The Best Socks For Sweaty and Smelly Feet

Best Socks For Smelly Feet

Our feet bear the brunt of our weight, are engaged in support and work the moment we wake up, and carry this load for a lifetime.

Obviously, there’s a lot of wear and tear in the form of blisters, pains, cracked toes, sweaty soles, microbial infection, and so on.

A good pair of socks could prevent all of these things while providing additional support via compression gradient fabrics, wicking away sweat and preventing infections. How do you go about choosing the right pair of socks to aid your feet?

We’ve reviewed the best socks for sweaty feet below that come in a wide range of prices, features, and designs. You can go with any one of these based on your preference and they should help with having constant wet and smelly feet.

Vitalsox VT1211 Graduated Compression Socks with DryStat

Vitalsox is a well-known brand that ships socks made in Italy. If that’s not a major plus point to buy these compression socks, their USP should convince you to give them a try. They have patented DryStat fiber which is used in making these diamond patterned socks. It allows for maximum moisture control. This means less sweating, less fear of fungal and bacterial infections, and the comfort of dry feet even as you hike, race or train for extended periods of time.

Other pros to consider while spending on these graduated compression sports socks are:

  1. Eleven different colors to choose from, comfort and style, all in one pair!
  2. Competitive prices as compared to Travelsox, Pure, etc.
  3. Wicking fabric that draws moisture away from the body. Although the feel is like cotton, these socks absorb very little moisture.
  4. 12- 20 mm Hg pressure compression around ankles, starting at midfoot, to promote blood circulation, and provide ample support to reduce injuries.
  5. Maintain elasticity and soft feel, and do not roll down even after several washes.
  6. Extra padding on the soles, tighter around the calves, keep feet warm and cocooned.
  7. Inserted with layers of elastic fiber, and silverstat that prevents odor and microbe growth.

Of course, no product is perfect, there’s always room for improvement. Vitalsox VT1211 cannot be used in the washer dryer unless you want to do away with the silvrstat technology, so hand washes only for longer shelf life.

If you aren’t used to long socks, these might take some time to get used to, the good news is, they don’t dig into your legs at the top.

We highly recommend this pair for people who wear socks for long durations and need to have dry feet all along.

Eurosocks OTC Ski Socks With MicroSupreme Moisture Control

These Ski socks use patented MicroSupreme fiber in addition to Drystat technology, that wick water away from your body as well as controlling moisture, discouraging growth of fungus and bacteria.


  1. Affordable
  2. A combination of Nylon, Spandex and Microsupreme fiber to give you a snug fit.
  3. Engineered design with specific ankle to calf and insole ratios, for optimal blood circulation.
  4. Warm and soft feel texture, also good at self-drying.
  5. Made in Italy, so you can be assured of quality material and construction.
  6. Stay up on your legs, no rolling down despite strenuous activity.
  7. Thick around the sole, warm overall, but do not lend themselves to sweaty conditions.


  1. More padding around the toes would be better, you can feel the temperature difference around the feet and toes after a while.
  2. Do not hold up after a couple of washes which is a pity. Roll down easily and develop kinks.
  3. Do not hold up under extreme weather conditions.

We would recommend these socks if you are only looking for short duration usage. For longer shelf life, maybe shell out more money on a durable pair.

Travelsox TSS6000 Travel & Dress Socks With DryStat

USP: Made with polypropylene which is a thermoplastic polymer. Coupled with Silvr Drystat technology, maintains warmth, keeps feet dry, reduces microbe growth and wicks moisture away from the body.

These socks aren’t just designed for athletes, they can be used every day for better heel support, all day wear improved blood circulation and avoiding leg injuries.


  1. Superior moisture management for longer durations.
  2. Unique shock absorbing system with terry looped padding from toe to heel.
  3. Technically sound expansion joints that do not lend to sheering or wrinkling.
  4. Ultra thin construction leads to less friction, rubbing, and irritation.
  5. Patented technology for the combination of fibers used, unlike other graduated compression socks, these aren’t bulky.
  6. 10 – 18 mm HG pressure compression that’s comfortably snug without feeling constricted.
  7. Improved blood circulation, people with blood clotting issues can try these to beneficial effects.
  8. Can be used for 16 hours plus durations. Good circulation even when you are mostly immobile, like in a long flight.
  9. Can be machine washed and still maintain their elasticity.
  10. Can be worn as dress socks since they aren’t bulky or high compression.
  11. No woolen content, no scratching, itching or pinching at the top.


  1. Although advertised for all purpose use, wouldn’t hold in extreme weather conditions being medium weight and medium compression.
  2. The engineered design makes it so that the compression is high around the feet but slackens as you go up. Not an ideal solution for avoiding swollen ankles and feet.
  3. The sizing chart needs to be updated, some regular fits turn out smaller while others run above the knee.
  4. While the toe to heel extra padding is unique, sometimes it increases the temperature significantly around the soles leading to extreme discomfort.

In conclusion, Travelsox’ Drystat OTC pairs are better than most medically advertised graduated compression socks at moisture wicking, so if you are that person who sweats a lot, these are the socks for you.

2XU Women's Compression Performance Run Socks

We would be remiss in reviewing socks for sweaty feet, and not including a pair designed specifically for women. So here’s a pair that caters to the fairer sex with sweaty feet.


  1. The combination of Nylon and Elastane(Spandex) that allows for durability and elasticity for all kinds of movements.
  2. PWX Flex technology that allows the fabric to wrap around your muscle groups more snugly with increased support and blood flow.
  3. Flatlock technology at the upper band. Stops socks from rolling down yet avoids pinching while offering a streamlined fit.
  4. Graduated compression socks, less muscle fatigue, avoids post exercise stiffness by regulating blood circulation.
  5. UPF 50+ sun protection to avoid tanning.
  6. High filament yarn helps in wicking moisture away from the body and keeping skin dry. Also has antibacterial properties.
  7. Compressed feet, relaxed pressure on toes.
  8. Available in 16 different color combinations. No compromise on your style quotient even as you train, jog, run, travel, ski, and so on!
  9. Technically high compression gradient socks that help with post-exercise recovery too.


  1. Steep prices per pair.
  2. Unlike other non-sweating compression gradient socks, these are made with thinner fabrics for design and feel. Unfortunately, this also results in easy ripping and shrinkage.
  3. Requires extreme caution with washing and handling, and even after that, could easily get ripped.
  4. Short shelf life for the price it comes at.

If you are looking for a pair of socks that look tactful and trendy even as you train for high-performance exercises, this is the pair for you. Burns a hole through your pocket, but does serve its purpose, i.e., compression, no sweat, dry feet and no chafing.

Go2 Compression Socks

These socks are designed for people who are on their feet all day long.


  1. Affordable and long lasting.
  2. Anti bacteria and anti-odor. Even after an all day session, you won’t have smelly or sweaty feet.
  3. Rough handling and machine wash. No extra care needed to maintain elasticity and comfort.
  4. 20 mm Hg compression, ideal for all day wear, no swelling, no blood clots, ample support for leg muscles.
  5. Help your legs stay pain-free, and boost post workout recovery.
  6. Can be worn with other socks for extreme weather conditions. The moisture wicking still holds up, keeping legs warm and sweat free.
  7. Do not roll down after multiple uses, stay up below the knees.
  8. Unisex design. Comes in a range of colors and patterns.
  9. Excellent calves to foot ratio, clear sizing charts helpful in purchasing the perfect pair.


  1. The elastic band at the top might be too snug for comfort. It’s good in the long term but for the first few uses, might leave marks. On the same note, since they’re built for long term use, the extra tight fit makes it difficult to get them on and off initially.
  2. Feel a little stiff, not all socks require a breaking in period, but this pair does.

As compression socks go, this one is affordable and durable, but by the same token, doesn’t use patented high tech fibers like other expensive sweat free socks, resulting in chafing, stiffness and discomfort for the first couple of uses. You need to give them time to get to the smooth sailing part.

Dickies Men's Dri-Tech Comfort Crew Socks

This is the most affordable set of socks amongst the ones we’ve reviewed today. They won't burn a hole in your pocket. Let’s look at what you’ll be getting for your money:


  1. Made with blend of cotton, nylon, spandex and polyester, the feel is comfortable yet elastic enough to fit snugly.
  2. Made for moisture wicking, keeps feet dry in all conditions.
  3. Air flow management with ventilation channels designed in the weave. Socks pattern allows easy air circulation.
  4. Extra compression band around the arches for greater control.
  5. Reciprocated and reinforced toes and heels. Cradled pockets weave that allow greater flexibility in these areas and last longer.
  6. Fully cushioned sole for all day comfort.
  7. Stain resistant fabric looks fresh even after multiple washes.
  8. Good to be worn in all seasons.


  1. These socks shed a little after the first few washes. It’s smooth sailing after that.
  2. Fabric composition keeps changing with different orders.
  3. Bunch up a little inside shoes, feeling a little slippery.
  4. Band at the upper end isn’t good enough to hold up for long durations. Socks keep rolling down and have to be pulled up, which gets irritating after a while.
  5. These socks run large, sizing issues while ordering needs an updated and proper size chart with correct measures to avoid the hassle of returning and reordering.

Dickies are good for your pockets, to keep your feet sweat free, for regular use, easy wash and care and general usage. For high-performance activities, go for proper compression gradient socks.

Drymax Run Hyper Thin Mini Crew Socks

Drymax makes the lightest socks for sweaty feet. These are designed for running and can withstand moisture buildup for a long time.


  1. These are the lightest running socks compared to other heavy duty performance socks.
  2. 2. Double layered socks. An inner dry max layer wicks moisture away from the body instantly relaying it to an outer absorbent layer.
  3. 3. Padded with dense volume fabric as opposed to thick fabric, resulting in extra protection and warmth.
  4. 4. Designed with wedge heels to prevent slipping.
  5. 5. Breathable mesh fabric that keeps feet dry and cool.
  6. 6. Antibacterial, anti-blister and odor free.


  1. These are designed to keep your feet sweat free while running. Using them under harsher conditions will lead to torn fabric, holes, and quick disintegration.
  2. Shouldn’t be used under extreme weather conditions either.
  3. Very expensive for medium usage socks that do not offer the additional support and benefits of other compression gradient socks in the same range.

Now that you have a good idea of what’s on offer at what prices, which pair would you go for? We recommend socks that suit your needs rather than going for the most expensive or feature rich pair.

Kelly is a personal fitness trainer and nutrition expert who has worked with clients all over the world. With over 15 years in the health and fitness industry she will be sharing her knowledge with the Fitness Fixation community.