10 Awesome Ways to Make Your Butt Bigger

All women have different body types and shapes. Some are triangle, inverted triangle, round, rectangle or diamond in shape while others have a perfect hourglass figure. However, no matter how they look, the one thing that all women would like to have are bigger and rounded bums. Some women don’t have to do much other than just maintaining their

asset, but, there are flat-bottomed women who would do anything to get a nice and curvier shaped bum. Fortunately for them, there are a lot of things that can be done to get bigger bums. From wearing the right clothes, eating healthy, exercising, taking a few supplements to getting bum implants, the choice is entirely theirs. Let’s take a look at some of the straightforward ways to make your bum bigger.

#1-Wear High Heels

Heels help in changing the natural curve in your spine. This will not only make your bum look bigger, but it will also make your boobs protrude. If you wish to make your bum look a little more lifted and curvier, try wearing stilettos. The heels enhance the overall appearance of your bottom-half by making your legs look toned and your bum appearing higher by an inch or two. However, you need to remember that wearing high heels all the time can damage your knees and feet permanently. So, wear high heels only for some special occasions to get the best of both worlds.

#2-Change Your Walk and Your Posture

If you don’t want to risk wearing high heels all the time, then another neat trick is to change your posture and the way you walk. By throwing your shoulders back and arching your lower back, your torso will look slimmer and your chest bigger.

Have you ever noticed how models walk on the runway? Try and imitate the way they walk. As you walk, imagine that you’re walking on a tightrope, hence, your feet need to follow each other. Practice walking like that for a few days, and you’ll notice the difference in your bum instantly.

#3-Butt Enhancing Pills

No doubt, there is a lot of controversy surrounding these butt enhancing pills and whether they really work or not. But, you need to get your hands on some trusted ones, and not on any unheard brand. If you get some good ones, then you’re safe. If you’re not sure of the dosage, don’t hesitate to speak to a physician.

Maca Root is one of them. These pills are herbal and helps in balancing your hormones. Essentially, your body will produce more estrogen that enables it to store more fat in your bum and thighs. Major Curves is another natural remedy that makes your bum grow bigger without any side-effects.

Before buying any pills, make sure you research about them thoroughly. Best way is to ask people who you know have tried and listen to their experience. Remember to consult your physician on which ones will be the safest for you, especially if you’re on some other medications.

#4-Butt Enhancement Creams

The best part about these creams is that you can use them along with consuming butt enhancing pills. All you need to do is take a little bit of cream and apply it on your butt cheeks. You should start seeing results within a few weeks to months depending on which cream you’re applying.

Although not a cream per se, fish oil is something that you can try applying. If you’re not happy with the smell, then look for fish oil pills that are unscented. Curve is a butt enhancement cream that has the ability to lift and enlarge your bums, in addition to making it firmer. Another cream is Slim Extreme. Apply twice a day for best results. It’s known to give an immediate push-up effect and shape the buttock line.

#5-Get a Sporty Hobby

Cycling, running, swimming, gymnastics, skiing, roller skating, playing volleyball or field hockey-choose a sport that builds your leg and bum muscles. By taking some time out from your daily schedule to spend some quality time with your hobby will ensure you acquire a nice shapely rear.

If you’re not motivated enough and need some encouragement, partner with your friend who has an envious booty and go together. You’ll notice how often you want to go and indulge in a sporty activity, just to get a better booty than your friend.

#6-Get Groovy on the Dance Floor

Dancing strengthens your muscles and bones, improves your balance and posture, plus enhances your flexibility and stamina. Try belly dancing, pole dancing or any other form of dancing that requires you to use lower part of your body to steady yourself. These dances will nicely exercise your hips, bums, quadriceps and hamstrings.

If you’re at a party, try freestyle dancing, if nothing else, it’ll at least help you burn a few calories.

#7-Change to a Healthier Diet

Eating right and healthy always helps. Consult your nutritionist and find out what foods are right for you based on your schedule and daily activities. If you have a desk job and don’t move about much throughout the day, your diet will entirely differ from someone who’s on her toes all day long. Essentially, a protein-rich diet should help.

#8-Try and Put on Some Healthy Weight

If you’re on a thinner side, then that could be one of the main reasons why your butt is flat. Eat more, but eat healthy. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, in addition to chicken, cottage cheese, fish, and egg-whites.

#9-Bum Implants

If you’re looking for instant results, then you should probably be considering getting bum implants. However, it’s advisable to go to a well-known surgeon who knows what she/he is doing. If not done right, this surgery can prove to be quite harmful. So ask around, consult your family or friends who’ve had promising results, and only then make an appointment to get your bum bigger. Tread very carefully when it comes to any kind of surgery.

#10-Make Peace with Yoga

Not only is yoga great in helping your mind relax, it’s also an efficient way to tone your bum. Yoga involves resistance training and fat burning exercises. Yoga has certain poses that can strengthen your legs and give you a shapely bum.

While some of these ways have known to help some women, not everyone has benefited. So, you need to figure out for yourself what works for you, and then go all out to achieve a bigger bum.

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