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Ab Rocket Twister Reviews – Get Rock Hard Abs!

“Rock your way to better Abs” sounds like an incredibly fun thing to do, but does it actually work? The Ab Rocket Twister has been a popular item on the As Seen on TV circuit for years, but just because it's been around a while doesn't mean it's actually worth buying.

The abs are one of the hardest muscles for most people to tone, and it's not just because the exercises for them are uninspiring. Most of the exercisers on the market either don't work or they don't work all of the muscles together so your core is still not as good as it could be.

This is one of the most celebrity endorsed pieces of equipment out there, but there are also plenty of regular people who swear by it too. Without actually testing one out it's really hard to know if the thing works or not which is why you need to actually hear it from people who have.

How does it Work?

The motion of twisting the body's core helps to lengthen the obliques along the side of the core which are often forgotten. This helps to tighten up the ab muscles too and works the obliques which are much harder to work out directly.

Because the Twister also offers a certain amount of resistance as well as using body weight the muscle has to work twice as hard. You're also engaging your core for balance to steady yourself during the twisting motion.

Using this is so much more than a crunch because you're really working the entire core in one motion both forwards and back. It's giving you resistance on the forward and back motion and comes with three bands so you can up the difficulty of resistance.

You can actually do several different exercises with the Ab Rocket Twister. These include crunches, half crunches, reverse crunches, and sit ups. These are some of the best belly-flab options for taking on tummy fat.

The design also helps to support the neck, something that can get damaged from bad crunch posture.  This also means there's no awkward movement, so the cushion and back rest are fairly comfortable (because who is ever comfortable doing crunches!).

So, does it actually work?

If you're willing to put in the time and effort it's a resounding YES. The Ab Rocket Twister works the entire core so it's working obliques and both sets of ab muscles. There are literally thousands of positive Ab Rocket Twister reviews telling you this, and unlike many other companies, they are not known for bribing consumers to get them. This is one of the most efficient pieces of ab equipment because you only need about 5 minutes per day to see results, it also comes with instructional DVDs so you know you're doing it right.

The equipment is very easy to set up, it's already partially assembled when you open the box and all the tools etc come with it.

The entire thing weighs less than 10 pounds so it's easy to pick up and put away when you're done. You have no excuse for not being able to use it. Whether you've never worked on your abs before or you're a pro this can still work for you, it's just a matter of controlling the intensity of your motion.

If you read through most of the Ab Rocket Twister reviews you'll find quite a lot of people have lost weight and commented on the sheer simplicity of the design. It's actually quite genius from an engineering standpoint and impressive when you consider how cheap this piece of equipment is compared to commercial gym options that do the same thing.

The convenient DVD means you're not left trying to emulate poor quality YouTube videos and users report that they've found the instructions easy to follow and easy to progress with. In fact, there has even been suggestions that you must watch the DVDs and not go it alone to avoid injury.

Difference between the Trainer and the Twister?

You'll find two very similar looking pieces of equipment here. The biggest difference is that the twister lets you pivot while rocking to work the obliques. The standard trainer is just for front and back rocking motion, of course, you can do the standard rock with both pieces of equipment. This means you're getting a better, more inclusive ab workout from the Twister.

They're actually about the same cost so you're not spending any more but getting more for your money.

The Twister is actually more versatile and more effective since you're getting a lot more muscles active with each motion. There's still the same three levels of resistance bands, the same basic 10-pound design, and the same basic construction, but you're adding a rotating/pivoting seat.

Ab Rocket Twister Tips from Reviewers

  • Make sure you read the manual. Many of the negative ab rocket twister reviews are simply not reading the manual so that the machine is set up right. You can adjust the head rest, something that has to be in the right place before working out or you won't have proper form.
  • Work slowly, this exercise requires good form to get results, and since you're only doing 5 minutes you don't need to race. Going faster only adds momentum which doesn't help give your muscles the resistance they need to improve.
  • Watch your food. If you're not seeing results from this machine it's because you're doing something wrong. The exercise works and so does the machine which only leaves user error. The Ab Rocket Twister comes with diet suggestions and a healthy meal plan to get you started. This is especially important if you plan on using it for weight-loss as you'll get better results.


As far as ab products go this is certainly worth buying. The ab rocket twister reviews aren't wrong. It's a clever piece of engineering that does exactly what it says it does. You'll get good results with effort and you can easily make this a main part of your daily workout routine with very little time devoted to achieve results.

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