10 Minute Trainer Review

In a world full of expensive watches but no time to admire them, we are forever grasping to achieve our goals. Be it career, personal improvement or health, everything hinges on the time you carve out of your busy schedules to spend on inching closer to your goals. More often than not, our health and fitness is the first casualty in this time crunch. We always relegate that trip to the gym, juicing those veggies, making salads, the 30 minute cross-fit workout to tomorrow, or the day after. Needless to say, that day hasn’t arrived yet. Nor will it!

But despair not, like instant noodles for the instagram generation, we now have tailor made workouts, diets and gear that also accommodate our lack of time into their design.

Enter the 10 Minute Trainer

This is program designed to get your fitness up to scratch with only 10 minutes to spare everyday. Sounds like a miracle? It is, since most of us aren’t upto that fitness level to begin with to take on this intense workout regime. Let’s see what the hoopla is all about and can this short burst of exercise per day actually benefit us in the long run.

Designed by Tony Horton, who’s also credited with the immensely successful P90X program, the ’10 Minute Trainer’ packs in cardio, upper and lower body plus core workout in intense 10 minute session. All you need to do is give this your best every day, for 10 minutes only and lose body fat, gain muscle mass, build stamina, and stay fit without those expensive and time consuming trips to the gym. This is combined with a complementary diet program that doesn’t restrict you from eating the foods you like, just helps you moderate their intake in terms of calories.


Here are the salient features of 10 Minute Trainer:

  1. Incorporates 8 different types of workouts that engage every core muscle in your body. These are tow total body workouts, cardio, lower and upper body, abs, core cardio, and yoga.
  2. You are provided with a personal calendar to chart your progress.
  3. A fitness guide that highlights everything you need to know about diet and exercise.
  4. Another guide for nutrition that helps you design a personalised diet.
  5. The program also lets you sign up with the 10 Minute Trainer community online and provides 24*7 support with diets, training, and doubts.
  6. The pack also contains free workout gear like resistance band, cardio belt and on the go workout cards.
  7. The workout can stay compact because each of the 6 exercises are designed to engage multiple muscles simultaneously, eliminating the need to spend time working on different muscle groups. Tony calls it stacked workout or multi tasking workout for your muscles.


This sounds doable until you look at the intensity and strength required for these workouts. They are intense, no couch potato is going to be able to last the required 10 minutes. Despite the infomercials claiming that it’s aimed at beginners, beware! You will have to repeat it for a good few weeks before you even get a hang of it and can follow the instructions to a T without collapsing.

That’s not a complain, just caution for those dreaming of spending money on this and emerging with svelte figures in 90 days flat. The program will help you lose 10 pounds in 10 days, but that only happens if you combine it with the diet recommended, i.e., 1000 calories a day for women and 1200 calories a day for men.

That is a very restrictive diet, especially if you are going to engage in a total body workout, even if only for 10 minutes. It’s designed to burn the same number of calories as 30 minutes of jogging, fairly difficult to manage on a 1000 calorie diet, especially for beginners.

Another big reason to tread cautiously is to avoid injuries. Working out with a trainer who can correct you when you are about to hurt yourself vs working out with a DVD, with no clue if you are spraining your ankle or damaging your knees is more detrimental to losing weight than doing nothing.

One intense yoga class is enough to know that engaging your core muscles the wrong way could knock you out of action for a good few weeks. Couch potatoes would be better off acing the C25k apps before diving into something as intense as this.

Those who are at a decent fitness level stand to gain the most out of these DVDs. This product is designed for you and you shouldn’t hesitate for a second in splurging on this program. Your bodies have already been broken in for intense activities, you are in tune with your muscles and would know what would cause injury, and have the necessary strength and stamina to master the 10 Minute Trainer without any additional help. It’s the perfect gift for people who are done with gyms, have career and other priorities to think of, and cannot dedicate the same amount of time to fitness.


Here’s how you can derive maximum benefits from TMT.


  1. Warm up before beginning, your body needs to go through stages to reach peak performance, there’s no 0 to 300 without injuries.
  2. You may not be able to do everything as shown owing to flexibility and stamina issues, but stick with it. The yoga workout is an excellent way to loosen up those tight tendons. Don’t expect to see results in a day or two. Give it a week before you can mimic the trainer’s moves to a respectable degree.
  3. As warm up before, so cool down after. Don’t stop with the workout, end with light breathing exercises.
  4. Even if you can’t follow the diet strictly, for best results, start with at least one modified healthy meal a day. You can keep working at this over the next few weeks until you reach the six healthy and small meals as prescribed by the nutrition guide.
  5. Once you’ve mastered all the different workouts, you may increase the intensity with 20 to 30 minutes everyday with different combinations, if you so desire. Combine two or three different workouts to keep increasing the metabolic rate as you get comfortable with each of the routines.


Finally, persistence is the key to getting results. For once, this is a program that delivers on its promises. Even if some of the claims are questionable, the 10 Minute Trainer is not wrong in claiming to provide the benefit of a fit body on a shoe string time scale. There’s actually no short cut to fitness that’s being sold here, it’s just a lot of smart work in lieu of hard work. Are you up for it?

Kelly is a personal fitness trainer and nutrition expert who has worked with clients all over the world. With over 15 years in the health and fitness industry she will be sharing her knowledge with the Fitness Fixation community.