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Best Ab Machine Reviewed in 2017/2018 – MUST READ

Whether you're male of female there's a good chance you've envied chiselled abs. These are the hardest for most people to gain because most of the exercises are boring or repetitive. However, there's a fix–which is why we create the best ab machine reviews article.

Crunches hurt your back, side lifts make you feel like you're doing the can-can. And even then you can work hard and see little results. The ab muscles support the body and hold the internal organs in place. They make up the body's core muscles along with some of the muscles in the back.

Effective abdominal exercises train the core muscle group rather than a specific muscle. This is why crunches are so effective, they don't target core on it's own. Pilates and stability ball exercises are both some of the best around for working on your core in general, but they're often quite passive and don't provide a challenging enough workout.

While light balance exercises are a good start if you want a strong toned core then an ab machine can help you isolate just your core when working out. They're the ideal solution for focusing on your core and nothing else without being boring or repetitive, in fact, many come with a range of workouts that can be done on just one device.

Best Ab wheels
ModelMain FeaturesOur RatingPrice 
Perfect Fitness Ab Carver ProRubberized Handles3.7 /5$
Elite Sportz Equipment Ab WheelDual Wheels for Stability4.2 /5$
Ab Wow RollerSilent3.8 /5$
Wonder Core Smart Fitness Twister8+ Motions4.4 /5$$
Thane Ab Doer Twist abdominal TrainerLower Body Workout3.7 /5$$

Best Ab Machine Reviews

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

This is one of the cheapest fitness devices out there, even cheaper than an exercise ball. It's designed to use kinetic motion to work your abs.  This is a machine known as an ab wheel that you can actually buy much cheaper, but there's a reason that this is more.

An ab wheel uses your core muscles in a motion that is efficient and simple, it can be altered to work the lats as well. The wheel is spring loaded which gives it better resistance and it's also balanced so it doesn't wobble. The wheel is much wider which also helps with stability and the handles are curved to make the motion easier on your wrists.

  • Rubberized Handles
  • Single Motion
  • Balanced
  • Pros:

The ab wheel concept can work for anyone and it requires very little space to be effective. This works for both men and women and is better constructed than other wheels. This is an exercise that works on quality not quantity so you also don't have to do it long to see results.

It works on your arms as well as your core so you're working three muscle groups simultaneously. As you get more advanced you can use a smaller incline to roll on which means there's also potential to keep improving even when you've been using it for a while. It also has kinetic assist to make the return motion easier.

  • Cons:

The exercise requires you to be balanced on your knees which may be problematic for one. While there's a lot of reasons this one has superior design it's still just a basic ab wheel. This isn't an exercise that you can just start out with and get results instantly.

It's intended to be slow going and it will take you about 2-3 months to perfect the rolling motion enough to be able to avoid strains. Form is really important with the wheel and this isn't a quick solution. The wheel is also far from silent and the rubberized edging may leave scuff marks on the floor.


Elite Sportz Equipment Ab Wheel


This is about half the price of the Ab Carver Pro, and you're also getting about half the wheel. It's nowhere near as wide, instead choosing to use two small, slim wheels for the rolling motion. The two wheeled design means it's incredibly stable, but it's missing a few features.

This is a much more basic wheel, and perhaps a choice for beginners who don't know if an ab wheel is going to be the right ab machine for them.

  • Simple Design
  • Single Motion
  • Dual wheels for stability
  • Pros:

The two wheeled design is infinitely more stable than the single wheel and this makes it much safer for anyone with back problems.

This is important because as you get tired you're more likely to use improper form and the two wheeled design will stop you from tipping or dipping with the wheel. It's a simple design which means you don't have to worry about things like oil leaking or internal components breaking like with the Ab Carver Pro.

  • Cons:

The handles are ergonomically designed but not curved which makes it a little harder on your wrists and hands to hold. There's an option for slanted handles but not curved. There's also no instructions or videos with the product so if you want to learn how to use it you'll have to hunt them down yourself. The piece itself is just plastic and it feels cheap.

Ab Wow Roller


This is a must on our best ab machine reviews.. While you could get bands and attempt to many any other ab wheel into the same machine this is already designed for you.

It's a basic dual wheel ab roller but it has resistance bands that attach to the wheel and your feet so you can push yourself even harder than just using the wheel alone. It also comes with a guide, knee pad and a travel bag.

The machine is made of a sturdy PVC that's designed to hold up to 500lb, making it much stronger than the Elite Sportz wheel, and you can feel the difference in hand. The wheel is designed to be silent and not to leave scuff marks on a smooth floor.

The knee pad is incredibly useful as it's non slip so it's more effective than a towel but won't hamper your exercise like a mat would. This is ideal for someone already familiar with an ab wheel who wants to take their workout to the next level.

  • Non Scuff/silent
  • Single Motion
  • Resistance Bands
  • Pros:

This is a nice sturdy design, comparable to that of the Elite Sportz and it's ideal for use on delicate wood floors since it doesn't leave a mark. The bungee is a great additive to what would obviously be a limited exercise after a while so you can keep making it harder and harder.

The wheel is nice quality and has cushioned handles for comfort, though they're still straight. The straps also mean that if you're a beginner you won't have to brace against a wall for stability. The wheels are pretty big too which also improves the stability.

  • Cons:

Finding genuine reviews of this product isn't easy, many are paid or fake which doesn't put the product in a good light – after all, why pay for reviews if your product really works?

The knee pad isn't designed for smooth floors and it doesn't grip well so it will slide with you, making it pointless if you're working on wood or tile. The resistance bands are also not great quality and they're prone to snapping which gets costly if you plan on using them.

Wonder Core Smart Fitness Twister


Moving on from ab wheels the Wonder Core is considered one of the best ab machine reviews showing it uses dual springs and over 8 different motions to create resistance and improve core strength.

The original design has been improved upon with a portion of the board that twists so that you can get better motion for side and lat movement. The dual resistance works your muscles in two directions which improves upon the ab wheel design.

There's also a DVD and meal plan. It's fully assembled, unlike the Ab Wow, and can be used immediately.

  • Dual Resistance
  • 8+ motions
  • Floor Workout
  • Pros:

Unlike the ab wheels this requires less focus on balance and perfection of form. Since you're getting dual direction resistance you're getting a workout that is twice as effective.

This is a form of assisted floor workout so many of the motions will already be familiar, meaning you get start pushing hard immediately without having to get used to it. The fold flat design is easy to store and the handles are foam coated for comfort.

If you're not a fan of the twisting seat you can also get the original which doesn't include the pivot motion. You can also do additional exercises like pushups with it.

  • Cons:

The biggest issue with this is the pivot, it destabilizes you and you risk twisting while performing a motion which could cause tears or strains. It's very easy to get a strain or injury with this motion.

The bottom doesn't have a lot of grip so it will also move as you're working out unless you've got it on a very grippy surface. This is poor for anyone who suffers with back issues – something that core workouts should improve but this only focuses on abs alone, arms alone etc.

Thane Ab Doer Twist abdominal Trainer

As the most expensive machine here what are you getting? Well, this focuses wholly on the abs, you're not getting a core workout like using a wheel but you're getting a little bit harder machine to use too.

This isn't like the Wonder Core as it can't be used for anything other than abs. It's also suitable for aerobic workouts though which means you have the potential for a higher calorie burn using this than any of the other items.

This is very much designed as a seat that swivels and flexes to reach several different muscles that floor work alone cant. There's also DVDs and information included with it to get you familiar with the product.

  • Pros:

The Twister focuses mostly on the lower body, something that is the entire opposite of the ab wheel. This works the hips, buttocks, thighs and obliques as well as the abs. The seat includes a stabilizer and is rated for up to 300lb.

You can also buy an extra resistance rod to increase the difficulty once you've gotten familiar with it. The seat also has back support which makes you less likely to injure your back during use, unlike the Wonder Core.

  • Cons:

This isn't great for actual ab muscle work, it works everything else, but the abs are more of an afterthought than a focus.  The device is a little jerky and the fact that the resistance rods (practically essential) don't come with it is frustrating.

You're not going to see an impressive result out of this so perhaps it's better for an older person who wants light exercise rather than hardcore muscle building.

How to Pick The Best Ab Machine: Buyers Guide


Ab machines come in so many different varieties it's rather difficult to choose. The simplest of all machines is the humble ab wheel.

These work your upper body and entire core by forcing you to balance. This is ideal for someone who wants real strength results and to improve all the muscles that make up the core.

Most ab workout machines aren't intended on being aerobic, and they won't give you a huge calorie burn. A machine that works your entire core is infinitely better than one that just focuses on the abs alone, the reason for this is that you need your entire core for strength and simply working on the abs alone will not improve your strength.

Look for something that is sturdy overall because your core is the most vulnerable to injury because it deals with so many groups simultaneously.

The fact is that to see your ab muscles you have to be working with a low percentage of body fat, it doesn't matter how much you crunch if they're under a thick fatty layer. By lowering your body at percentage firs you're more likely to see impressive results with an ab machine.


When buying an ab machine reviews are an important part of the process. You want to know what works and what doesn't.

Companies that promote fake reviews are everywhere, and it's a headache that means you often can't trust what you read. Purchasing an ab machine can be a great tool in a home workout program but it doesn't have to cost a fortune.

In fact, the best ab machines here are all less than $50. Now that you've seen a few you should be able to make a more informed decision and be on your way to a stronger core and chiseled abs.

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