What Are Inversion Tables And How Can They Benefit You?

 Back pain is one of the most common causes for visiting your healthcare specialist these days. In fact, it is such a common problem that only the flu evokes more visits to the doctor every year. Unfortunately, one of the reasons behind the increase in back problems is the fact that people aren't as active these days. Sitting down for long periods, and often in a bad position, is one of the leading causes of back pain. Therefore, an active lifestyle together with special backstretches and exercises is an effective way to control back pain. In addition, experts recommend using an inversion table. But what are the real benefits of inversion tables? Can it cure your back problems? Here is a quick look at the health benefits you might be able to expect.

What Is An Inversion Table?

Inversion table is quite a handy exercise machine that has been around for a few decades. In the US, Dr. Robert Martin was one of the first persons to introduce this gravitational method for the public. The concept behind an inversion table is extremely straightforward. The table allows the person to achieve an upside down position, which is thought to relieve pressure on joints and ligaments in the body.

Furthermore, the idea of inverting your body angle isn't as new as inversion tables themselves. In truth, the father of modern Medicine, Hippocrates, believed hoisting people upside down could help relief people from various ailments.

Inversion tables generally allow you to change the angle between 20 to 180 degrees. The table can also allow you to perform various exercise moves while you are in this position. The quality of the products has also been under scrutiny in the recent years. As a result, better quality products are now available for safer user experience.

The Health Benefits

Inversion tables are recorded to have a number of health benefits. There are plenty of people out there who have been able to receive help for chronic back pain. A correct use of the product could help you achieve some of the following benefits.

Relieves Pressure On Your Spine

Your lower back area can suffer a lot from the constant gravitational force. If you spend a lot of time sitting down, this area takes the majority of your body weight and this can cause a lot of pain in the long run. What happens is that the gravitational force causes your spine to compress and this squeezes the vertebrae closer to each other. As a result, pressure can cause the nerves to react.

Naturally, when you use an inversion table you turn this gravitational force ‘upside down’. This in turn helps relieve the pressure on your spine and allow the vertebrae to decompress.

Improves Circulation

Your body can also benefit from improved circulation after using an inversion table. If you have a tendency to suffer from poor blood flow, you’ll probably have problems with the blood packing into the lower extremities of your body. It is possible to counter this problem by reversing the blood flow.

Additionally, these bursts of improved blood flow can be advantageous for your brain as well. According to America Now News, the world famous author Dan Brown finds an inversion table beneficial for his creativity.

Improved circulation will also help your body to relax. That is why a number of people feel using the inversion table can help reduce stress.

Increases Flexibility

Using the inversion table regularly can also help your body become more flexible. This is because you are able to stretch your body further and to new positions. Additionally, the released pressure on the vertebrae will help you regain more movement.

New Ways To Exercise

On top of this, one of the great aspects of an inversion table is the fact that you can use it for a variety of purposes. It isn’t only for stretching purposes. You can perform plenty of different exercises from crunches to sit-ups. Livestrong article has some tips on different ways to exercise using an inversion table.

In conclusion, the above are just some of the amazing benefits you can get by using an inversion table regularly. It is an extremely effective tool for combating pain and it can help you gain more flexibility.

A Word of Caution

Although the benefits of inversion table are numerous, there needs to be a word of caution about using this product as well. Inversion tables, like many other exercise products and machines, aren’t necessarily for everyone and you need to know how to use it in order to make the most out of it.

If you have circulatory problems or you suffer from a heart condition, it is essential to discuss the use of inversion table with a healthcare professional. This is because the increase in your circulation can end up causing too much stress for your body. Naturally, if you suffer from severe back pain you should also consult your doctor to ensure there isn't anything structurally wrong with your back.

Which Inversion Table To Buy?

There are plenty of inversion tables out in the market. It is important to buy from a reputable seller and to carefully read the instructions before use. This guarantees you get the best benefits from using the table.

The following examples are two of the best selling inversion tables out there. Therefore, they are worth considering if you want to buy this product.

Teeter Hang Ups EP-560

The product is relatively easy to assemble and it can be folded for storing purposes. It comes with sturdy ankle cups and built-in grips for getting in position. It also has a secure lock-out system that allows you to perform exercises.

You can purchase it at Amazon for a great price.

Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

This is another popular product that is worth keeping in mind. It is a heavier product to the Teeter. This perhaps gives it a little sturdier feel overall. It can also be folded for storing and it has ergonomically designed ankle cushions.

You can purchase it at Amazon

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