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Focus T25 Workout Review

Focus T25 ReviewThe world of fitness is full of great training programs and it might seem rather difficult to pick one that suits you. If you are a busy person that doesn’t want to waste all that much time with thier workout sessions, you should definitely take a look at this review. The T25 program offers people a quick and efficient workout regime to guarantee they have time left for enjoying life!

Is the Focus T25 program able to deliver and what is it all about?

Part of the Beachbody Family

First, it is good thing to note that the T25 fitness program is part of the Beachbody family. Beachbody is a multi-national company that provides fitness, weight loss and muscle building home exercise videos and products. Beachbody was founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon. The company started in Santa Monica, California but it has now grown and there are representatives all across the globe.

The company provides different types of DVD videos and tools to help everyone get in shape from the comfort of their own home. It has become really successful because the message is carried forward by individual representatives. You can get a lot of peer support when you order a program and there are hundreds of great coaches to help you make the most out of the program.

Beachbody has provided plenty of fitness and muscle building programs. Perhaps the most famous ones are the P90X and the Insanity workout. The P90X was developed by Tony Horton and it is a program many professional athletes like to use as well. The Insanity program was developed by Shaun Thompson who is also the man behind T25.

What Is T25?

In a nutshell, T25’s secret and selling point is all about the time. Many other fitness regimes, including the other Beachbody programs, do take a large chunk out of your day. If you want to achieve the promised results then you need to spend around an hour a day with most programs.

But T25 regime takes just 25 minutes and you do them on five days of the week. There is also a stretching workout included that you can do on the sixth day. It packs enough exercises to this time to get your body sweating and you’ll still receive results, whether you are looking to build muscle or tone your body.

About Shaun Thompson

Shaun Thompson T25 ReviewShaun Thompson, or Shaun T as he is usually known, is a fitness instructor from Deptford, New Jersey. After his own troubles with weight issues he decided to turn his life around and dedicated his life to fitness. He’s worked for a number of companies as a fitness and health specialist.

He approached Beachbody and has since developed many great workout programs for the company. He has also worked with kids fitness programs and he has been instrumental in getting children involved with healthy lifestyle habits.

His most recent program is T25, which got into public distribution in 2013. There are rumors that Shaun developed the program for the Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler. He like many other don’t have much time to spend exercising during the day!

T25 Workouts

The program lasts for 10 weeks in total and it is divided into two five-week phases. These phases are called the Alpha and the Beta phase. Each phase has five different workouts that you can do on each day of the week. Naturally, you can mix and match them according to your own wishes. But for the best results it is a good idea to try and do all of them.

Phase 1 – The Alpha Cycle

The Alpha phase starts the program. The workouts in this phase are relatively easier compared to the Beta phase so it isn’t a bad way to kick start your program. They aren’t by any means easy and even if you are in a good shape, you will still need to work hard. The workouts in this phase include:


The cardio workout is all about helping you boost your metabolism and burn fat faster. It has a relatively slow start to it but the intensity will grow towards the end up the workout. The moves aren’t very complicated and majority of the work is done with your lower body and the lower abs.

Ab Intervals

The second workout is all about toning your abs into better shape. It is very intense session that only focuses on your mid-body. The workout itself isn’t difficult but it is very much hard work. You will definitely feel like you’ve been working out at the end of it.

Speed 1.0

If you are looking to improve your speed and endurance then this is the workout for you. It has plenty of exercises that you must complete with a lot of speed. If you are completely new to working out then the speed might feel like too much. It isn’t necessarily the best workout to start with but you will quickly get a hang of it.

Lower Focus

As you might have guessed, this workout mainly aims to develop your leg muscles. It is also great for toning the thigh and buttock area and if you keep at it you are going to notice improvement in these areas quickly.

Total Body Circuit

The last workout helps you to adjust to the Beta phase. It is high-intensive interval workout that uses variety of exercises and repetition. Again, it does get a lot easier to understand it after you have done it a few times.

Phase 2 – The Beta Cycle

Once you are done with your five-week introduction it is time to move to the Beta phase. This is much more focused on building strength and it will feel harder. Here are the five workouts you’ll be doing in the Beta phase:

Core Cardio

This Core Cardio workout is very similar to the Alpha Cardio expect that it is a lot more intense. The moves are supposed to be done at a faster pace but if you mastered the Alpha Cardio then this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Dynamic Core

This workout focuses on the core abs and the moves are a little bit complex. It is quite a tough session but it will help you achieve those dream abs in a few weeks.

Speed 2.0

Again, the moves in Speed 2.0 are a lot harder than in the Alpha base. The exercise consists three different intervals and you end up doing each move three times. If you haven’t been sweating out in the previous workouts then this is guaranteed to do that.

Upper Focus

The Beta phase includes a workout that aims to develop and strengthen your upper body. It has plenty of cardio and strength exercises that help tone your upper body.

Ripped Circuit

The last workout in the Beta phase focuses on your whole body. It is a really tough 25 minutes and you’ll need to work every single muscle in your body to get through the session.

Phase 3 – The Gamma Cycle

The gamma phase is an additional add-on you can buy to the T25 program. With this phase comes 2 additional workout calendars and 4 extra workout discs which will extand the T25 course for an additional 4 weeks. You can pick up the Focus T25 Gamma Cycle DVDs for a decent price.

Extreme Circuit

Day one of Phase 3 begins with Extreme Circuit. You will be doing 4, 1 minute exercises at a very fast pace to increase your heart levels and burn that fat. Depending on your current strength, this section calls for the use of hand weights or resistance bands to make the cycle that bit harder.

Bicep curls, kicks and planks and burpees are just a selection of the exercises featured in thei section.

Rip’T Up

The second day of the gamma phase also required hand weights or resistance bands, as you will be targeting the entire upper body for the whole 25 minute workout session.

Speed 3.0

Much like speed 2.0 of the beta cycle, only faster, sweatier and more intense. Using a combination of strength and cardio, your fitness is really put to the test in this section as Shaun increases the difficulty or an already hard workout!

The Pyramid

Arguably THE hardest and final session of the T25 Workout program. Shaun T doesn't disappont as he brings together many of the exercises we have been using across the alpha and beta cycles. Taken sets of 10 to a whole new level as you push your strenght, fitness and mental resolve to the limit.

What Else Is Included?

Focus T25 Workout ReviewWhen you purchase the T25 package you’ll get a DVD for each of the above workouts. But this isn’t all. You’ll also receive some great additional things that make getting in shape a little bit easier. These are some of the things that come with the basic program:

  • Workout Calendars for both Alpha and Beta – the calendars help you see which workout to do on each day
  • Quick Start Guide – the guide helps you start the program and see what sort of things you can expect to achieve
  • Get It Done Nutrition Guide – T25 also comes with a handy nutrition guide that gives you tips on how to eat in order to maximize the benefits of the program
  • 5-Day Fast Track Nutrition Program – this five day program can help you kick start better eating habits and start losing weight instantly
  • 25-minute Stretch Workout DVD – you’ll also receive a DVD for a stretch workout that you can do on top of the other workouts
  • B-Lines Resistance Band – a handy resistance band that is used in some of the workouts

This is quite a lot of extra stuff that can help you make the most out of the program. At the moment, the T25 packs a lot of information and has a good price/quality ratio.

A Quick Word About Nutrition

It is important to keep in mind that nutrition plays a big part in this fitness program. If you really want to get into better shape then you need to start thinking about the way you eat as well.

As mentioned above, the program comes with two tools that can help you improve your eating habits. The Get It Done nutrition guide has 25 recipe ideas for five meals a day. The great thing about these meal ideas is that they are also focused on saving you time. The meals only use five different ingredients so you don’t really need to worry about having the time to sort out your eating. The recipes promise to be ready in five minutes, although for some it does take a little bit longer to be honest.

The 5-Day Fast Track program is ideal for anyone who really wants to lose a lot of weight. The diet only lasts for five days and you’ll get recipe ideas for low-calorie meals. The five days won’t be easy but they do give you results.

As with many Beachbody programs, plenty of people out there recommend you start using Shakeology. This is a meal supplement drink that gives you enough daily nutrients and energy so that you can replace one meal with this drink. If you are interested then you can find a review about the drink at

Before and After Results

T25 Before and After Results

The Pros And Cons

Finally, it is time to look at the pros and cons of T25. The program promises a lot of things but is it really able to fulfill these promises? Just like with any other fitness programs there are positive and negative aspects to this method.

The Pros of T25

The biggest positive about this program has to be the timesaving element. Because each program is just 25-minutes long you really don’t need to spend a lot of time each day in order to get fit. 25-minutes per day isn’t a lot of time and you can quite easily fit it into your schedule no matter how busy you are.

The other good thing about the program is that it doesn’t require you to purchase any additional equipment. You can do all the workouts as soon as you receive the program. Additionally, you can also do them on your travels since you can just slip the DVD into your suitcase.

There is enough variety in the workouts and therefore it doesn’t get that boring. Also the fact that you only do it for 25-minutes will ensure you don’t start thinking about other things or get tired of doing the same thing over and over again.

The Cons of T25

There aren’t all that many downsides to this program. Perhaps, the movements can feel quite overwhelming at the start, especially if you aren’t used to intensive cardio. The intensity can get you quite drained but with the right nutrition it is easy to fix it.

If you are looking to build a lot of muscle then this isn’t the best workout to do that. It does give you a nice lean body and you will get stronger but it isn’t the best program to build a lot of muscle mass.


Overall, this program is very good way to get in better shape and kick start your healthier lifestyle. The fact that you only need to take 25-minutes out of your day really makes it much easier to follow the regime. The nutrition guide is also very good for understanding healthier eating.

Naturally, it is a lot of hard work. But if you are looking to get in better shape then you need to be prepared to work hard. The intensity can feel quite demanding at the start but if you just stick to the routine you will get used to it. After ten weeks of training you should have a leaner body and your energy levels should be much higher.

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