Does The Flex Belt Really Work?

flex belt scam?In this article, we set out to answer one question. Does the Flex Belt really work?

If you have been contemplating getting an ab toner for sometime and are considering the Slendertone Flex Belt, you may have some concerns about how good it actually is.

In this review of the Flex belt, we will be taking a look at some of the customer reviews and before and after results, to see for ourselves if this product is all hype or can it deliver results.

How does it work?

So how does it actually work? Well, the Flex Belt works using a technology called EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation), simply put, it works by sending small electrical pulses through the body that contract and release the abdominal muscles many, many times.

It's the equivalent of doing sit-ups without the sweat and hard work. Some say the Flex Belt is only for lazy people, but I disagree.

In fact these kind of belts have been used for years by medical professionals and physiotherapists as a way for their patients, who perhaps cannot or shouldn't exercise the regular way, to get some for of quality abdominal and core exercise.

The belt uses various sized gel pads which attach to the body and are designed to target individual core muscles. Even celebrities like Denise Richards and Adrianne Curry have tried and actively endorse the product, being that it is the only FDA approved EMS system on the market.

What the users have to say

Some users get confused with the brand Slendertone and the Flex Belt, so lets set it straight here.

  1. Slendertone is the brand name, i.e the company that sells the Flex Belt
  2. The Flex Belt is a product from Slendertone, however it IS NOT the Sledertone belt of days gone buy.
  3. The Flex Belt operates at a much higher intensity level than the old products


Many users have witnessed an initial benefit from using the flex belt, and as with everything is dependent on continued use. You do feel like you've had a workout after a session with the belt, so that is a positive.

As the belt is sending electrical pulses to your abdominals, then it is not surprising that users have witnessed a change, not matter how small.

Users who are unable to exercise due to recently undergoing an operation, or those that have back and spinal problems seem to get a lot out of the flex belt. They have reported it to be a great way to get those crunches in and get back into shape without the need to do hundreds of sit-ups…doctors orders of course!


One of the biggest complaints I have seen from heavy users of the belt, indicate that the gel pads that you stick into your body can wear down fairly quickly. This means a set of replacement pads is a good idea if you are planning to but the belt and your stomach through it's paces!

One of the biggest reasons why people may say that the flex belt doesn't work is that they belive it will give them six pack abs. Now it's no secret that to get six pack abs, you need low body fat, and to do that you need to watch what you eat.

So does the flex belt really work?

In my opinion, and I have tried a few variations of these ab flex belts, yes they do work, with a caveat.

They are to be used as part of a controlled diet, sticking the pads to your belly and sitting eating chips isn't going to do anything. You should use the flex belt as part of a calorie and fat controlled diet, whilst also getting other calorie burning exercise in, such as brisk walking, even if it's just up the stairs or around the block.

Who is the Flex Belt for?the flex belt

If you are already lean and just looking to complete the look be getting that set of six pack abs then the flex belt can do the trick. The same goes if you are overweight and want to lose fat around the waist. However you should understand that the belt only will not do this.

Sure it will give you a workout, but it will not drop pounds off you, it is not a miracle cure.

With that being said, the flex belt is unisex and is suitable for both men and women. I wouldn't recommend it for children, better to visit a nutritionist if your child is a little overweight and learn how to help them.

Is the Flex Belt a scam?

With any kind of marketing, especially in the health and fitness industry you will find a lot of glitz and glamour, which often makes it difficult to really understand if a product will work or not.

For the Flex Belt, beyond all of that marketing glamour and salesmanship is a product that does work and has been used for years in various professional industries.

So the answer to the simple question if it being a scam is ‘no'. As long as you heed the advice it gives and follow a controlled diet, it can and will help aid weight loss and core toning.

Bottom line is that this product has:

  • Been FDA cleared for toning, strengthening and firming  your abdominal muscles
  • Uses medical grade technology
  • 92.3-Percent of users felt the firmness in their abs had increased


How much does the Flex Belt cost?

flex belt ab tonerWhen compared to other belts, this belt is a little pricey, however I guess you get what you pay for and when it comes to exercise equipment that works, it doesn't come cheap.

Plus the way I see it is that's about 4-6 monthly gym payments and you will have the belt forever with a 60 day moneyback guarentee and a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

The replacement gel pads that you may need can be found on Amazon or direct from the supplier.

In Summary

Would I recommend the Flex Belt and does it work? My answer to both of those questions would be YES, IF you understand these following things:

  1. If you are very overweight don't expect a six pack in six weeks
  2. Don't expect a six pack just from using the flex belt
  3. Expect to control your diet and be happy that the belt is doing the hard exercise for you
  4. Expect to replace the pads a couple of times per year if you are using the machine regularly

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