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** IMPORTANT NOTE** – Before you commit to BodyBoss…Read my review below and check out the alternative I'm now using and my 6-week results!

Hi there! My name is Kelly. As a single mom with 2 energetic children, like many people, I thought I didn't have time to ‘work out' and ‘get in shape'.

Life has been pretty busy after my husband left us, which was a messy time in our lives, a time in which I turned to the sofa, eating unhealthy food and doing my body no good.


To cut a long story short, I pilled on the weight, was extremely unhealthy and and had zero energy to do anything.

I decided that enough was enough and it was time for change! Not jonly so I could feel and look better, but for my kids and to take back my life, see my friends again, get back to my old self and have a social life.

That’s when I turned to the internet to find out just how I could get back into shape 

My Review of The BodyBoss Method

Ok, enough about my story, you're really here for my opinion on The BodyBoss Method.

Let me make an assumption about you…

You’re wondering if BodyBoss is legit and more importantly, is it worth buying?

When you consider the price, around $49.50 at the time of writing, it is a lot of money for what is essentially a PDF guide.

So is it really worth the money?

I'm not so sure it is, let me explain…

After purchasing, I discovered that the cost of this program is quite high compered to other (better) programs out there.

That's not to say the info is poor, but in terms of value for money, I just don't feel like I got what I deserved or expected.

Remember, motivation only lasts for a brief period and you need a product/routine/plan that will be exciting, easy to follow and most of all deliver results.

So, for 2-weeks I stuck to the routine, did all of the required exercises and workouts and then…I quit.

My Unfinished Bodyboss Results

You may think that 2-weeks is too soon, maybe I didn't give it enough time…but it just didn't do ANYTHING for me.

I mean I simply wasn't enthusiastic about the workouts or the program overall. Sorry Bodyboss but I’m not a fan.

I'm sure that had I kept going, I may have seen some results, but as I mentioned earlier, will-power is a finite resource and you cannot rely on that alone to get you through it.

To be honest, after I had my first child, I signed up with the local gym to shift some of that excess baby weight, and I remember being given their standard program…which was a very similar workout routine to BodyBoss.

The Bodyboss Alternative I'm Using That's Working For Me…

If you’re like me and need something for the beginner and want better value for your money then check out the alternative I’m following now @

Sure, I was disappointed at lasting just 2-weeks with the Bodyboss method, but being so unhealthy for so long I knew I just needed to find a workout routine that suited me!

It was actually a friend who pointed me towards the bikini body workouts by Jen Ferruggia after expressing my frustration to her with bodyboss.

It's a shame I didn't stumble on this first as it’s so much cheaper and provides more resources and helpful advice.

You get a bunch of material with the workout manual and videos, a full nutrition guide, shopping lists and more.

If you visit Jen’s website at you will see what I mean – the full program is only $29.99 (compared to the $49.50 you pay for BodyBoss).

Bodyboss Method vs Bikini Body Workouts Comparison Table


Bikini Body Workouts

BodyBoss Method

12-Week Workout



Nutrition guide


Not Included

Supplement Guide


Not Included

Shopping Lists


Not Included

Workout Videos


Not Included

Coupon Available


Not Included

Total Cost



As you can see, you get so much more for your money with Bikini Body Workouts.

I’ve been using Jen's workout guide and nutrition planner for around 4-weeks now and so far I am really enjoying it.

Sure, the Bodyboss workouts could work for you and you may enjoy that program, but for the money and what you get with this program, for me it's Jen's Bikini Body Workouts all the way!

Coupon Code & 15% Discount

I've looked high and low for a Bodyboss coupon code or discount and nothing has worked so far.

No matter what I tried I got the same results…“The coupon code you entered is invalid. Please try again.”

I did manage to find a coupon code & discount for Bikini Body Workouts, Jen has a promo page at which saves you 15% off.

UPDATEMy 6-Week Progress – Before and After Pictures

We all love a before and after shot to see just how legit a workout program is. Well the 2 images below are my “before” and “after” shots taken by my friend (Thanks Tasha!)

It’s been 6-weeks now and the results, speak for themselves. I’m surprised myself by the changes I've seen!

So the weight loss is obvious from the pics, but what I didn't expect was the ‘other' benefits that come with a health lifestyle thanks to a good workout plan.

First up my energy levels are through the roof. I am able to keep up with my two young kids from AM to PM and still have enough left for my workout.

Another amazing benefit is confidence. I needed to get back out there with my friends and socialise. Dropping those extra pounds has given me the confidence to be myself in public and I'm hoping someday soon I'll meet the Mr. Right 🙂

If you've made it this far, I urge you to JUST DO IT! Regardless if it's Bodyboss, Bikini Body Workouts or some other program – you will thank me later!I'd like to thank Jen Ferruggia for a program has completely changed not only my life for the better, but for my family too.

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Comments on “Bodyboss Review”


I really didn't like The BodyBoss either, it's not good value for money.


You're not alone Charlotte, perhaps try to get a refund and give bikini body workouts a try instead.

Angela V

I managed to get a 15% coupon from So far the Biking Body Workouts look great! Thanks Kelly! 🙂


That's a great find, I will add it to my review above.


Thanks for this review Kelly. It helped me in my decision to try Bikini Body Workouts rather than spending almost double on BodyBoss.


Good luck Eva. Keep us posted on how you get on. I'm loving it so far!


I think my DIET is my biggest let down. Where can I get diet advice I can use together with BBW? I really struggle to stay away from the sweet stuff!!!!


Hi Mary,

BBW (Bikini Body Workouts) comes with a full nutritional guide and schedule. I found it much easier to stick to their plan as it's not super strict, so you can still enjoy the odd treat whilst losing weight. Make sure you grab the discount code everyone is using – I paid the full price but is was worth it. Good luck! x.

Barbara J. Douglas

I'm more of a visual learner, is there videos to follow or just a PDF ebook thingy?


Bikini Body Workouts comes in both video and text format, so if video is your thing, this is for you



@Angela V, the coupon worked! Thank you and thanks to Kelly for this super review. So far I'm super impressed with bikini workouts.

Elizabeth J.

Wow, I'm glad I read this. I had my credit card in had ready to buy BodyBoss and so glad I didn't. Bikini Body Workouts is far superior and cheaper (especially with that coupon code). I'm going to look stunning for my wedding! 🙂


Congrats and good look for the wedding. If there was ever an incentive  to get back into shape it's a wedding.

Tami L.

So can I actually do these workout from home or do I need a lot of expensive equipment?


Hey Tami. It can all be done from home. Some small dumbbells would help add resistance but if you're just starting out you don't need anything. I would take it one week at a time and add resistance if needed later on. Most of the exercises are body weight and work to burn fat.

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