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Exerpeutic Fitness TF900 Review – Should You Get It?

Are you looking for a simple home treadmill for basic walking or jogging at a low to medium intensity at an affordable price? If so, then you may want to check out the Exerpeutic Fitness TF900 Review!

This entry-level treadmill is a straightforward piece of equipment without any bells and whistles that is designed to allow users to incorporate the daily recommended amount of exercise into their daily routines.

It has limited functionality but comes at a low price, making it perfect for those on a budget who just want a simple means in order to maintain a good fitness level.

Treadmill Exerpeutic Fitness TF900 Review

Treadmill Exerpeutic Fitness TF900

This treadmill runs at speeds up to 4 MPH, with the speeds increasing and decreasing at increments of 0.1 MPH. It is compact and lightweight, and folds away easily for storage while being accompanied by built-in wheels that make it effortless to move around.

Technical Information and Features

Motor: 1.5 HP
Belt size: 36” x 16”
Dimensions: 47” L x 29” W x 51”
Weight capacity: 350 lbs
Speed range: 0-4 MPH
Incline: None
Deck cushioning: None
Programs and applications: None
Warranty: 5 years for frame; 1 year for motor; 90 days for parts; 90 days for labor.
Extra Features
LCD Console
Control buttons on handlebars

A Reliable Basic Home Treadmill for Simple Exercise

Powered by a 1.5 HP high torque motor that means that resistance that is applied to the belt increases the power of the motor.

Speaking of frames, the one on this treadmill is extremely strong and heavy-duty, which allows it to hold up to 350 lbs of weight, meaning that your weight will not be a factor in deciding whether you can use this treadmill or not.

However, the running belt is extremely small at only 36” x 16”, making it inconvenient for users who are taller or larger. Lastly, despite its low price, there is an acceptable warranty for various aspects of the treadmill.


Like most treadmills, this product has an LCD display console window that shows you your time, distance, speed, and calories burned as you walk. Via this console, you can control the speed settings for the treadmill – but these controls are also available on the right handle bar, with the on/off button being on the left handle bar as well.

The Exerpeutic Fitness TF900 treadmill is incredibly simple and has no extra features. As such, there are no incline settings and no extra accessory holders. It’s the perfect treadmill to set in front of the television while you walk or jog.


The Exerpeutic Fitness TF900 treadmill is simple and unthreatening for those new to the fitness world.
The speed control buttons on the handlebars are an unusual but highly useful feature for easy switching between settings.
This treadmill’s frame is extremely small and the 350 lbs weight capacity is remarkably high for such a small and inexpensive machine.
If you are on a budget, this treadmill is great due to its low price.
Despite the low price, this treadmill still comes with a short but usable warranty period that adds to buyer security.


The limited speed limit and the lack of incline makes this an unsuitable treadmill for anyone aiming to get serious, high-intensity exercise done. It is virtually useless to experienced joggers or runners who want to further their skills.
The running belt size is extremely small, which may allow for only small or short users to be able to use the treadmill completely comfortably.

It may be entirely unusable if you are tall or larger in size.
There are visibly no extra features to this treadmill – it only serves as something to walk or jog on, and there are no extra bells or whistles whatsoever.

Shipping and Handling

Not much information is disclosed regarding the shipping and handling of this product. However, a majority of Exerpeutic Fitness TF900 treadmills are sold via third party sellers on Amazon, which offer free shipping. They are also available at a number of general retail stores, such as Walmart, many of which offer free regular, ground shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is assembly?

The treadmill is slightly heavy, which can make the initial set-up slightly challenging mass-wise. However, the assembly process itself is incredibly simple and straightforward, so it shouldn’t take too long to do or figure out.

This treadmill is often mentioned alongside the Exerpeutic Fitness TF1000 treadmill.

What’s the difference?

The Exerpeutic Fitness TF900 treadmill is much more budget-friendly and has less features than the TF1000. This treadmill is also designed more for slow exercise at a medium intensity, while the TF1000 is meant to be able to be used by those who wish to run or are more experienced in the fitness world.

Can this treadmill be configured to a treadmill desk?

Yes, it can – the handlebars do not get in the way of a possible desk and it is low enough for a desk to sit over it, so no alterations even need to be made to the treadmill itself to make the conversion to a walking office.


This treadmill is not designed for heavy usage at faster speeds, and is not suitable for those who intend to go for high-intensity training.

However, it is the perfect entry-level treadmill if you want to try incorporating some simple exercise into your daily routine. It is also perfect for small spaces and rooms, so you can use it essentially anywhere.

The Exerpeutic Fitness TF900 is a solid budget option if you are new to the fitness game and would like to try out simple walking or jogging fitness routines.

The warranties offered for this treadmill are pretty good as well for one of this low a price, so there is no harm in giving it a shot!

I hope you liked the Exerpeutic Fitness TF900 review and if you have any ideas or request feel free to send a message by reffering to the contact page.

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