How To Cure Acne With Apple Cider Vinegar?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but does a spoonful of apple cider vinegar a day keep acne away? Let’s find out.

Puberty brings with it different gifts for all teenagers. Sometimes it’s raccoon eyes, death metal, or rom coms. While others get responsible, violent, introvert, and so on. Quite a few also get a perennial nuisance in the form of acne.

A long-standing disease of the skin that dots your face with blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and a greasy look. Technically, it happens when there’s an excessive growth of the acne bacteria which resides on the skin. Your hair follicles trap oil and dirt which show up as all of the above.

Although some people see a marked reduction in the appearance of acne post 30 years of age, most simply start seeing it on other parts of the body like chest, back, etc.

Diet and exercise may play some part in the way your body is prone to acne, but research shows that 80% of it is genetics. Hormonal imbalances are the number one reason why it gets a kickstart with puberty. But don’t loose heart. There’s a perfectly easy homemade remedy to getting rid of those scars and avoiding them as much as possible.

A widely used concoction to deal with acne scars is apple cider vinegar. So how exactly does drinking apple cider vinegar help reduce your acne? Over production of insulin is one of the reasons that lead to change in hormones which results in increased sebum in the skin, rendering it acne prone. Acetic acid is a key ingredient in apple cider vinegar and drinking a teaspoon of it every day has shown to improve the body’s response to insulin.

It reduces blood sugar levels by slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates in the blood stream. This results in improved response to insulin and decrease in its levels.

So this claim checks out scientifically although there are no clinical studies that prove this point. Sometimes the effects are negligible but marked enough to make out the difference.

Apple cider vinegar is easily available in all supermarkets at affordable prices. But if you want to use organic, 100% natural vinegar, here are two easy recipes.

Apple Cider Vinegar Recipes

apple cider or juice in a glass, close-up

Leave a couple of apple scraps, skin and cores to dry in the sun. Fill up a mason jar with these dried out crusty brown pieces, add plenty of water.

Cover it with a cheesecloth, leave in a cool dry place to ferment. Your apple cider vinegar will be ready to sieve after a month’s time. Strain the liquid and use as required. This is the shortest and the fastest way to make apple cider vinegar.

Alternately, you can use whole apples cut into 4s, left to dry. Add lots of water in a bowl with the apples, cover with a cheese cloth and leave to ferment for 6 months. A much slower process and one that follows the same filtering technique as the above recipe.


Orange apple vinegar, near rock salt, rosemary and thyme

Most people recommend taking a teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar early in the morning and once before going to bed, with a cup of water. The results aren’t immediate. You’ll have to keep at it for a month to see plausible results. Although slow to action, it has long term effects.

Another effective way of treating acne with apple cider vinegar is by making a homemade apple cider vinegar toner. Acetic acid is an excellent compound that kills bacteria and virus on topical application when used in mild doses without inflaming the sensitive facial skin.

To make the toner, take one part organic apple cider vinegar, and two parts distilled water. You may increase the ratio of water to vinegar if your skin is hypersensitive.

Use this mixture as a toner after your daily face cleansing ritual. Apply using cotton pads. This results in cleaner pores, that are rid of harmful bacteria that cause acne.

You are left with softer and clearer skin. Since an increase in acne usually results in bigger pores, this ritual will help you keep them to a minimum, leaving your skin looking younger and healthier.

In addition to acetic acid, apple cider vinegar also has malic acid which has antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. It also helps maintain the skin’s pH balance which results in less sebum secretion. Excessive sebum promotes acne bacteria, thus regulating it is the key to avoiding an oily skin texture. In addition to all these antimicrobial and pH balancing benefits, apple cider vinegar is also good in breaking down dead skin cells, avoiding their accumulation leaving the pores cleaner.

In addition to all these antimicrobial and pH balancing benefits, apple cider vinegar is also good in breaking down dead skin cells, avoiding their accumulation leaving the pores cleaner.

While using this magical homemade remedy for acne, scars and pimples, bear in mind the following points.

  1. It’s high in acetic acid content and hence should always be used in diluted form.
  2. The more sensitive your skin, less concentrated the toner applied directly to the facial skin.
  3. Do not drink it without copious amounts of water.

It is an established cleaning agent that can also be used to clean household spaces like sinks, kitchen cabinets, table tops, etc. Compare those hardwood, steel and ceramic textures to your skin.

See what a powerful cleanser you are dealing with? As with every beauty product, body supplement, or drug, things you put in your body and on your face are good only in moderation. Excessive usage won’t give you superhuman results.

Regulate your intake to two spoons with plenty of water. Drinking a bottle of it will not turn you into Ms. Universe overnight. It could possibly lead to a trip to the ER! Applying undiluted apple cider vinegar to your face will inflame your skin and result in eruptions. Know your skin type before you go on slathering anything on your face.

There are many documented cases of skin burns resulting from the topical application of apple cider vinegar. Leaving it on your skin overnight is definitely not a good idea in light of the effect the powerful acid has on your skin.

If you’ve used an apple cider vinegar toner, make sure you wash your skin with plenty of cool water after a minute or two. As always, get your facts right, make informed decisions, and stay happy and healthy!

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