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Elliptigo Arc Review: Is This Truly The Best Elliptical Bike on the Market Today?

Are you looking for an exercise machine that won’t stress your body but deliver the results you want? The Elliptigo Arc bike is on a quest to understand your body and adjust so that a person with a back injury, strained joints, or aging issues can “hit the road” and still look good on and after workout.

Right now, the best equipment for all fitness buffs and part-time fitness buffs is something I discovered while searching for an exercise machine after I got injured in a fall. I found the ElliptiGo Arc. This is a bicycle that is uniquely designed for low impact exercise with high yield results.

ElliptiGo Arc Review

This bike helped me get back into the exercise mode. My accident was pretty bad and damaged my spine.  I could not run without feeling pain and walking on hard pavement for long distances was also excruciating.

The only exercise I could do was swim but this wasn’t always an option especially during the cold months. 

I found out that the inspiration for the Elliptigo Arc was the elliptical trainer, also known as the X-trainer or cross-trainer, which was introduced way back in the 1990s.

It is a low impact stationary exercise machine that simulates running, walking, and stair climbing but without the damaging pressure on the joints. You also get to choose the intensity level with these trainers by adjusting the speed and resistance.


Elliptigo Arc was created by ElliptoGO Incorporated, a company based in California, which invented the elliptical bicycles – a first for elliptical trainers as early as 2006. There are several  differences between a regular bike and an elliptical bike.

The elliptical bike has:

  • Pedals that follows the oval shape which explains why it is called “elliptical”
  • The recommendation from experts as being the best for persons with injuries, are overweight, elderly, or cannot do strenuous workouts
  • A design that provides workout for upper and lower bodies so you actually don’t just work your legs but also your heart and upper body

Should you buy the elliptical bike or the stationary elliptical trainer. This would really depend on your personal preferences. Some people get bored with stationary equipment so they need the bike to keep them interested in exercising.

Others choose the bike because it is mobile and can be taken anywhere compared to the stationary trainer which is usually too heavy and bulky to move around.

Your budget will determine what your choice will be. Your decision should ultimately be based on how much you want to spend and what you want to achieve. Both types of elliptical machines are highly recommended and popular.

On the other hand, the elliptical bikes can only be used when the weather is pleasant. It is risky to bike when the roads are wet because they become slippery. Also, you may have limited road access if your area does not have bike lanes.

The EllitiGo Arc and other elliptical bikes cannot be used off road.  If you think you will eventually graduate to rough terrain biking – something many do once they are physically fit and feeling adventurous – you will have to invest in a more suitable bike. This implies investing in a second bike which may or may not appeal to you.

Thus, before you go out an purchase an elliptical bike, consider these pointers:

  • Is this for exercise, recreation, cruising, or because your best friend has one and you would like to have one as well?
  • What do you expect your average riding time would be – 30 minutes, one hour, or longer? Some bikes are designed for longer rides than others
  • Do you have any mobility or injury issues?
  • What do you considered an acceptable price tag? Elliptical bikes are more expensive than traditional bikes or some stationary elliptical trainers


Presenting The ElliptiGo Arc



The Elliptigo Arc was launched late 2015 with the tagline, “lightest and most affordable” bike from ElliptiGO. The low weight is possible because of its 6061 T6 aluminum frame.  The 6061 T6 aluminum is a heat-treated alloy known for its strength. To give you an idea of its strength, this particular alloy is also known as aircraft grade aluminum.

The Elliptigo Arc promises low impact because it has 8 gears and has that unique elliptical stride. This means whether you are biking up an incline or cruising, you can customize the weight and resistance to fit your specific fitness boundaries. In my case, I was able to adjust the resistance to very light when I first started using it because I was still in some pain from the accident. However, as my body healed, I was able to increase the resistance and improve my stamina.

The alternatives to the ElliptiGo Arc are other elliptical bikes from the same company such as the Elliptigo 3C. The 3C is an entry level elliptical bike for low impact, long stride use. The 8C is a combination of performance and recreational use. It is the company’s most popular model it is portable, recommended for all body types, low impact, with a higher riding position, and has a natural “stand up” position.

The ElliptiGo Arc in comparison is the lightest of all three choices coming in at only 37 pounds. It is also the most affordable without compromising on features and performance. We liked this product most because of the following factors: (

  • It’s affordable
  • Portable with removable steering column
  • Multiple adjustment options – with default length of 14 inches and height of 12 inches, you can adjust stride height to 9.4 inches and adjust foot platform to fit the angle of your feet
  • There are accessories you can buy as add-ons to improve safety features like the fender and the emergency kit

The possible issues you may have with the ElliptiGo Arc are:

  • Limited 5 year warranty and the warranty applies only to direct buyers
  • It has a monthly maintenance requirement to keep it in running properly which will add cost to owning this bike
  • With its compact stride, the drive arms are limited to 250 pounds weight which means it is not recommended for anyone with overweight issues
  • Cannot be used indoors
  • Does not come with a water bottle holder although you can buy one as an accessory which means additional cost

The ElliptiGo Arc is clearly for people who want to be on-the-move and dislike exercising indoors. It cannot replace running but is ideal for those with back injuries and muscle/joint pain. It is not a performance bike and meant for recreational, fun use with the added bonus of a full body workout.

Features and Benefits

Crank Rocker Track System – The ElliptiGo Arc uses the crank rocker system unlike other elliptical bikes which have the traditional track system. The advantage of the crank rocker track system is the 4 valves which makes it more mechanically sound, move in a more vertical direction thus creating a more circular motion. This also mimics the movement of a traditional bike and gives you a quieter and more compact stride. (

Customizable – You can adjust the steering column height, length of your stride, and feet position so they are in an angle more comfortable for you

Good range of resistance and incline levels – You can adjust the level of resistance and incline when using the bike. This multiple setting improves the value of the bike because you can keep push yourself as you improve your stamina and strength.

Better Visibility – This is possible because your position while using the bike is higher than what you would enjoy with a trainer or even a regular bike.

Compact and Portable – Bike parts can be removed like the steering column and front wheel which makes it easy to transport. At the same time, it is a creative security measure because you can remove parts making the bike un-usable and less likely to be stolen.

Installment plan – Provided you buy from an authorized dealer, you can avail of low monthly payments


Definitely, the ElliptiGo Arc is a high-end product sold at a price far below other elliptical bikes in the market. It has its limitations but if your goal is to enjoy a good all-body work-out particularly the quadriceps regardless of any physical handicap, you will find this bike to be a good choice.

It is a practical choice because it’s priced much lower than other elliptical bikes, allows you to exercise outdoors for up to two hours in a standing position and burn up to 33% more calories compared to a regular street bike. It is not for long distances and for those who want to develop only their leg muscles.

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