Procerin Review – Does It Really Work?

Procerin for men can be found in either tablets or shampoo form and markets itself as a total solution to thinning hair and hair loss.

The idea is appealing, especially as the target market is those affected by the super common and super annoying ‘male pattern baldness’. The question is, of course, if it lives up to those standards?

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In today's article will be a complete Procerin review as we look at this product in-depth, to bring you the low down on this promising product.

Procerin does it really work?

So What is Procerin?

While hair loss can be linked to a myriad of factors, from age and genetics to diet and environment, for men the root cause of balding more often than not lies in the transformation of the hormone testosterone to DHT within the body. This process is mostly governed by genetics and the thinning of hair known as androgenic alopecia.

Procerin is specifically designed to target this condition. Whilst there are several ingredients in the Procerin formula that would also benefit thinning hair in women, it's specific targeting of DHT within the scalp means that it will not be as effective for female users as with male.

DHT forms when the naturally occurring enzyme 5 alpha-reductase misforms the testosterone molecule into the DHT hormone. Hair growth occurs in 3 important phases – the growth (anagen) phase, rest (catagen) phase and loss (telogen) phase. In the healthy head of hair, most hair is in the growth phase at any given time.

However, the action of DHT shortens the growth phase and encourages shedding. This shortens the growth phase of the hair, contributes to brittleness and fading color, and can cause excessive hair fall in patients. Inhibiting the production of this hormone will help prevent this harmful chemical reaction and reduce the levels of DHT commonly found in those men with thinning hair.

If you are still seeing active growth anywhere on the head Procerin will help reactivate your hair’s growth. If, however, you never need to cut your hair it will only contribute to the retention of the hair you have.

Why are there two Procerin products on the market?

The Procerin for Men system is designed as a two-step program – Procerin Shampoo used in conjunction with the Procerin tablets, both of which target hair loss. They contain DHT blockers as well as healthy nutrients geared to reduce and prevent hair loss.

The topical activator foam helps to prevent the binding of DHT to the hair follicle. This harmful by-product of testosterone is responsible for many of the signs of male hair loss, but if it cannot bind to the base of the hair follicle much damage can be avoided.

It’s a safe, effective way to combat this persistent issue, backed by clinical studies across the globe. It claims to do so without side effects or the kind of harmful symptoms associated with prescription medication, especially those affecting the patient’s sex life.

The topical aspects of the treatment provide directed attack while the Procerin tablets work from the inside out to solve the problem.

How long can I expect treatment to take?

Of course, results won’t occur overnight, and this is not a product for immediate solutions. Hair only grows at a rate of around one-half inch monthly, even under the best circumstances, and it’s best for you to continue consistent treatment for at least 2 months before evaluating Procerin results.

Using both products simultaneously should assist in speeding the process. Some patients feel that they can see results within a few weeks, but it will generally take around 3 months to see a significant increase in hair regrowth- which still places Procerin for Men ahead of products like Rogaine and Propecia.

The company offers a 30 day Free Trial and a 90-day unconditional guarantee to help sweeten the deal and will ship internationally.

Procerin for men can, however, be used in conjunction with other supplements and medications designed to target excessive hair loss, and is particularly effective when used with Propecia as they target different areas of the DHT cycle.

Do I need Procerin Tablets or Procerin Shampoo?

The system is designed to be used together, although either product will have some use even used alone. Procerin tablets are designed to be taken twice daily and are available in a range of pack sizes to suit your convenience. The scalp treatment is used to fight the effects of DHT from the outside in, while the oral tablets help address the production of DHT within the body.

The revitalizing nature of the Procerin shampoo will also contribute to overall scalp health and wellness, and a healthy scalp is set up to be the most likely to regain and continue healthy hair regrowth as well as prevent the fall of hair from the hair follicles. The system will work best if used together.

Do remember that Procerin is designed for those suffering androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, and cannot help those whose hair loss is a result of other factors such as chemotherapy, scalp trauma, alopecia areata or other non-DHT causes.

While both products comply with the FDA’s GRAS safety standards, they are not FDA approved as there is no approval process for nutritional substances under the administration.

What About The Side Effects?

Procerin for Men is mostly free of any side effects at all. As with most supplements, some mild stomach upset may occur when you first consume the tablets, but this can be mitigated by taking with food to slow absorption.

The topical Procerin shampoo may possibly cause irritation on sensitive scalps, which can be curbed by once-a-day use. Some men will see the slow return of hair loss in the event of discontinuation of the Procerin products, but some younger men will have success with retaining Procerin results even after discontinuation of treatment.

Experimentation will help you determine what period of use vs disuse favors your body the most. Because this product targets the DHT conversion process only, it does not come with the risk of sexual side effects that many prescription medications do.

What Are The Ingredients of Procerin

Procerin offers a proprietary blend of ingredients that include mineral, vitamin and herbal components in a unique 17 ingredient formula. This includes Zinc, B6, Nettles and Gotu Kola alongside their secret formula. All ingredients are at pharmaceutical grade and manufactured under strict quality control. They do not use fillers, preservatives of an artificial nature of binders in the products.

What Do The Procerin Reviews Say?

The company and manufacturer claim an 88% success rate among men who use the system consistently and as per instructions. Men who suffer the debilitating side effects of hair loss, especially hair loss which comes on early in life, can suffer severe self-esteem issues and are, in general, tired of flitting from product to product trying to find one that will help them.

So, the most important question of all has to be- is the stat the manufacturer claims the truth? The product boasts a 12 year study time, which is promising but does not prove anything in itself.

Firstly, it’s important to remember that even the company itself does not promise a 100% success rate. Not everyone will have good results, and if you find that many products targeted at this particular issue are not working for you then you may want to consider consulting with a medical professional particularly trained to help with matters of the scalp, as your issues may not, in fact, stem from over production of DHT in the scalp and may have different causes.

However, in our research, we found a significant number of positive Procerin reviews that suggest that this product really can help retain and regain lost hair growth due to rising DHT levels inside the body.

Those who have the best results do appear to be those who take the product as advised and stick with it over a significant period of time. There are no quick, miracle results, and it should be remembered that this is a herbal product designed to work synergistically with your own body, and so should not be expected to come into the body hard and fast.

Those who have taken the product for a protracted period of time- up to and including periods close to a decade- report no unpleasant side effects over that period, backing up the manufacturer’s claims of safety as well as efficacy.

What Does The Science Say?

As the formula is a proprietary one, it can be difficult to evaluate exactly what science went into the formulation of Procerin. That said, the active ingredient Saw Palmaletto which it uses has undergone limited clinical trials in the area and may well perform exactly as the product claims it will.

Until further investigations are undertaken, it can be difficult to evaluate the exact nature of the ingredients in Procerin totally impartially.

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Where to Buy Procerin?

The safest way to buy procerin is via the official site. The manufacturers Speedwinds Nutrition, Inc. are a trusted brand and offer a long 90-day money back guarantee. They are trusted by and has been reviewed and qualified by doctors to ensure their products meet the required standards and have zero side-effects.

So What’s The Conclusion? Does Procerin Really Work?

It would appear that Procerin for Men really does work for the specific type of hair loss it aims to address in most cases. While it’s not foolproof, it has the added benefits of NOT inducing the risks of impotence and sexual issues that many prescription drugs for this category of hair loss carry, and has the added benefit of being a cost effective and easy to order product.

Many users have found that it has helped both retard and reverse hair loss and while Procerin for men is not a miracle cure, it has great potential to help address hair loss without the need for scary side effects, prescriptions and more.

If you’re seeing the early signs of hair loss, or are looking for a way to bypass dodgy prescription options with scary side effects, you may well want to buy Procerin and put it to the test.

procerin review

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