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Ripped Muscle X Review & Free Trial For Serious Gains

Most serious muscle hounds only have to see the words ‘improve endurance' and ‘maximise muscle growth' in order to sit up and take note. Ripped Muscle X claims to do exactly that. Whether it lives up to the promise or not is, of course, a different question- one we shall be getting to the bottom of today in our Ripped Muscle X review, by answering the question…is ripped muscle xtreme a scam?

The Ripped Muscle X Review?

What is it?

Ripped Muscles X is a dietary supplement that makes the claims that it will get you ripped and strong fast, up your energy levels and improve your libido as well as help you eliminate fat. Sound good? Of course it does. It's intended as a hard hitting product that will get you quick results by enhancing your metabolism and digestion safely.

The manufacturers claim you'll feel the power all day, and that it will leave you hard, cut and ripped. They also make claims of super fast weight loss and fat blocking properties. Do always remember that even the best supplement in the world cannot buy you gains without effort.

You will need to keep a clean and tight diet and be sure to pt in the hours at the gym- even more, if the product boosts endurance as it claims- if you want to see the positive effects of any supplement.

No one can take pills, sit on the couch and wait for their new physique or we'd all be doing it!

What's in Ripped Muscle X?

Given the primary promises this product makes, it's no surprise to find that he ingredient list focuses on product intended to maximise the flow of oxygen and blood through your body. In theory at least, this means you can push harder during workouts and recover quicker out of the gym.

The product itself, however, doesn't actually list its ingredients on the bottle, which make sit difficult to judge if the ingredients are in the right ration and volume for the best results. The ingredient list includes:

  • Acai Berry. A relative newcomer to the field, Acai berry should aid digestion, improve your immune system and increase your energy levels.
  • Amino acids L-Arginine and L-Citrulline are both precursors to Nitric Oxide, and will help blood flow to muscles. The same feature will also help improve erections and increase sexual performance. Beta Alanine boosts energy and prevents fatigue in the muscles to boost gym productivity.
  • Zinc is known for encouraging muscle growth through the body and will also help repair the damage left by hard gym sessions
  • Creatine Citrate also boosts muscle output during your workouts as well as boosting muscle growth. Creatine has been long been the friend of body builders everywhere, and it's a proven ingredient. It's a staple need for any building regime.
  • Green Tea offers antioxidant properties, prevents free radical damage and boosts blood flow.

What about the side effects?

Ripped Muscles X carries no specific warnings other then the standard disclaimers for being over 18 and not pregnant if you're a lady. With any supplementation it's always wise to consult your health care professional, specifically with supplements in the metabolic booster category like this one.

Some people are not best suited by tampering with their metabolism, particularly those with disorders in the HPA axis and with their thyroid gland. However, most people see only positive side effects from this class of supplement, so unless you have specific health concerns you should be good to go.

Most people will experience no side effects at all from the use of this product, but there is the potential for some issues in the formula. Some of the ingredients are unregulated, and it's worth being careful if you're competing.

Do remember that some unregulated supplements include illicit substances off label to increase their effects, and it's better for competitive athletes to take extra precautions.

How effective is Rip Muscle X?

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. What are the results you get from this particular product? Reviews can be a little mixed on this one, so let's look to the science first. When it comes down to it, the efficacy of Ripped Muscle X will lie in its ingredients.

L-Arginine has been much studied, and given promising results in the fields of hypertension, obesity and cancer. Some scientific backing exists to suggest it's efficient in shortening recovery times, too. L-Citrulline doesn't have much medical evidence yet, although it generally receives positive feedback, so it looks promising.

Acai berries have also been indicated for the prevention of heart issues and cancer, as well as boosting energy levels. Creatine has long been the body-builder’s staple, and is beloved of most muscle hounds, so we don't need to tell you how that one works out, we're sure!

On the other hand, the presence of Beta Alanine in the formula bears direct relevance on boosting endurance, with most studies suggesting significant results. This ingredient in particular should be of the most interest to you. Endurance is the key, after all. Remember that no product out there is going to magically add muscles to your bones. It's the increased time and effort in the gym that will get you the super ripped body you're shooting for, and any product that boosts your endurance and energy is certain to get you in the gym and training like a beast.

The ingredients used in the product certainly have promise. Reviews on the product do seem a little mixed, with most noticing an improvement in libido and weight loss, but not all users happy with the amount of muscle tone it helped them gain. Other's are thrilled, and report seeing results from the first weeks of their supplementation with the product- and without varying their existing gym routines. It seems like this one may be one which will either work brilliantly for you or not at all, depending on your body and circumstances.

The manufacturers like to suggest that the product should be coupled with several other supplements- the most common being Enduro 360- and this seems to be a potent combination that gets people the best results overall. You may want to try it.

How do you use this supplement?

The manufacturer recommends taking your first dose bright and early and the second into the afternoon. The current regimen also recommends looking into pairing this supplement with other supplements to see the best possible results. Popular combinations are Elite Test 360 and Enduro 360. If you're interested in running the two supplements as an ajunct to the Ripped Muscle X programme, there's plenty of information out there to set you on the right path and help you get the best results possible.

What are the downsides to Ripped Muscle Xteme?

There are some reviewers who feel that this product doesn't entirely live up to the standards it sets itself in the advertising. Most of them do admit to an improvement in libido and some weight loss, and results are mixed as to whether the muscle tone gained was of any significance.

Some users also found it a little bit pricey. With the ingredients not clearly listed on the bottle, many feel that the very promising combination of ingredients may not be in the optimal rations and amounts to get the results promised by their slick advertising campaign.

One further irritation, depending on your shopping habits, may be that the supplement itself is only available online through the manufacturer. It is not purchasable through other vendors at all, whether online or through brick and mortar stores.

As supplements in this category of metabolic booster go, it's also quite a pricey purchase. Fortunately, this is balanced out by your ability to try it first to see if you get the results you want.

So what's the verdict?

Overall, Ripped Muscle X seems like a promising product that uses safe ingredients to help boost your performance, but suffers from the usual hyperbolic advertising promises that may turn some off. Some of the experts are divided on how efficient the product is overall, and users either seem to adore this particular product or loathe it.

The presence of a free trial offer is nice to offer you a chance to try it for yourself, which seems like the best and safest way to see if this product works well for you.

Tell me about the Ripped Muscle X Free Trial?

If you buy through the manufacturer, you will receive your first month's supply free and pay only for shipping. Do be aware, however, that if you don't indicate to them during the trial period that you are not interested in further products, you may be automatically billed for the next months supply, so be sure to keep in touch with the supplier.


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