something that is right for you.

Which Inversion Table Is Right For You?

There are a number of inversion tables on the market today to choose from for a wide range of prices, so it can seem confusing to someone shopping for the first time when looking to buy a table as to what to get. It is always best to read as many reviews as you can find about different products so you can see what others who have used the product have to say about its effectiveness, durability, safety and other factors that are of concern to you. That being said, there are a number of top sellers that people rate very highly, including:

Ironman Gravity 4000

Ironman is among the leaders in the industry and offers several quality tables, and the Gravity 4000 is consistently reviewed as one of the top tables and is among the top sellers in the field. It is known for being very comfortable and very effective and is among the best built tables, providing you with strong support and safety.

<== Read the full review of the gravity 4000 here ==>

Teeter Hang Ups EP-560

Teeter is another among the top makers in the industry and the Teeter Hang Ups Ep-560 is among the top rated and best-selling tables on the market today. Reviewers all over rave about this table for its design and the high quality results achieved in reliving back pressure and pain.

It is easy to assemble, comes with a 5-year warranty and features acupressure nodes to help massage your back muscles.

Inversion Table Summary

When you find yourself in the market for an inversion table, you want to make sure that you explore all of your options. After consulting with your doctor to ensure it is a viable option for you, you should head over to Amazon to look at the reviews left by other users. This research will help you to find the table that is best suited for you and can help you get rid of that nagging back pain.

Many have found that inversion tables can provide them with relief they never thought possible.

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