Home Gyms: Convenient Workout Equipment

Home Gyms have become more popular during the past few years. There are a wide variety of benefits in using this type of workout equipment including: convenience and time saving.

During the past decade there have been new advancements made in Home Gyms offering you even more accessories and options. These options will ensure that you get the best workout of your life.

Along with these advancements comes the option to customize your home gym to fit your needs. This means that you can transform a machine that was designed for bodybuilding into a cardiovascular machine.

The History of The Gym

The history of gymnasiums goes back to thousands of years ago. The original equipment used to train with were simple instruments and common items that were found around town. Some of these tools included: sandbags, stones, water jugs, and some early bars. These initial instruments were the progenitors to modern day equipment. As time progressed a variety of weight balls(medicine balls) were introduced into this equipment.

During these times the primary purpose of exercise was to increase endurance and coordination. It was not until later on that the Greeks began to document the strengthening benefits of exercise.

18th and 19 Century Gyms

One physician in particular researched strength training and went on to described power training. Though there were still crude workout equipment in use, the Greek physician Galen was able to create strength training routines. During the latter part of the 18th century the first bike was created for endurance building and conditioning.

About a century later the 19th century, the rowing machine was designed. The purpose of this machine was to help athletes that performed in boating sports. As the 19th century made way for the 20th century, the beginnings of the new equipment began to emerge. Some of these pieces of equipment are still in use unto this day.

20th Century Gym Equipment

The 20th century saw the greatest explosion of new devices and pieces of equipment solely dedicated to working out. Along with these new types of exercises, bodybuilding became popularized during the early parts of this century. As fitness and exercise began to grow in popularity many gymnasiums began to open up all around the world.

These gyms offered average people the opportunity to use their facilities to train and change their physiques. These early gyms offered some of these new pieces of equipment for public usage.

Early Equipment Found in Gyms

One of the earliest machines found in gyms was the treadmill. The treadmill was initial designed to be used in the industrial complex as a way to generate power. However, based on its design it would not deliver enough power for an entire industrial plant. Fortunately the design of the treadmill was perfect for those looking to increase their cardiovascular strength and health.

Overtime the treadmill became a staple of gyms all across the world. Rowing machines were another piece of equipment found in gyms. These machines were used to help develop a person’s back muscles. Along with these two machines, there were a wide assortment of balls and early ropes used for physique fitness in gyms.

Modernization of Equipment

During the 1950’s a man by the name of Jack LaLanne revolutionized the world of fitness with his invention of the Smith Machine. The Smith Machine allowed a user to work out with a machine that would mimic that of a free weight exercise. This allowed thousands of athletes and trainers an opportunity to train without needing a spotter.

The Smith Machine has hooks along the pillars that act as bar catchers. This allows a person to train as hard as possible without worrying about dropping the weight.

1980’s and the Rise of Home Gym

The Home gym did not really begin to take off until the early 1980’s. During this time all home equipment was focused around cardiovascular exercises. This included: step aerobics and the treadmill. The invention of the home gyms transformed the way people were able to train.

Now instead of going to a gym and paying a monthly fee, a person could get a great workout at home. This allowed people to more conveniently workout without having to wait for equipment to become available at the gym. Early Home gyms were costly, but were about the same price as getting a five year gym membership.

Modern Home Gyms

Modernized Home gyms offer you a wide variety of options that will help you build a great physique. Modern home gyms typically come with an array of different piece of equipment all attached to one machine. Some home gyms will have a pull up/chin up bar, press down bar, bicep curl station, dip station, and a leg curl station all attached to one machine.

This is awesome as it allows a user to workout a variety of different muscle all at one time. Another major benefit of home gyms is they typically can be broken down to make it more compact. These compactable home gyms can be stored in the garage or in a basement for further use.

Home Gyms Brands

One of the most well known home gym companies in the world is Bowflex. Since 1986, this Home Gym fitness company has sold millions of home gyms all over the world. These home gyms typically offer the most cutting edge sports training technology. Their home gyms are often consider to be the best on the market and can provide you with a great number of options.

The Total Gym System is another well known Home Gym company. Since 1974, the Total Gym has been in circulation, but it did not become popularized until the early 90’s.

The Progression of Home Gyms

Gyms have been in existence since the beginning of documented time. Many of the earlier civilizations of the world, created tools that were meant to strengthen and tone the body. The Greek were the first to begin to document and categorized during equipment for training. There advancements were passed down during the ages, allowing for better equipment to be created.

During the 18th and 19th century, the first recognizable pieces of equipment were being made. These early inventions led to equipment that is used today. The 50’s spurred the first Smith Machine, created by Jack LaLanne and also helped catapult the fitness industry. During the 80’s home gyms began to be more commonly used and have been in production until this day.

New age Home Gym offer you a variety of different training equipment and tools to help you maximize your workouts.

Powerline Home Gym with Leg Press

The Body Solid StrengthTech Home Gym is the ultimate compilation of all the best pieces of equipment wrapped up in one machine. This Home Gym delivers you over a 100 different possible exercises on this sleek and stylish machine. You can perform leg press, and leg extensions as well as a variety of back and chest exercises. This complete home gym can save you loads of time and money buying a gym membership.

Also, having this complete home gym available will save you from having to wait for a machine to open up at the gym. The plate stack goes all the way up to 210 pounds in 10 pound increments. What is best is this home gym is made from a heavy duty steel that will last you a lifetime without breaking down.

Comfort pads and non changing cables allow you to be comfortable and easily transition between two different exercises. Finally the Body Solid StrengthTech Home Gym carries a lifetime warranty on all parts and pieces.


  • Offers you a lifetime warranty on the complete system including all weights, parts and pieces.
  • Plate stack with maximum weight of 210 pounds in 10 pound increments, gives you total control over the weight selection.
  • Solid sturdy steel frame makes this home gym durable and long lasting.
  • Comfort pads allow you to train your hardest without straining muscles or being uncomfortable.
  • Non changing cables makes performing all pulling exercise incredibly easy.
  • Can perform up to 100 different exercises on one device.
  • Offers you low, mid and high pulleys for different exercises.
  • Comes with all bars, accessories and weights.


  • Machine takes up a lot of floor space.
  • Not good for storage in small spaces.
  • Some assembly is required
  • No nutritional plan comes with machine

Powerline Home Gym

The Powerline Home Gym is a great machine for those looking to get into fitness and are not for sure about where to begin. The Powerline Home Gym is a very simple machine to use as it does not have a lot of equipment and accessories on it. The machine itself is made from 11 gauge steel construction which makes it incredibly durable. The seating on the machine is adjustable and is perfect for precision posting.

The machine comes with aircraft cables with double ends and low maintenance. No cable changing offers precision changes between exercises saving you tons of time, looking for the right cables. The handles are designed for comfort and are non slip, so even when you sweat you will have full control over the handles.

This home gym offers you a few accessories that make working out easier. The low row bar and ab crunch harness make it incredibly easy to train in any room. The Powerline Home gym comes with a ten year warranty on the frame and a one year warranty on all parts. What is best about this machine is that it is shipped 90% completed saving you time on assembly.


  • Comes shipped 90% completed, with minimal assembly needed to complete it.
  • No cable changes means that you can easily go between two different exercises in no time.
  • Comfortable handles that are non slip so you will always been in full control of the bar.
  • Comes with a variety of different bars for cable machine.
  • Offers a leg extension accessory for developing your legs
  • 160 lb stack with increments of 10 lbs.
  • 11 gauge steel frame makes this machine long lasting and durable.
  • The home is designed to be a space saver, so it can fit in any room in your home.
  • 10 year warranty on frame, with 1 year warranty on parts.


  • Does not provide a lot of different exercises.
  • Is not designed for intermediate or advanced trainer.
  • Does not provide a complete leg workout system.
  • No nutritional guide is provided with system.

Powerline Home Gym with Leg Press

The New Powerline Home Gym with Leg Press brings together all of the best exercises into one home gym. With the new Powerline Home Gym you can get the very best workout of your life. You can workout every muscle in your body from chest and triceps to quads and hamstrings.

This machine comes standard with a 160 lb stack and can upgraded to a 210lb stack. The adjustable seat height is easy to use, so setting the seat is no hassle. The amount of exercises that can be done on this machine are countless. Thanks to the low, mid and high pulleys you can perform exercises from a variety of different angles.

The multi position handgrips offer you easy transition from one exercise to another. What is best about this home gym is that it comes with a ten year warranty on all parts of it.


  • The Powerline home gym offers you an almost unlimited amount of exercises to perform.
  • The home gym comes with a ten year warranty on all its parts.
  • The are multi position handgrips that make switching between exercises easy.
  • There are 3 types of pulleys available for exercising at different angles.
  • The weight stack goes up to 160 lbs and can be upgraded to 210 lbs.
  • The adjustable seat is incredibly easy to use
  • The pulley system offers you smooth consistent tension during every exercise.
  • Legs Press, Leg curl and hamstring curl exercises available.


  • Unlike its predecessors this machine requires some assembly

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