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Confidence Power Trac Pro Review – Worth The Money?

If you are looking for a budget-friendly, sturdy and reliable piece of exercise equipment for a walking or jogging regimen, then the Confidence Power Trac Pro Motorized Treadmill might just do the job for you.

Suitable for low to medium intensity cardio exercises, this treadmill is designed to be compact and space-saving while aiding a healthy lifestyle.

Despite its low-price point, this treadmill has a good variety of features often mostly found in workout equipment at higher price ranges, making it a good buy for anyone looking to incorporate some simple physical activity into their everyday routine.

With the Confidence Power Trac Pro, manufacturers aimed to provide a low-cost exercise trainer brimming with features.

Treadmill Confidence Power Trac Pro Review

Technical Information and Features

Motor: 600W (advertised as 735W or 1HP)
Belt size: 39” x 14”
Dimensions: 49” x 24” x 47”
Weight capacity: 265 lbs
Speed range: 0-6.2 MPH
Incline: 0-5°
Programs and applications: 12
Warranty: None
Extra Features
LED display
Emergency stop clip

A Reliable Treadmill for a Healthy Lifestyle

The Confidence Power Trac Pro treadmill runs smoothly and quietly on a 600W motor, which powers the machine up to speeds of 6.2MPH in increments of 0.6MPH at a time.

There are also four quick-select pre-set speeds – 1.8MPH, 3MPH, 4.9MPH, and 6.2MPH – for easy transitions and changes during workout sessions. In addition, the treadmill has adjustable manual inclines of 2°, 3.5°, and 5° for added versatility.

This treadmill holds up to 265 lbs of weight, which is a reasonable amount for one at this price point. At 39” x 14”, this treadmill’s running belt is smaller than the industry standard in order for the product to be compact.

However, this also means that larger or taller users may be unable to run on the treadmill. Meanwhile, the treadmill’s foldability adds to its space-saving quality, making it easy to move and store away.


The Confidence Power Trac Pro is a simple treadmill with minimal accessories, with the only one being its informative LED display console. This console displays speed, distance, time, and calories burned while you exercise, allowing you to monitor your progress.

This console also holds 12 built-in fitness programs to choose from in order to help you get the most out of your workout sessions.

The treadmill does not have any other additional accessories, such as a tablet or water bottle holder, as it is a budget option that focuses on implementing fitness-related features instead of those for convenience.


Despite belonging to a low-price category, this treadmill offers incline and fitness application features often not found in this price range. This means that you pay less and receive a good amount of bang for your buck.

The quick-select buttons for some pre-set speeds makes it easy to shift between them.
The product holds 265 lbs and is strong, sturdy, and durable so that it can be used by a wide variety of potential buyers.

At $199.99, this treadmill is an affordable option for those on a tight budget while also offering great features, promising value for money.


With the speed capping off at 6.2MPH, this treadmill may not be suitable for experienced runners who wish to go above this speed level.

The running belt on this treadmill is of a smaller size, making it more difficult for larger or taller users to make use of, much less run on.

The treadmill requires maintenance, but does not provide a user’s guide on how to properly use the maintenance supplies that come with it.

No warranty is provided.

Shipping and Handling

This treadmill ships from a number of different sources. They are primarily shipped with free shipping via third parties on Amazon, and shipping is limited to only certain areas worldwide.

In addition, the treadmill ships from Golf Outlets of America, with all orders placed before noon being shipped out within the same day. The arrival of your treadmill can be anticipated within three to five days.

Confidence Fitness as a company uses UPS and FedEx for all their shipments of this treadmill. You can choose between Regular (ground) shipping, Fast (two-day) shipping, and Fastest (next day air) shipping.

However, the company uses UPS Fast for all shipments to Hawaii and Alaska, and UPS Worldwide Express for international orders. Here is a list of the pricing for each method:

UPS Regular (Ground): Free
3-Day shipping: $195
2-Day shipping: $215
Overnight: $300

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of maintenance is required for this treadmill?

The treadmill comes with silicon anti-friction oil which is meant as lubricant for the treadmill, and this is the main form of maintenance that must be performed on it.

The lubricant simply needs to be squirted or sprayed between the treadmill’s deck and the running belt. No guide is provided with the treadmill, but there are plenty online to help you out.

It says that the incline is manually adjusted – so how do you adjust it?

There is a pin on either side of the back of the treadmill. In order to adjust the incline, simply remove these pins, adjust the metal legs to your preferred height, and put the pins back on.

How straightforward is assembly?

The assembly itself is fairly simple and easy to do, and should not take too long. The instructions that come with the treadmill may be slightly confusing, but the entire process is simple enough to figure out without them.


The Confidence Power Trac Pro is a great entry-level treadmill that provides a healthy workout at a low or medium intensity.

Despite the lack of warranty, most customers have reported being satisfied with this product as it promises a reliable exercise session that is stress-free and easy to go through with.

With that being said, the treadmill is not meant for high-level marathon training. Naturally, the budget price of this treadmill does mean it is quite basic and has a few drawbacks here and there.

However, its usability, extra features, and compact size make it a great exercise machine for anyone looking to get some physical activity into their busy, daily lives.

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