The Best Budget Treadmills for 2019 – Quality and Cheap Combined!

So you're looking for a treadmill that won't break the bank. You've got a budget in mind and want something cheap, but also quality. You're in luck!

In this guide, we've pulled together our research and listed our top 3 budget treadmills in various price ranges.

We start at the lower end of the scale at $200, then onto $500 or less, finally finishing up with the sub-$1,000 machines.

Choose Your Budget:

Best Budget Treadmills Under $200

At this price range, you don't get all the bells and whistles that come with the more pricier models. You do, however, get a decent machine that will take lightweight to moderate usage.

The benefit of the lower price ranges is the storability and moveability being greatly enhanced. Meaning they are easy to take up and down without too much effort and they won't take up a whole bunch of space in your home-gym either.

1. Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill


This treadmill is one of the bestselling of its price range and is ideal for anyone who would like to configure a walking office. It is compact and foldable, making it easy to move and store, and its wheels allow for easy movement if necessary. It can hold up to 250 lbs and is available in black and white.

The product has a multi-function LED display that displays speed, calories, time, and distance, and it is equipped with a 600W power motor.

It is very easy to assemble as it only needs minor fixes, and it runs relatively smoothly for the price it asks for. It promises a quiet workout, and has only a basic design, meaning there are no settings for inclination.

Due to its small size, this treadmill may have a short stride length for some, which may hinder taller or heavier users from using the product for a running workout. It may also make walking on the treadmill more uncomfortable for those who are very tall.

The product is also programmed to shut off entirely after thirty minutes of use, so users must be aware of this possibility when they are walking at faster speeds. The console on the product is also known to have no sound control, meaning that if you are looking for something discreet, this won’t be it!

But if you would like a budget-friendly product that works well and offers all the basic necessities for a treadmill, this may be the one for you!

2. ‘Best Choice Products' Portable Folding Treadmill


This compact treadmill is designed for small spaces and, like the previous option is great for those looking to come up with their own walking office.

It is foldable for storage and has wheels to allow for easy movement, and can hold up to a weight of 250 lbs. The product runs with the use of a 500W motor and is of heavy-duty construction.

A multi-function display on the treadmill works to track basic progress statistics, specifically speed, distance, and the number of calories burned. A safety emergency stop key is built in for just-in-case scenarios, so users can

A safety emergency stop key is built in for just-in-case scenarios, so users can rest assured of their safety. The product is also equipped with foam-covered handrails for comfort and balance, and the treadmill is designed for little to no noise.

Due to its size, taller or heavier individuals may find the product uncomfortable or narrow. The product itself is not extremely durable, and being rougher with it can result in breakage rather easily, so users need to take care as to assemble and handle it cautiously.

It’s also worth noting that the cup holders on the treadmill are often too small for water bottles. However, if you are searching for a basic and inexpensive unit, this may do the job!

3. ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill with Twin Flywheels


This foldable treadmill offers the most features for its price point. Twin cast iron flywheels and oversized belt rollers allow for a silent yet smooth workout, and powder coating steel frame is meant to be strong and durable. This treadmill comes with a one-year limited warranty and can hold up to 230 lbs.

The treadmill comes equipped with long handles fitted onto wide side rails for a safer exercise session, and wheels attached to its base allow it to be moved easily.

It is entirely battery powered and does not require electricity to function. Meanwhile, an LCD console shows users their time, distance, speed, and calories burnt. The product also allows for two incline adjustments, one at 6 degrees and the other at 10.

A lack of adjustable incline makes this treadmill difficult for users who do not want to spend their workout going in an uphill direction. This is a good option for those looking for low-impact treadmill workouts.

However, customer service is known to be good with the Progear company, so if users do encounter these problems, they can rely on the manufacturers for help.

If you’re in search of a basic treadmill with some added features at a low price, and you don’t mind going through customer service for solutions to issues, this may work well for you!

Best Budget Treadmills Under $500

Stepping up to the sub-$500 range, we start to see a few more features being added, along with wider running tracks and the ability to follow pre-programmed routes.

1. Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill


This bestselling machine is designed to be space-saving and is foldable, like the treadmills in the previous category. The listed specific weight limit is 275 lbs, although some users have reported being able to use it without a problem at 300 lbs.

The treadmill’s belt is fitted with comfort cell cushioning to reduce impact and maximize comfort when walking. This product comes with six workout programs built into its console, each of which has been designed meticulously by a certified personal trainer.

There are also two varying incline positions for users to choose from while they exercise, accessible through a very simple mechanic. The treadmill is also very quiet and serves excellently as a discreet but effective machine for training.

Calories burned, time, distance, and speed are displayed while a user works out, and a thumb monitor for heart rates is available for those who may like to make use of this feature.

Speed settings have plenty of increments between, so if you’re aiming to work up slowly from an initial speed without jumping drastically from slow to quick, this machine may be what you seek!

However, this product is not known to be associated with a company that excels at customer service, and there have been some rare reports of customers receiving treadmills with faulty motors. For the price, though, it isn’t a bad idea to try your luck.

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill


This treadmill was designed with space-saving in mind, and it is foldable for easy storage. It's a soft drop system for a safe unfolding process and has wheels attached for movement.

The machine comes in gray and pink, can hold a maximum weight of 220 lbs, and has a shelf to hold a user’s phone, tablet, or magazine for workout entertainment. Despite its small size, it has been successfully used by even larger and taller users.

Equipped with a 2.20 Peak HL drive system, this product provides a speed range of 0.5 to 9 mph. It has built-in controls in its handrails to allow for easy access to speed, start, and stop options while exercising. A large LCD display shows time, distance, calories, and pulse, and comes with a manual mode, a safety lock, and a function for power saving.

A large LCD display shows time, distance, calories, and pulse, and comes with a manual mode, a safety lock, and a function for power saving.

The machine also comes with nine workout programs for effective exercise. In addition, there are three incline level options to choose from on the machine, so users can determine the intensity that they prefer.

The treadmill also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Users need to be aware, however, that the machine must be lubricated before the first use, and then maintained regularly, to prevent problems from occurring.

It is worth noting that there is no pause function on the LCD display, meaning that users will be unable to pause their workouts, by pressing the stop button will reset all data collected.

If you’re looking for a product with great value for money and fits into a small space, then this machine might be the right one for you!

3. Confidence GTR Power Pro Electric Treadmill


This foldable, electric treadmill is designed to reach up to speeds of 7.5 mph and is aimed at new users who want to try out running or working out on a treadmill.

It is fitted with a 1.5 HP power motor for a smooth and consistent exercise session, runs quietly, and is highly suitable for indoor use. As with most treadmills, this product has a multi-function LED display that displays calories burned and comes with a pulse monitor.

The console can be slightly noisy and is not backlit, making it a tad difficult to see in low light situations. It is also programmed to stop movement after one hour, so users should be aware of this when going for long sessions on the treadmill.

The product arrives with 12 fitness programs already built in, allowing users to choose between workout options if they so desire.

There are also three manual incline settings to pick from. There is no pause function on the treadmill, however, so pressing stop will simply rest the LED display.

The construction and assembly of this treadmill may be a difficult task due to the confusing instructions, and the machine’s belt may be slightly slippery, making it difficult to run on.

It’s also worth noting that the data collected on the LED display are not necessarily 100% accurate and that the machine may begin to shake under heavyweight or at high speeds.

With that being said, this is a good treadmill for beginners who are working their way up to a higher fitness level.

Best Budget Treadmills Under $1,000

Finally, we enter the sub-$1,000 range. We've covered the top-3 here, however, if you want to complete low-down on these treadmills, you should check out our complete buyers guide here.

1. ProForm 505 CST Treadmill


Once again, this treadmill is made with space-saving in mind and can be easily folded away. It can hold up to 300 lbs of weight and is fitted with ProShox cushioning so as to put let stress on a user’s joints and lower body as they run.

Despite its small size, the machine has a wide belt meant to accommodate anyone while providing elbow room, too. Built with a large motor and a fast flywheel to gear ration, this product is designed to go fast.

It comes with an efficiency booster that saves on the electricity used by even the fastest settings. Speed settings range from 0 to 10 mph and are powered with a QuickSpeed function that allows the treadmill to shift between intensities instantaneously at the push of a button.

This machine comes with 18 readily prepared workout applications for users to shuffle through and try, and each one is up to a professional standard.

There is also a Quick Incline feature that allows for users to set their desired slope from 0 to 10% in a quick manner. Meanwhile, a 6-inch backlit LCD console that displays mileage, speed, time, and heart rate, which is monitored via sensors in the handlebars.

The treadmill is fully compatible with MP3 players and iPods, and the sound system comes with two 2-inch speakers. The sound can then be adjusted by sound and also tempo so that users can get the right speed to complement their workouts.

This product also comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty. Full assembly is required for a majority of the machine, and incorrect assembly can result in a number of errors and malfunctions.

As such, it can be difficult for users to want to set up the treadmill in the first place. But if you are in search of a gym quality treadmill at a reasonable price and don’t mind paying for technicians to assist in setup, then this might be a good product to try!

2. LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill


This product won the Treadmill Doctor “Best Buy” Award for Best New Treadmill and was also awarded the Fitness Fixations “Best Treadmill under $1000” in 2017.

It is foldable thanks to EZfold technology that is simple and doesn’t require any effort to use, allowing for easy folding and unfolding with a soft drop system that promises safety and silence.

This treadmill comes equipped with a high-quality 2.5 HP continuous-duty motor for durability, and its all-steel frame is robotically welded in order to provide a simulation of outdoor exercise.

Its deck suspension is biomechanically accurate and can hold up to 300 lbs, and is supported by six compression shock absorbers for a safer, less stressful run. There is also a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor.

An LCD console that is multicolored collects data in the form of time, distance, speed, calories, and more. Through this console, you can easily access 21 exercise programs that are individually designed to target a wide variety of areas.

This includes weight loss, sports training, programs for heart rates, fat burning, and cardiovascular exercise.

The console also collects data through a patented step-counting process named the Intelli-Step, which is highly accurate and can provide users with achievable goals.

All work with the console is guided so users will not become confused, and the machine has a built-in safety feature known as the Intelli-Guard, which is patented and works by stopping all movement from the treadmill’s belt if you step away from it for more than 20 seconds.

The console also allows for a high amount of connectivity, which can be achieved through the USB port on its side. Progress and statistics can then be viewed from a computer or mobile device.

Unfortunately, customer service with the LifeSpan company is not known to be excellent, so any difficulties that users may have with the product might take a while to get sorted out.

Due to certain errors, the item may also arrive with incorrect pieces for assembly, and the assembled product will need regular lubrication and maintenance to function properly. But if you want a wealth of options for a price that is fairly reasonable, this may be a treadmill to consider.

But if you want a wealth of options for a price that is fairly reasonable, this may be a treadmill to consider.

3. Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill


This treadmill was rated as a “Best Buy” item by the Treadmill Doctor and as a “Value Buy” by the Good Housekeeping Institute. It is foldable via two hydraulic shocks, making it as light as a feather to open and close.

Manufactured from strong welded steel, the product is easy to assemble and remains sturdy and unshaken even under high-intensity workouts.

This machine is built with a silent, responsive, and powerful motor in order to adapt quickly to changes in speed settings, and the machine makes use of variable response cushioning to becoming flexible to footfalls and firmer when a user lifts their feet, adding to shock absorption and providing added support.

It holds up to a maximum of 300 lbs and comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, a two-year warranty on parts, and a one-year warranty on labor.

Reaching speeds of up to 10 MPH, this product also has an adjustable incline of up to 10% and comes equipped with 30 workout applications, including a manual plan, 10 step goal workouts,

10 distance-based programs, 6 calorie-goal apps, and 3 interval exercise sessions. Each one is easy to access for all users in order to help them achieve the level of fitness they desire.

A comprehensive backlit 5” console monitors basic data, including heart rate that is monitored via a pulse grip. The treadmill is fitted with sonic surround sound speakers that are compatible with most MP3 players and is also equipped with fitness fans in order to keep users cool while they run.

The product is known to run well, but at the same time, may face malfunctions and require repairs after a period of time if a more defective unit is purchased, which should not happen for the price. The machine’s console also does not have a minute-mile display, which may turn off some users.

However, if that is not high on your priority list, then this product works well and is worth considering if you would like a gym quality trainer!

The machine’s console also does not have a minute-mile display, which may turn off some users. However, if that is not high on your priority list, then this product works well and is worth considering if you would like a gym quality trainer!

Wrapping It Up

Whilst you may be limited by budget, that does not mean you cannot get a great treadmill that will meet all of your needs. From low-impact machines, all the way to those that wouldn't look out of place in a top gym. You really do get a lot for your money these days.

For a full guide to the best treadmills, you can read our complete buyers guide.

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