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Best Gym Bags for Your Workout Gear

Are you gearing up to meet your goals in the gym? Or are you already an avid gym bunny looking to upgrade to the best gym bags technology? Here’s our round up of the top picks to help you make the best pick for your needs and budget.

How do I pick my gym bag?

Because a gym bag is, at heart, just a piece of luggage people get tempted to skimp on costs. After all, can that pricey piece really offer something different to your local budget brand name? It’s not quite as simple as that!

Look at how the bag is constructed

While you certainly do get excellent budget buys, a cheaper bag is significantly more likely to be less well constructed then a more expensive one.

So it’s especially vital you pay careful attention to how the bag is made, especially if you need to make a pocket-friendly purchase. While you won’t be travelling further then the gym with your bag, this handy guide on evaluating the merits of luggage [] can help guide you as to what to look for.

In short, it’s durability. Your gym bag takes every bit as much a beating as your suitcase. It’s going to be packed to bursting with everything you need for your workout, and then the holder of your sweaty gym shoes and a couple of weight plates. Oh…and don’t forget that resistance band! It’s essential the seams hold up to this abuse.

What features should I evaluate?

Tough zippers should be a must on every bag- you will be opening and closing this bag over and over again, and there’s nothing more frustrating than having to do it with delicate cat paws and a prayer every time you have to open it.

Good straps should be considered non-negotiable on any bag you purchase. A slightly broader strap will mean more comfort carrying your gym tote. Don’t just look at the strap itself though.

Give careful consideration to the durability and construction of all parts of the strap- metal clips are usually more likely to last then plastic, although nylon can give a good working life too.

Material can be a matter of personal taste, but rather opt for durable fabrics like rip stop nylon, canvas and leather. Nylon must be rip stop, and preferably with double tacked seams, or you’re being fobbed off with a cheap bag that won’t last through your fist trip.

Leather can be pricey but gives a rich, executive feel; while canvas is a go-to rugged choice that will be with you for years. With many different colours and prints available, you can find one for your personality easily.

What about size and capacity?

When considering what capacity of gym bag to opt for, give careful thought to how you use your bag. It doesn’t matter if your skimpy Zumba kit fits perfectly in that teeny tiny kit bag, if the same kit bag will have to play temporary home to your business suit while you’re at class.

A bag that needs to carry special equipment may be simpler for you if you’re using your gym bag for sports- that way you can keep all your kit in one place, rather than needing to haul around two bags.

Make a list of everything the bag is going to need to hold, and you’ll be well on the way to picking the right size and style gym bag for you.

Make sure the bag fits you

Also think carefully about your lifestyle. If you have to leave the bag in your office during the day, then that neon yellow tote may not be the right choice for you.

People who commute on the subway may need a more compact style bag then those with private transport, and a waterproof option is very likely best for you if you need to walk any distance with your bag.

Do you need pockets? How many? This is a personal choice, but one that bears thinking carefully about before you get frustrated that your new purchase doesn’t give you what you need. The same goes for extra features like drink holders and wheels.

They may not be essential to your particular gym lifestyle, but give them consideration before you buy so you don’t find yourself frustrated later.

Compartmentalised bags can be useful if you are the sort to use them, but frustrating if you are more of a ‘toss and go’ gym goer.

If you’ve never really thought about what a good gym bag should hold before, then try these useful gym bag tips [] to make sure you’re packing everything you need.

Best Gym Bags for Your Workout Comparison
ModelMain FeatureWeightRATING 
Gbag leatherWater-Resistant15.2 Ounces4.6/5
Underarmour UndeniableAbrasion-Resistant1.2 Pounds4.6/5
Nike Brasilia 6Lifetime Guarantee3.7 Pounds4.4/5
Overboard 5l tube bag100% Waterproof11.2 Ounces4.5/5
Kroeus fitness bagMultifunctional23.9 Ounces5/5

Best Gym Bags – Reviews

To give you some idea of how to look for quality in your gym bag, we’ve included these five fabulous picks from across all budget ranges to guide you.


Gbag Leather Cabin/gym bag

For a relatively unknown range, the Gbag leather duffel gets an extraordinary amount of praise from users. Leather can be very hit-and-miss at the budget end of the spectrum, and the Gbag gym bag comes in at less than $100 dollars.

However, users praise its quality of construction over and over again, from leather quality right through to stitching. This is a bag built to last.

At roughly 18.5”x13.5” with an 8” width it’s a moderate sized bag. The shoulder strap is fully adjustable and comes with a comfort pad for carrying.

It is canvas lined, so your sweaty sneakers won’t seep into the leather, and offers two side pockets as well as the main compartment.

If you’re looking for suitable corporate camouflage to grab and go from the office, this may well be the right gym bag for you- it will easily look like a second laptop bag sitting in the corner of your office.

Underarmour Undeniable Duffle Bag

Underarmour are a budget brand fast conquering the sporting world, and this particular duffle is probably symptomatic of why.

Although it’s made of polyester with a fairly generic branding look, this bag provides mid-range quality at a budget price.

At 22”x11”x10” there’s more than enough space for anything you want to throw at it- and it will hold it all. It’s even suitable to hold basketballs and other sporting equipment.

The range is lined in black to avoid spills, stains and dirt showing up. There’s a shoulder strap for easy carrying, and a number of pockets to ensure smaller items don’t get lost in the large main compartment.

This is a remake of an older-style underarmour bag, and while it does seem that some user-friendly features have fallen by the wayside, its predecessor had a lifespan of 20 years, giving some idea of the longevity of this brand.

Nike Brasilia 6 Gym Bags

At 24”x12”x13”, this addition to the solid and dependable Nike line gives a good balance of ease of use and size. It’s available in a whole range of colours from a discrete black to bold pink, but do be aware that the large Nike tick will be branded on every model.

Of course, when we’re talking gym going there’s no shame in being caught with Nike in your hands! The external pocket is a zipper compartment, which is always a good way to avoid accidents, and there’s a nice blend of other zipper and Velcro compartments.

It also has the wide U style zip on the main compartment, a premium feature that makes it considerable easier to access the bag’s contents then a traditional straight zip.

There’s also a ventilated side for wet clothes and sneakers. While you do pay a bit of a premium for the Nike name on their merchandise the Brasilia can be picked up for a good price if you do a little savvy shopping.

Having said that, some consumer mention issues with ripping, which really is not on for even a budget offering from a line as premium as Nike.

Do bear in mind, however, that Nike is a brand that is much counterfeited. It is always wise to be very careful in your source and make sure you are buying genuine goods always.

Overboard 5l Tube Bag

Gym bag design isn’t always the most innovative out there. It also doesn’t always cater well to the avid exerciser who isn’t a traditional gym goer.

The overboard features a design more in keeping with water sports then the traditional gym bag, a fact carried forward in its waterproof design. With nylon covered tarpaulin and electrically welded seams, nothing is getting in or out of this one.

There’s an add-on D-ring and shoulder strap that ships with the unit but the hand carry strap is padded and comfortable. Roll top closure seals the deal.

While the ability of your bag to float probably isn’t top of your mind when heading to the latest Virgin gym, this bag doubles well for those who love water sports and will float-even with contents- for a few hours should it drop into the waves.

For a gym goer who loves the beach too, and who wants a simple, no-fuss bag to sling their kit in, this is the perfect choice for you.

Kroeus Fitness Bag

A slim though large gym bag that screams utter discretion. There’s no obtrusive branding on this one, making it another good choice for the executive on the run.  

It’s water resistant, so a good choice for urban gym goers and commuters too. Instead of a shoulder strap if offers a cross-body strap for a little more comfort if you have to carry it long distances too.

This 3 way ability [handbag/shoulder bag/messenger bag] is a feature consumers appreciate, as it makes it easier to fit into your daily life.

There’s a few colour combinations available for you to choose from, so you aren’t limited to just the black and white. 230D Nylon is a lightweight choice. While not the best for heavy loads, it folds down and packs easily should you be travelling with it too.

There’s two padded inner compartments [designed as one clothes/one shoes] and a zippered pouch for electronics and valuables.


You couldn’t go wrong with any of these top 5 gym bag picks, although the Gbag leather gym bag will remain our particular favourite simple for offering a high quality leather at a budget price.

Whatever your needs [and those of your pocket book] there’s a gym bag out there to suit- it’s just a matter of knowing what you want and need from your gym bag.

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