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Free Standing Pullup Bar Reviews

What is a Free Standing Pullup Bar?

While it would be great to just pop a gadget into the door frame and go not everyone has the facilities to be able to do that. Not only this but it's rather difficult to be forced to use a door when you're trying to work out.

The better alternative is this handy piece of equipment. If you're looking to do daily pull-ups, or even other workouts then a free-standing bar is a better choice. You can place them anywhere you want and even move them.

Since they're self-assembled at home they're also much cheaper and smaller than some comparable professional grade equipment you'll find in gyms. You can actually use these bars for well over 100 different exercises depending on what options they have.

What you should look for is equipment that is safe, affordable, and is made of strong materials to support your weight.

Quick Answer: Our Top 5 Free Standing Pullup Bars

1. Cap Barbell Power Rack

Considered to be an exceptionally durable bar it's fairly compact at 50×85”, in fact, this might be too small for a lot of people if you want to do straight leg exercises. Assembly takes around an hour and all the tools are included, but once it's up it stays that way.This is a great beginner rack for someone who doesn't want to spend a lot of money or isn't sure of what their exact needs are. This is also a super cheap rack compared to most of the others available.

The rack is very light, you have to pay and buy extra weights to hold it down so that it's safe. It's also only suitable for 300lb so larger people definitely can't use this item even with the extra weights.

2. Xmark XM-4434 Power Tower

This is quite a flexible piece of equipment and you've got the options for multiple different exercises. It's compact and padded which makes it much more comfortable to use than the Cap system.It's also quite convenient because you can move some of the parts from front to back and then bolt it to the wall for added support. Set up is about the same as the Cap and it's pretty sturdy. The bar is sturdy enough to hold up to heavier weight and kipping exercises if you've got it bolted down and at less than $200 its definitely cheap for what you get.

The rubber feet wear through quickly and it's a good idea to put this on a mat to help with weight distribution. The foam is also a little flimsy so you'll need to wrap over the foam to get a better grip or take them off and wrap the bar itself.

3. Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

While this is a pretty cheap tower it's much sturdier than the Cap, it also offers a lot more flexibility, like the Xmark. This was one of the top 10 bars of 2015. It's sturdy and has good grips. There's a lot of space on this unit at 58×85” so it's perfect for a larger person or someone who needs space for their exercisesWhile the construction is sturdy it's not adjustable. The bars are quite widely set so for anyone who is smaller or needs something that can be adjusted this will be too big. The tower is also unsuitable for kipping exercises and will rock without bracing and good form even for simple push ups.

The unit does not come with any of the tools needed for assembly. The pull-up grips are also pretty inadequate and you'll want to tape the bar or wear gloves to get good grip.

4. Titan T3 Series HD Power Rack

For such an imposing piece of equipment this has a very small footprint, but despite its size the Titan has a capacity of over 1000 pounds! That's almost 3-4 times the others! The durable steel construction looks very industrial and it's very tall at 90”.This is a behemoth of equipment and also works as a deadlift cage. . You can add weights on the storage arms to make it even more stable which means it's perfect for kipping exercises. IT doesn't even need to be bolted down to be this sturdy.

It also comes with J hooks but they're not very sturdy and you might want to swap out for some stronger hooks because the pads are very flimsy.  You can add weights on the storage arms to make it even more stable which means it's perfect for kipping exercises. IT doesn't even need to be bolted down to be this sturdy.

The construction is sturdy but it's also rushed, many of the holes have sharp steel burrs on them and some units start to rust where the finishing scrapes off. Quality control seems poor and many note misaligned bars or uneven welding which affects their performance.

5. Rogue RML-3

As one of the best-known names Rogue produces quality units that are known for their superior construction. You will know you get a good unit. The double pull-up bar options is nice, and you get good quality J Cups and inserts with it.It is a very strong and sturdy unit, but it has to be bolted to the floor. It's a very compact unit and fits well into small spaces, especially compared to the T3.

At almost double the price what are you really getting? This is often compared to the Titan unit and you're not getting a whole lot of difference between the two. Not only that but you've got to pay extra for adding the anchors, the spotter arms, and for bars and such. You're going to pay well over $1000 by the time you're done.


Go for the Titan. You're getting a monster of a rack and not having to pay extra for parts. While quality control isn't great you can always return it.

It's also much more useful since you can really use this for all activities and not baby it because you're worried it will fall. If you're really that concerned about space go for the Xmark because it's similarly sturdy and has more flexibility with what exercises you can do on it.

I hope this short free standing pullup bar review helped you form an idea and gave some insight into what would be the best choice for you. If you have any questions or would like to see something on the site feel free to send a message by referring to the contact page.

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