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Alpha Fuel XT —The Definitive Review

If you came here for a comprehensive Alpha Fuel XT review then you're in the right place. Let's start with the basics:

In the fitness world testosterone is well known as one of the most important hormones of body building. Without testosterone, you gain weight and lose muscle tone, but while both men and women have the hormone it's primarily associated with men. Men produce more testosterone and also need more to maintain their natural stamina. While there isn't a comparable product made specifically for women this product will also boost testosterone for women too.

These days many men, both young and old, are looking into supplementation to get that natural boost without resorting to artificial hormones like steroids. We'd came with a better solution: Alpha Fuel XT review.

What is Alpha Fuel XT?

Alpha Fuel XT is a supplement that aims to boost the natural production of testosterone. With higher testosterone levels people experience stronger muscles, better sexual performance, more muscle growth and improved mood. Low testosterone is something that affects the majority of men as they age. In fact, after age 20 testosterone levels steadily drop off. Testosterone boosters are popular products, and there's no denying that a boost in production does help, but is the Alpha Fuel XT the product to do it?

Alpha Fuel doesn't actually add testosterone like bee or pine pollen, so you're not actually ingesting the hormone. The way it works is that it prompts your own endocrine system to produce more. This is totally natural which makes it better than simply ingesting testosterone which can damage your body's natural production methods.

What's in it?

Alpha Fuel XT is made up of several key ingredients, as well as these it also contains Magnesium and Zinc to help with muscle building. There's also curcumin, a natural anti-inflammatory and Horny Goat Weed which is known to counteract the hormone Cortisol, which can cut down on weight gain triggered by stress.

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  • Tongkat Ali – a well-known testosterone builder, also known for stimulating the sex drive
  • Avena Sativa – Improves mental function and free-testosterone levels
  • Piper Nigrum – Black Pepper extract used to improve absorption by the body
  • Nettle Root – Has some benefit to testosterone levels but it better used for promoting recovery after a workout.
  • Mucuna Pruiens – Known to raise testosterone levels in trials of infertile men
  • Ashwagandha – According to studies the herb can raise testosterone levels by as much as 17 percent.
  • Tribulus Terrestris – Used for improved cardiovascular health
  • Diindolylmethane – Promotes healthy hormone balances and prevents testosterone being converted into estrogen.

There are no reported side effects from any of these ingredients, which is a major bonus, but you do have to remember to cycle the product as advised so you don't damage your body's own testosterone production system. The recommended dose is one capsule twice daily, but you have to combine it with diet and exercise as well.

The Product: Alpha Fuel XT Review


•For many people, the product works well. It makes them feel good, energized, and have a noticeable stamina boost. Since actual testosterone levels can only be measured with sensitive lab equipment it's rather ambiguous if it really does this. An increase in libido has also been reported but in much smaller amounts than the company claims.

•Probably the most notable result of taking the product is a pronounced increase in muscle size, and though the company advocates it improves strength too.

•Probably the biggest pro of this product over others is the impressive ingredients list. Almost all of the products listed are well known as testosterone boosters and have been proved scientifically to have positive results. Not only that but the list includes supplements that do so much more than boosting testosterone, they actually make sure your body is better able to absorb and use it


•You have to stop using the product for 4-6 weeks and cycle it in a 4-6 week cycle. It's also required that you workout every day which may not work with your schedule. The cost alone is quite prohibitive with a months supply being almost a hundred dollars. You're spending a lot of money just to find out if it works for you without there being any guarantees.

•The company is also under investigation for fraud because they bill without permission for repeat products and are the actual amount of any of the ingredients in the product is questionable. In fact with their questionable “experts” the entire business practice seems shady.

•Some consumers have noted they only felt they got results after doubling the recommended dose. Others have commented that the product seems to take a long time to work and they only get limited results after their second bottle.

•Many of the positive Alpha Fuel XT reviews have no more information than two words and don't say what the actual experience is which makes them seem fake or paid for. Some savvy consumers have actually found that the “real” video reviews are by paid sponsor actors! In their adverts they also use “physicians” to certify their products, only they're actually chiropractic doctors rather than medical doctors!

Where to Buy it

View on Amazon
View on Amazon

You can buy the product direct from the company, but not from any local stores like GNC or Walmart. The only other option is Amazon.

The problem with their website is that if you agree to the “free” bottle you're automatically signed up for auto-billing. This means that even if you don't plan on buying another bottle you're automatically debited for the next $180 payment.

While there are controversies over billing you can avoid them by getting the product cheaper direct from Amazon. So even if you're put off by the conflicting Alpha Fuel XT reviews you can still avoid getting scammed.


This is our Alpha Fuel XT Review. All in one, it's not a scam, the company really does exist and the product does work for some people. In fact, some people have had great results when combining it with Alpha Cut so maintain weight and gain muscle. The ingredients themselves are proven to work, but whether the combination in this product does is questionable. We hope this Alpha Fuel XT review has helped you in deciding whether this is the right product for you.

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