Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum Review: Is it the Right One for You?

Chances are, you can’t wait to jump on the ‘butt bleaching’ bandwagon. The beauty trend appears to be revamping sex lives across the globe and the market is awash with products to prove it.

The thing is, with so many options, how do you choose the right one for you? Especially when you’re dealing with your most sensitive body parts. You’re right to be cautious, because all anal bleaching creams are not made the same – and no one wants to deal with a burning booty, from products containing harsh chemicals.

So, we went on the hunt for a natural product to take care of your delicate skin, while giving you the shiny, new results you’re looking for. After heavy research, we discovered that Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum is winning in the popularity stakes, and with good reason.

Why? Here’s what we found out in our Amaira review.

Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum Contains Effective, All-Natural Ingredients

The first thing that catches your eye on the manufacturer’s website, is that Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum contains extracts from all-natural ingredients to lighten your skin.

So, it’s free of harsh chemicals, like nasty hydroquinone. Amaira claims that the product is specifically designed to lighten sensitive areas like the scrotum, anus, and vagina, safely and effectively.

When you use the cream consistently, you’ll achieve a lighter skin tone in a few weeks, depending on the depth of your original color. It’s not only for your naughty bits either, as the formula works to lighten up blemishes, including birthmarks, spots, and hyperpigmentation.

Plus, you can use it to reduce the appearance of scars from issues like acne and burns. So, what are these magic whitening ingredients and do they really work?

Mulberry Extract

We went straight to science to discover the effectiveness of the main whitening ingredient in Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum. Clinical trials have proven that mulberry extract reduces melanin production, which is the reason for the darkening of the skin in the first place.

As you use the anal bleaching cream, you get rid of old skin cells. When treated with mulberry extract, the new skin cells that form will have lighter pigment.

To top it off, mulberry extract helps remove wrinkles and fine lines, by restoring fibrillin and aiding in skin elasticity.

Dendrobium Phalaenopsis

Studies prove that Dendrobium Phalaenopsis, or orchid extract, really works as an effective moisturizer, to brighten skin, encourage luminosity and improve the appearance of pigmentation.

Like mulberry extract, it’s been used for centuries in Japanese and Chinese medicine, with excellent results. When combined with mulberry extract, it softens your cells, which allows for immediate absorption.

This means the process might happen twice as fast, which is great news for your bleaching journey!

Amaira also uses Kojic Acid, which is developed from rice and mushrooms, to whiten dark pigmentation by up to three shades.

Glycolic Acid is a natural product that minimizes ingrown hairs and blocked hair follicles, which is perfect if you’re waxing the area beforehand – and that’s in the mix too.

The most important thing to note, however, is that it doesn’t contain any strong perfumes, parabens, mercury, steroids or hydroquinone, so the possibility of skin irritation is extremely low. It is possible to have adverse reactions, even to all- natural products.

Simply perform a patch test on the inside of your arm, before putting anything at all on your privates, to ease any concern – especially if you’re prone to skin reactions.

Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum is Easy to Apply

It’s not likely you want to spend a whole lot of time, bleaching your hole. All you do with Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum is read the simple instructions and apply it to the area once or twice every day. That’s it! Keep going until you’re as white as a lily if that’s your chosen color.

It’s a good idea to wax or shave the area a day before you want to start using the treatment, to ensure an even application. Gently exfoliate before you put it on, making sure not to break the skin, to get rid of dead skin cells.

If you have fairly light skin, chances are you’ll see significant results within two or three weeks. Keep in mind though, that if your skin is quite dark in the first place, the process will take a little longer.

Manufactured in the USA

It’s always a good idea to check out where your products are manufactured, especially when they’re going ‘down south’ to your nether regions. Safety standards vary wildly from country to country and you want to know you’re getting exactly what you’ve paid for.

Amaira states that the product is manufactured in the USA, in an FDA approved facility. This means ingredients used are held to high standards, in order to be approved for production in the first place.

There’s a Money Back Guarantee

A money back guarantee is always a pretty good sign of a product that produces great results, and Amaira offers a 45 day returns policy. This is plenty of time to test it out, as you’re likely to see results within the first two to three weeks. The customer support team are helpful and responsive, via the website contact form.

What’s the Downside?

Surprisingly, there doesn’t seem to be a significant downside. Amaira Intimate Lightening Cream stands out from the pack, with its all-natural formula leading the way. As with all beauty products, the cost may be the only issue, depending on your personal budget.

Though certainly not expensive when compared to salon treatments or surgery, one bottle only lasts for three to four weeks of maintenance.

However, this is more than likely enough to get the ball rolling, on the journey towards a beautified behind. The company also offers value packs of three, so you can save money if you think your skin will require extra treatment.

When it all comes down to it, this is a product that’s safe and easy to use, containing scientifically proven ingredients, to whiten your bits in the privacy of your own home. And, with a money back guarantee, it’s risk-free!

Perhaps it’s time to just go for it?

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