Adele’s Amazing Body Transformation – Weight Loss, Diet & Exercise Routine

The world-renowned singer Adele has been on news headlines ever since her famous musical debut during the 2007-2008 period and for good reason!


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Her magical voice and deeply powerful lyrics propelled her to worldwide fame after she released her debut album 19 which went seven times platinum! As is the case with almost all celebrities around the world, her popularity grew exponentially alongside her success.

She commands a huge following on her social media accounts for example on Instagram where she has over 29 million followers.

It is no secret that is the ‘world standard’ for female celebrities involves having a petite frame and/or defined feminine features but she managed to rise to stardom in spite of this fact.  One of the most conspicuous aspects about her is that she is not your ordinary size 0-2 female celebrity.  

For a celebrity standing at 5’9 and dress size 16, it is no wonder that she stands out among her peers. Nevertheless, she still faced a lot of criticism about her looks.

How Did Adele Lose So Much Weight?

  • Step 1 – She dropped all sugar from her diet
  • Step 2 – She exercised 3 times a week (see typical workout routine below)
  • Step 3 – Took the ‘Bikini Body Workout Program‘ by Jen Ferruggia

During an interview with the Daily Mail back in 2009, she revealed that she has always been confident about her looks which she claims was one of the pillars on which she built her life thanks to her mother.

However, not everything health-wise has been rosy for the ‘Someone like you’ hit-maker.  Looking back to the earlier days in her career, she admitted to not paying too much attention to her eating habits and lifestyle in general.

At one point, she is said to have been indulging in way too much take-out, smoking heavily and drinking well over 10 cups of tea/coffee per day.  Lots of ‘feel good foods’ which are often sugar-based alongside fatty foods made up most of her high-calorie diet.

In a picture of Adele that surfaced in early 2014 all through to the end of 2015 showed a clear change in appearance. She looked like she had gained over 30Lbs. Also having given birth to a bouncing baby boy in 2012 Adele gained some considerable weight as is expected with most mothers.

Recently Adele has come out looking slimmer and sexier than ever! Her appearances on Vogue, Vanity Fair and most recently Time Magazine gave us a glimpse of this very beautiful woman that we had never seen before!

The dramatic reveal during her performance at the Glastonbury festival in June 2016 and consequent world tour all the way to 2017 had the press publishing her past photos in comparison to how amazing she currently looks. (See our full list of celeb diets here)

The Grammy awards later had everyone not even remembering how Adele looked before the amazing transformation. In this exclusive article, we reveal how Adele achieved this extreme makeover.

Change from Within

Interestingly enough, Adele admits to not making too many drastic changes in her lifestyle to achieve this glamorous look! The famous British musician maintains that obsessing over how you look will really rarely work in your favor.

“Your mind is your biggest asset in your journey towards becoming a healthier, sexier individual.”  

In her interview with Rolling Stone, Adele clearly states that even if she had the ‘perfect body’ she would not be caught dead exposing herself indecently by how she dresses. She also explained that there needs to be a proper motivation that one should work towards during their weight-loss journey.

You are what you eat

While Adele says that she thoroughly enjoys fine dining and good wine she says that she has had to find a balance that works in her favor. There are also reports that Adele’s battle with weight loss was greatly aided with the total abandonment of curry in her diet!

“Not too many people know this but one of my favorite foods is curry!” Adele confessed in an exclusive interview.

In addition to this, being on the road for her tours inadvertently led her to yield into poor eating habits. She says that her diet currently consists mainly of fruits and vegetables. In one of her recent interviews, she says that one of the best decisions she’s made thus far is to drop smoking.

Jennifer Irvine her nutritionist expressed to her how important it was for her to quit this habit if she wanted to remain healthy and maintain her powerful vocals.

She also helped her incorporate a well-balanced diet which her trainer also reinforced by encouraging her to ‘eat it all’ albeit in moderation, combined with the switch to a workout routine that was designed to kick-start her metabolism and boost her energy.

In an interview with Now Magazine, Adele revealed that she achieved the amazing body transformation. She says that her trainer Pete Geracimo and her nutritionist Jennifer Irvine advised her to do the following:

  • Give up smoking
  • Reduce/eliminate caffeine and sugar from her diet and increase antioxidants in her diet
  • Reduce her intake of processed foods
  • Balance eating fruits, green vegetables,  seafood, lean proteins and complex carbs
  • Adopt a more active lifestyle to avoid fat build-up

Incorporating a Workable Gym Routine

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While the successful songstress of the worldwide hit ‘Hello’ says that she has incorporated some exercise into her routine, she says that she has never been obsessed with having ‘the perfect body’.  

Before making it in the music industry, Adele was an actress and she says that her weight played an important role in her work. However, with music, she refuses to be pressured into subscribing to extremely rigorous lifestyle changes to lose weight.

She clearly states that her focus is on healthy living and not miraculously transforming into a size zero. She has recently hired Pete Geracimo as her personal trainer who contributed immensely to how amazing she looked at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

In an interview with The Sun, her trainer revealed that he told Adele as well as his other clients that working out doesn’t necessarily have to be at the gym.

Instead, adopting an active lifestyle and focusing on an inclusion diet as opposed to a deprivation diet creates overall positive results.

Adele is known to hit the KX gym in Kensington at least thrice a week and according to her trainer who created the program for her, this is the routine she undertakes:

Day 1: Plank circuit to improve core strength (All positions held for at least 30 seconds each)

  • Classic Plank – Basically holding your body weight in a downward facing position with your palms on the ground, keeping your back straight
  • Side planks – Supporting your body weight on your right/left arm at a time with the rest of your body parallel to the ground
  • Forearm plank – Similar position as the classic plank except that now it’s on your forearms.
  • Table Plank– Lie on your back with your hands parallel to your body. Lift your bum off the floor such that you form the shape of a right-angled triangle.
  • Dish plank – While lying on your back, use your bum as the pivot point, raising your torso and legs at the same time.
  • Superman – Lie on your stomach and assume a skydiver's position. Try to pivot your body on your navel as your legs and hands point upwards.

Day 2: Kettlebell circuit to strengthen/sculpt thighs + butt and increase upper body strength

  • Kettlebell goblet squats – 3sets x 60seconds
  • Kettlebell deadlifts- 3sets x 60seconds
  • Kettlebell walking lunges- 3sets x 60seconds
  • Kettlebell one-arm press- 3sets x 60seconds
  • Kettlebell single-arm squat to press- 3sets x 60seconds
  • Kettlebell shoulder halo- – 3sets x 60seconds

Day 3: Legs + cardio- These sessions are to boost her endurance and reduce recovery time especially  when she has to perform consistently while on tour  

  • Treadmill– 15 minutes
  • Front squat (free weight) – 3 sets x 10 seconds
  • Overhead squat- 3 sets x 10 seconds
  • Walking lunges with dumbbells– 3 sets x 10 seconds
  • Resistance reverse lunges – 3 sets x 10 seconds

A rule of thumb that she has been said to live by is comfort before fashion. In her interview with Rolling Stone, she says that although she loves looking fashionable, she would never sacrifice her comfort and peace of mind over her physical appearance.  Her famous quotes in regards to this include “I make music for ears, not eyes” and “Be happy and healthy.”

The Power of Motherhood

Of course, we cannot forget the role that motherhood played in Adele’s weight-loss journey. She admits that having Angelo to fend for alongside her husband Simon Konecki made a big impact on virtually all areas of her life.

With a renewed energy for life and sense of purpose towards herself and her family, Adele says that she is inspired to be a better person not only for herself but for her family too.

Check Out The Routine Adele Used To Get In Shape, Click Here!

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